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Review brief: The fictional Belgian detective Hercule Poirot used to get very huffy when anyone called him French. I thought of this as the cover for WEEKEND IN BELGIUM states 7 French men. That may beand probably isaccurate (except for the fact we would call them twinks and not men). Stephane Berry is a French director and probably brought the guys with him to Bruxelles. The film opens with a glimpse of some of the familiar sites in Belgiums capital to establish the locale. A young French tourist is sitting on a bench in the park where he is approached by a friendly young native wearing wire rimmed glasses who invites him home. The friendly native wastes no time in going down on the tourists cock. He doesnt even let him get his underwear off. Thenwhoopshes totally naked but the cocksucking is continuing. The host takes off his own clothes. This guy is really hung. He gets up on all fours on the sofa where they have been sitting so that that the tourist can rim his ass and fuck him. The fucking stops so that the tourist can suck the big dick.
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Review brief: The setting: a bakery. The performers: average. The sex: mediocre. The language: French. Outside of an opportunity to work on your French comprehension the film offers little. One scene takes place in the front of the store. The others all take place in the kitchen. It starts in the kitchen with the only cute guy in the film. Hes Baker Number One. He will appear in many scenes. Here he goes down on a typical Gallic guy and sucks for eons. He is briefly reciprocated but is soon back on the old wiener. Then hes fucked. We never, never, never get to see any of the fucking begin. It is always underway when we join them. I HATE THAT! We miss the hottest part the cock going in! While they are fucking, another sort of geeky baker joins in for the traditional French ménage a trois. Raucous music plays throughout. At the conclusion all cum on the cute baker. In the front of the bakery a skinny customer is perusing the desserts. He decides on the salesman. Its not bigger than a breadstick but he eats it anyway.
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Boxcover for Steam, Sex and Sun
Steam, Sex and Sun 

Release date: 7/28/2005
Reviewed on: 9/30/2005 by rubyred

Starring: Brian
Studio: Stephane Berry Productions

Directed by: Stephane Berry
Review brief: Alright, here I go diving in to my porn pile again, and it seems I might have found something worthwile. The Movie: I do not know that plot to this film, mainly because it is entirely in French. What I do know is that this has to have the most bang for your buck out of every gay dvd title I've seen. You get a total of SEVEN sex scenes here. Yes seven. It goes, in this order. threesome, one one one, threesome, one on one, foursome, one on one, one on one. All the scenes are pretty good. There are no bored performers, and the camera catches most of the action. The problem is when the performers get into some more inventive positions. They get closer together, and the camera has trouble getting the hardcore action. Surprisingly it's that closeness that makes the scenes hotter though. These guys at least seem like they want to be fucking each other. Especially in the last scene. It was REALLY hot. Even if the guys aren't top of the line studs (they are all really skinny) they can still perform with the best of them.
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