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Review brief: When he catches his wife cheating on him with his brother, a famed incest researcher, Jamie Gillis, is driven toward that which he loathes...with his own daughter. Such is the case in "Taboo IV: The Younger Generation", an exceptional mid-80s release from Kirdy Stevens and Standard Video.
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Boxcover for Taboo (Standard Digital)
Taboo (Standard Digital) 

Release date: 1/25/2005
Reviewed on: 9/22/2008 by sexyhard

Starring: Kay Parker, Dorothy Le May, Mike Ranger, Juliet Anderson
Studio: Standard Digital

Directed by: Kirdy Stevens
Review brief: Long is my dick, and hard....
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Review brief: It's not Taboo, but what is? Still it has Kay Parker looking pretty hot, some steamy sex, and absolutely gorgeous cinematography. The plot is lame, but the rest of the movie looks like it was made by people who cared.
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Review brief: This bj movie has the girls starting out each scene wearing a bikini, and slowly removing them in some good tease segments before the blowjobs begin. The first scene is outside in a backyard with Ashley Long in a pink bikini and Lucy Lee in a blue one. The girls slowly kiss and undress and slowly rub boobies. Two guys show up and Ashley and Lucy kneel down back to back and slowly suck and then deepthroat each guy. Both girls are really great deepthroaters but when Lucy goes all the way down to the base, the guy taps the back of her head to make her go down even futher (and I really hate it when guys do that, I wish they would keep that crap out of bj movies). Fortunately it only happens a few times, and then the girls get lightly face fucked, and both guys jerk off into the mouths and onto the chins of both girls. With alot of cum dripping off both girls chins, they turn around to face each other and they kiss and tongue each other. A fun scene and a great way to start.
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Review brief: Taboo 3 (1984) Studio Standard Digital Genre Classic Director Kirdy Stevens Starring Kay Parker, Honey Wilder, Lisa Lake, Pamela Mann, Kristara Barrington, Colleen Brennan, Donna Marie, Misty Dawn, Jerry Butler, Blake Palmer, Marc Wallice, Rick Knutson, Ron Jeremy, Greg Rufner, Jay Serling, Jeff Swisstack Running Time 1:32 DVD Format Single Sided, Single Layer (DVD-5) Aspect Ratio 1.33:1 (full frame) Special Features Full motion video main menu; main menu transition; FMV chapter selection menu; 57-picture photo gallery (mix of hardcore and softcore); and trailers for Taboo, Taboo II, and Playing With Fire Typical Watchers Kay Parker and Honey Wilder fans Typical Haters Anyone expecting the level of heat and intensity of Taboo 1 or 2 Replay Value Low Themes Incest, MILF, older women/younger men, cheating, voyeurism, dirty talk, girl-girl, orgy, seduction, non-facial cumshots Condoms None used If You Liked This DVD, You Should Enjoy Taboo 1 or 2 [ /image ] -->One sure thing about movie franchises is that eventually they all
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Review brief: For people who are into the Taboo series, Taboo 3 is not as good as 1 or 2. If you are a KAY PARKER fan or a Honey Wilder fan ... buy it. There are 11 sex scenes with 4 good sex scenes. The orgy scene is hot. When I first watched it I wanted to know who Ron Jeremy was doing. She's the hottest one in the film. However they only show her (Diane) during the orgy scene. In the orginal, Kay Parker had one son. In Taboo 3, that son is gone and a 2nd son has appeared out of the blue. Stick with me. She has two sons, but the older one is gone. The second son has a girlfriend that is flat out annoying. She has a hot body, but she's still irritating to hear. If you don't like females that are hairy ... don't watch this film. If you love seeing females in stockings ... don't buy it. Theres only one scene wear Kay Parkers character wears stockings. That's not good enough if you got that fetish. For the men into Jugs, Kay Parker is the highlight of the film. She has a good chest, but none of the other cast have big juggs. The film rides on the incest factor.
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Review brief: The Plot: For those of you who aren't older than dirt like myself, the Taboo series wasn't always a mildly interesting piece of porn which had little plot and the most "taboo" thing they do is have a double penetration with hot wax while staring at pictures of chickens. No, back in the old days, the Taboo series dealt with real taboo subjects. Promiscuity. Betrayal. Bell bottoms. For those of you just joining us, Taboo I dealt with Paul, a young teenager who suspiciously looked to be about 30 or so, who ended up sleeping with his mother. Taboo II featured "Junior", a friend of Paul's who ended up sleeping with his sister and his mother (but not together). Taboo III starts with Paul leaving the house because he just can't take the situation any more, leaving Mom (Barbara) and his younger brother Jimmy to work things out. Jimmy and his friend Bryan are attempting to manage a band into stardom.
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