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Boxcover for Sizzling Hot Tamales 2
Sizzling Hot Tamales 2 

Release date: 11/20/2004
Reviewed on: 4/24/2005 by linus

Starring: Nick East, Alex Sanders, Chris Cannon, Gabriella, Joey Ray, Kat, Shy Love, Sativa Rose, Takota
Studio: Simon Wolf

Directed by: Robert Herrera
Review brief: Sizzling Hot Tamales 2 Initial Thoughts: I have had a bit of a checkered history with my viewing of Simon Wolf discs, some have been pretty good, others, not so much. When I stumble onto a record like that, I tend to be stubborn and keep giving them another try because I feel there just might be a hidden gem from that studio out there somewhere. I came upon this one and since it has 3 of my fav latinas and a couple of "Tamales" I have not seen so far, I figured this was a good place to continue the search. I wouldn't go so far to call this one a gem, but it's a solid effort. They take a softer, more passionate attempted theme in this one, but keep much of the "holes to mouth" action that we are used to these days. Each scene is a one on one, and a couple of them are quite good and sexy, and a couple just didn't quite work on the chemistry side, but all in all it's more than decent, the extras are pretty good, the technicals are solid, and it gets the job done.
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Review brief: DRIPPING WET SEX 11 Directed by El Roberto. While most movies feature some kind of outstanding theme, I can't really find a definite one for this movie. The sex varies from scene to scene and features 1 on 1 , 2 on 1 , oral , vaginal and anal sex. Note that while the cover claims this to be "An Anal Extravaganza," scene 3 contains no anal sex. SCENE 1: Barbara Summer with Jack Spade. Barbara lies on her back and allows Jack to lick her pussy. Barbara gets on her knees and sucks his cock. Barbara sits on Jack, taking his dick in her pussy, then in her ass in reverse cowgirl position. They alternate to piledriver and spoon positions. Barbara sits and allows Jack to cum into her open mouth. SCENE 2: Nicki Hunter and Kelly Kline with Chris Cannon. Kelly lies on her back and allows both Nicki and Chris to lick her pussy. Chris lies on his back and licks Nicki's pussy while she continues to lick Kelly's pussy. Both girls get on their knees and suck Chris' dick. Nicki sits on Chris, taking his dick in her pussy in cowgirl position.
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Review brief: Wet Teens #6 Initial Thoughts: Not a bad little disc here. Wet Teens 6 features 5 babes all in one on one scenes, and while the sex is pretty standard issue with no real frills, it's good to visit the basics every once and a while. A good cast with a couple of rising stars in Delilah and Tiana. Extras are even pretty decent in this one with an especially good Behind the Scenes featurette. Energy and chemistry in this one won't shatter any pelvises, but it will get the blood flowing to those ever so vital and fun areas of the body. Just a solid and entertaining disc from SWB here. Technical Considerations: Nothing real critical here, Picture quality is a little fuzzy but OK, sound is average, camera work is solid but at a few instances a little poorly placed. Lighting is generally OK, but the balance is not always great. Menu's are very simple, but get the job done nicely and are easy to navigate.
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Review brief: Dripping Wet Sex 10 Initial Thoughts:Overall, a good solid effort here. The girls look good and they give some pretty nice performances, I thought some of the scenes lacked a little chemistry, but that is a pretty common draw back to many porn scenes. I'm not real fond of the technical properties, but it's not a major drawback. The sex is on the softer side for current all sex titles, but there is a mix of things too with some good anal action and a 2 on 1 scene thrown in there too. There is a little tease and play at the beginning of some of the scenes, but I found they really went into the sex itself pretty quickly and followed a fairly standard pattern for almost every scene, they didn't mix up the format too much, that isn't necessarily a bad thing, but things get awfully repetitive when you have every scene start out with a near carbon copy of the motions the last one had. It would have been nicer to see a little more creativity. Extras are above average and add a little meat to the disc. Runtime is right around 124 minutes for 5 scenes.
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Boxcover for Just Anal Sex
Just Anal Sex 

Release date: 4/4/2003
Reviewed on: 1/21/2005 by dragonsbum

Starring: Lea de Mae, Monica Sweetheart, Angel Long, Angela Crystal, Ashley Long, Taylor Rain
Studio: Simon Wolf

Directed by: Robert Herrera
Review brief: Just Anal Sex Simon Wolf 2003 heres one i picked up from the bargain bin. this title is a bit misleading since its not only anal sex; this aint straight to the a. theres plenty of oral sex for those that enjoy it. in fact, this is the only movie i have ever watched with more cunnilingus than fellatio- hard to imagine but its true, damn true. each girl also gets vagina monologging before engaging in the sodomy. however, since the emphasis of the movie is anal sex, i will accordingly focus mainly on describing the anal action. monica sweetheart cooing songbird coos a beautiful cooze indeed sweetheart is my muse monica pairs up with julian in this hot scene that starts out on the couch with some nice kissing. he lovingly snacks down on her muffin and she takes a ride atop julians joystick. the anal portion (6.5 min) includes mish and RCA with A2M and lotsa closeup shots of mon's exquisite nether regions. the cumshot is a good load to the mouth with sufficient PCH.
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Review brief: DreamWeaver Reviews Adult DVD Talk Movie Review: Simon Wolf Young Pink 2 General Summary Theme Straight sex with teens. Expectations When it comes to many of the Simon Wolf series, the heat and intensity of the sex scenes tend to be a little vanilla. But most times what a viewer can expect is young, gorgeous women with more emphasis on the female talent enjoying themselves. General Impression What you'll find in this DVD, for the most part, is average looking young girls going through one vanilla, mediocre sex scene after another.
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Boxcover for Young Pink
Young Pink 

Release date: 3/21/2003
Reviewed on: 6/29/2003 by bigmike

Starring: Kitty, Dale Dabone, Joey Ray, Tony Pounds, Mark Ashley, Lexi Mathews, Trevor Zen, Boo Dilicious, Tanya James, Mandy Starr
Studio: Simon Wolf

Directed by: Robert Herrera
Review brief: Simon Wolf Uncensored Starring Mandy [Starr], Boo, Kitty, Lexi [Matthews], and Tanya [James] SCENE ONE : Tanya James, is a pretty hot 19-year-old blonde who opens this scene with a question and answer getting-to-know-you-type segment, showing off her natural tits along the way, with a brief still shoots segment, and then a guy, Tony Pound, enters. The two kiss and feel each other up, helping each other strip, before she starts sucking his cock. The guy returns the favor onto her, with all sex that follows being vaginal, though through a few various positions, and then to end a simple scene, and a below average scene at best, the guy cums on her face and mouth. But directly after the guy cums on her face, she gets asked a few more questions to really put an end this mediocre scene. SCENE TWO : Mandy Starr is a cute brunette, who is sitting on a bed, snacking on something, when a guy asks her about one of her sex experiences, a good one, which surprises her, as she thought that the guy would ask about her statistics.
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