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Boxcover for Mona's Blow Bang Bukkake
Mona's Blow Bang Bukkake 

Release date: 6/29/2005
Reviewed on: 7/17/2005 by misternogood

Studio: Shooting Star

Review brief: The boxcover of this movie says "she services 40 loads with her mouth and begs for more." and also there will be a "fluffer girl" to help her keep the guys hard. Lets see if this movie can live up to those claims. The movie starts with Mona, a cute and chubby woman with long brown hair, talking about her website and the website that sponsored this movie. Mona kneels down in front of a guy and slowly sucks his cock. Eventually two more guys walk into the room, and Mona slowly sucks on each guy. Soon she gets surrounded by alot of men with their dicks pointing in her face. Mona quickly moves from cock to cock using her mouth and hands to service the guys. One of the guys cums into her mouth with her lips still around his dick. She opens her mouth to show the cum and swallows. She continues on and blows every guy in the room. One of the guys jerks off on her face, then another guy squirts on her face and she sucks the cum off the head. Mona lays down on the bed and three more guys stick their dicks in her face while another guy fucks her.
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