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Boxcover for Extreme Public Piss 3
Extreme Public Piss 3 

Release date: 4/16/2004
Reviewed on: 4/16/2004 by licker

Studio: SG Video

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] -->   Themes: Exhibitionism, public pissing girls, public masturbation, public watersports(limited), sex in public. Summary: This movie is about girls peeing in public places, usually in daring locations where people passing by can watch them. What I liked: Wet patch in scene 18. Daring scene in front of road workers. Pretty girl pissing in back alley as workers go by hot! What I disliked: FAKE BOX COVER! Not much heat in the public sex scene. Golden shower scene was man on woman only. Would have been nice to see her shower him. Technical quality: Consistently good lighting and camera work. Clear live sound, with no music track. Good mix of close-up, full body and background shots. Extras: Trailers for Street & Panty Pisser 40 and 41. Detailed Synopsis: Scene 1: A pretty, slim blonde dressed in jeans and a parka is window shopping in a city street. She is walking around looking for somewhere to pee. She teases a couple of times by dropping her jeans behind parked cars.
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Boxcover for Extreme Public Piss 2
Extreme Public Piss 2 

Release date: 3/23/2004
Reviewed on: 3/19/2004 by licker

Studio: SG Video

Review brief: [ /image ] -->  [ /image ] --> Themes: Exhibitionism, public pissing girls, public masturbation, public watersports(limited), sex in public, dark-haired girls. Summary: This movie is set entirely in city streets and parks. It focuses on four attractive young women who like to expose their bodies, masturbate and pee in public. Each scene happens in a location where people are close by. Often the people watch the action, but sometimes they are unaware of what is going on. There is only one sex scene in this movie. There is one (M2F) watersports incident, but it is fairly tame. What I liked: Young, attractive women, each with her own distinct style. All of the girls have natural looking breasts, without implants. Lots of peeing scenes from the girls. Many scenes where the girl stays next to her puddle to jill off afterwards. A "sex in the park" scene that looks very natural and is a lot of fun. What I disliked: No credits for the actors. No extras on the disc at all.
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Boxcover for Extreme Public Piss 4
Extreme Public Piss 4 

Release date: 3/15/2004
Reviewed on: 3/15/2004 by licker

Studio: SG Video

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Themes: Exhibitionism, public pissing girls Summary: This movie takes place in a number of outdoor settings around a city. Like the earlier movies in this series, the main action is public peeing by pretty girls. Members of the public are always close by, and often watch. There are no sex scenes and no watersports scenes in this movie, so it is a bit less hardcore than earlier movies in the series. What I liked: Very pretty girls, who seem to enjoy the exhibitionism. These girls actively encourage nearby men to watch them in some scenes. Good teasing and flashing. What I disliked: Same old gripe - still no credits for the actors. Also, the main picture on the front of the box cover shows a scene that is not in the movie. That is a big no-no! Technical quality: Good lighting and camera work as expected in this series. A few scenes have low light or shadows, but it wasnt a big issue.
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Boxcover for Extreme Public Piss 1
Extreme Public Piss 1 

Release date: 1/26/2004
Reviewed on: 1/25/2004 by licker

Studio: SG Video

Review brief: This is the first title in a new series from SG Video. Themes Public sex, Public pissing, Public watersports, exhibitionism, girls masturbating in public. This movie shows some sexy and pretty girls flashing, playing with themselves, peeing, giving blowjobs and getting fucked in front of members of the general public in streets, parks and stations. Some scenes are quite open and the people watch the action. In others the girls do it secretly while the people nearby do not notice what is happening. What I liked: Attractive girls, daring piss scenes, good production quality, no music track. What I disliked: No credits for the actors. No extras like behind the scenes, biographies etc. Extras: Scene selection, previews for Street and Panty Pisser 40 and 41. Detailed synopsis: ---------------------- Scene 1. A tram pulls up at a stop, and a blonde girl gets out. She is wearing a short, light brown coat. She crosses the tracks and walks along a sidewalk. As she approaches a group of people walking toward the tram, she opens her coat.
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Boxcover for Street and Panty Pisser 22
Street and Panty Pisser 22 

Release date: 1/11/2004
Reviewed on: 1/9/2004 by licker

Studio: SG Video

Review brief: Review Street and Panty Pisser no. 22. Basics This movie is about sex, watersports, and pee drinking, with many scenes outdoors in public places. Apology: You will see some actors referred to as Girl2, Guy1 etc. in here. This is because SG video does not list their actors names in the credits or on the box cover, so I was not able to identify them. If I hear names used on the soundtrack I will refer to them by those names. I mean no disrespect to the performers, its just the best I could do. What I Liked ---------------- Nice looking attractive girls who act as if they are enjoying themselves. Lots of pissing. Live soundtrack with no music. In one scene you get to see the undressing of the girls. This is always a plus for me. What I Disliked ------------------- The opening car park scene seems to drag a bit. It may be more interesting for people who understand German better than I. Detailed Synopsis ---------------------- Scene 1: The movie begins at midnight in a large, deserted shopping centre car park. It is raining lightly, and looks cold.
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Boxcover for Street & Panty Pisser 12
Street & Panty Pisser 12 

Release date: 12/29/2003
Reviewed on: 12/26/2003 by licker

Studio: SG Video

Review brief: Street & Panty Pisser number 12, from SG Video. This is a movie with the main theme of female urination. There are a few sex scenes, which are nicely done, but mostly on the mild side. The main point of the movie is to see girls piss, mainly outdoors and in public. The girls give golden showers to men in a couple of scenes. What I Liked ------------ The girls were almost all young and attractive, locations were interesting, and some were quite daring, Good camerawork and lighting. I especially liked that the sound was "live". There is no music track or voice over. You can hear every sound the girls make, including the splash of their pee on the ground. What I Disliked --------------- I really can't think of anything. Oh, it would be nice if the models were speaking English instead of German, but there is very little dialog anyway, and they look so good I'd be happy for a chance to communicate in any language. Detailed Synopsis ----------------- Scene 1: Indoors in a mansion.
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