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Boxcover for Frisky Business (SEVP)
Frisky Business (SEVP) 

Release date: 1/31/2005
Reviewed on: 1/31/2007 by plamumba

Starring: Nico, James, Aaron, Terry, Criss, Ricko Boyani, Deen Tiny, Androw Quiet, Stas Marcus, Tobby
Studio: SEVP

Review brief: This video is typical SEVP fare, an unfortunate script the company never varies. First is the requisite shaved models, looking like lab rats. I guess that might appeal to people who are inclined towards the prepubescent or who find bumps from ingrown pubes attractive. I find nothing more boring than a shaved cock, leaving me with the impression that the people involved suffer a pathetic self-deception that their cocks look bigger in the denuded state. Then there is the ridiculous sound track, apparently a loop running about 90 seconds comprising some grunts interspersed with "oh yeah" and "fuck me" delivered in monotone. Also present is yet another SEVP gimmick, the peculiar requirement that the models look at the camera. Why someone at that company thinks this is appealing is beyond me.
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Boxcover for Academy X 2
Academy X 2 

Release date: 12/5/2004
Reviewed on: 4/30/2005 by saveface

Studio: SEVP

Review brief: I remember watching SEVP films for the first time and constantly wanting more. After having seen most of their releases over the past few years, however, I'm beginning to get a bit bored. For the most part, everything is the same in all of the films. Originally the boys were mostly Swedish, now I think they're Eastern European (but that makes little difference since they speak only rudimentary English, if at all). By and large, the camera work is good and the sound is always of high quality. Recently the films have become 100 bareback. Of course given the origins of the boys, everyone is uncut. While slight adjustments have been made in the SEVP formula (such as more plots, more English, and no condoms), all of the films basically follow the same pattern: the guys are usually in 2's or 3's, they first suck, then usually there's either a rim scene or a finger fuck...then there's the fuck scene, often with the same positions, followed by the facial cumshots. This film is no different in that respect. In scene 1, Gino and hottie Jocker trade blowjobs.
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Boxcover for Cruising (SEVP)
Cruising (SEVP) 

Release date: 12/13/2002
Reviewed on: 2/3/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Dino, Daniel, Marcus, Dexter, Brad, Eddie, Olle, Valery
Studio: SEVP

Review brief: Like Bel Ami (its Eastern European counterpart) the Scandinavian company SEVP features beautiful young men. Unlike Bel Ami, however, the young uncut beauties of SEVP seldom use condoms and always eat one anothers cum. In CRUISING there is nary a condom to be seen, and sucking the residue spunk from an ejaculated cock has become a signature of the company. All of the action except the final scene takes place on board a ship as it sails leisurely along. Youll want to come aboard. The first young man we see heads into a sauna and starts looking at a magazine. (The Swedish even have saunas on their boats!) The magazine contains pictures of naked women but when a gorgeous young boy enters the sauna and goes down on the readers rampant cock he decides a boy in the flesh is worth more than a woman in a photograph. Soon he is sucking the welcome intruder. A flip-flop bareback fuck follows and of course the traditional cum-tasting. In the galley a scrumptious blond twink is drinking some fruit juice when a cute dark-haired twink enters.
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Boxcover for Outdoor Sex (SEVP)
Outdoor Sex (SEVP) 

Release date: 4/3/2004
Reviewed on: 5/5/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: SEVP

Review brief: Those of us who have watched S.E.V.P. Productions know that they are filled with very cute young twinks who suck residue cum off spunky dicks and fuck (usually) without condoms. OUTDOOR SEX fits the pattern and is unique only in that all of the action takes place outdoors. The scenes alternate between a beach and a backyard. In a couple of scenes on the beach where two or three young guys are sucking or fucking their brains out other young guys can be seen in the background sunbathing, tossing Frisbees or frolicking in the surf. Surprisingly, none take the slightest notice of the sexual activity occurring just a hundred yards away. The film begins with two cutiesa blond and a brunet, the favorite pairingarriving, setting up an umbrella, and spreading out a blanket. One of the guys asks the other to put some suntan lotion on his back. His buddy does so, but soon one of his hands is sliding under the skimpy bathing suit to squeeze an ass cheek. This makes his buddy reach over and squeeze the burgeoning cock in his friends trunks.
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Boxcover for Power Boys 9
Power Boys 9 

Release date: 3/28/2003
Reviewed on: 6/25/2003 by joe-shaver

Studio: SEVP

Review brief: S.E.V.P features adorable uncut twinks who fuck bareback and eat cum! They are among the most amazing things on the market and an absolute must for chicken hawks. This one opens with two twinks in an SUV looking at a girlie mag, one of whom is the cute thing on the cover. When their hardons are brought out into the air, they suck one another, dig their tongues into one anothers butt holes, fuck one another bareback, and eat one anothers cum. (Hows that for an opener?) Two older guys taking a shower together are next up. (When I say older here I mean in their early twenties.) One is trying to grow a beard. He has already grown a big dick. His cute skinny friend has slight erection problems so we know hes the one who is going to get banged. [This is the only scene in the entire film where a condom is used.] They end by cumming in each others mouths. Two twinks now make-out in a locker room. They are a blond and a frisky brunet. Both suck, both rim, and the blond fucks the brunet without a condom.
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Boxcover for Working Hard (SEVP)
Working Hard (SEVP) 

Release date: 7/31/2002
Reviewed on: 10/5/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: T.J., Max, Jonny, Dima, Oren, Luise, Rommy, Klio
Studio: SEVP

Review brief: A handsome young blond, working in an adult store, decides to take a break from his labors by licking the picture of a buxom slut on a video box. He is interrupted by an adorable little brunet twink who is not a day over 18. They speak in heavily accented English with Russian accents: You are up. No. Yeahs, you are. Our little brunet opens the blonds pants and we discover that he is right. The blondes dick is indeed up. The sweet little brunet sucks it. When its the brunets time to get sucked, the pants come down and WOWthis little twink has a monster dick. Its not that its long, but its incredibly thick, and so heavy it arcs out and hangs down like a faucet. The blond youth goes down on it as best he can. Next thing we know, the brunet is inserting blue balls into the blonds butt. (These are the only blue balls these guys will ever have.) In, out, in, out; first you see em; then you dont. The brunet then fucks the blond bareback.
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Boxcover for Sperm Busters (SEVP)
Sperm Busters (SEVP) 

Release date: 11/12/2001
Reviewed on: 2/13/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Danny, Sunny, Ronny, Robert, Andy, Vito, Zed, Olle
Studio: SEVP

Directed by: Nir
Review brief: S.E.V.P.'s films just keep getting better and better. This particular collection of cute, uncut Scandinavian twinks are not just pretty to look at; they seem to really be enjoying the sex. They rim, they deep-throat, they plow into one another with vigor, and they eat cum! (In the initial scene, the "lucky-pierre" of the threesome, not only cleans off the others' cocks after they have cum on his face, but licks as much off his face as he can and then pushes some in with his fingers!)A limp dick is to these guys, a thing unknown. No matter what they are doing, or having done to them, their cocks remain rock-hard. The camera work is exceptionally fine, too. Unlike many of our American films where the angles and close-ups appear frozen for eternity, here they stay just long enough and them move on to another view that's even more titilating. These guys also look directly into the camera from time to time with an "are-you-enjoying-this-as-much-as-I am" glance which far from detracting actually makes the viewer feel he is a particpant.
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Boxcover for Finish Nights
Finish Nights 

Release date: 6/6/2001
Reviewed on: 7/6/2001 by reason

Starring: Alex, Alexis, Asia, Eddie, Marella, Becky
Studio: SEVP

Review brief: The people at SEVP can't spell the word Finnish, but otherwise Finish nights (the title is in the colors of the Finnish national flag) is not bad for a porn DVD. The video is about average, or slightly above, by porn standards, and the sound is clear enough. There is some elevator music playing at a low level during all scenes. The sound is not dubbed, but sometimes you get the impression that it is not quite synchronized with the action. The extras are also pretty standard: a few trailers, a few stills, and a "jump to a scene" function. There could be more chapter stops, and the ones that are there are usually not at the beginning of a scene, but jump right in the middle of action after the setup. Most of the dialogue is in more or less accented English, but the girls speak occasional phrases in Finnish. (Maybe this is meant to prove their nationality.) The SEVP site features a picture gallery for this DVD here. Scene 1 The movie opens with a view of Helsinki from the sea.
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