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Review brief: Chav is a slang term which has been in wide use throughout the United Kingdom since 2004. It refers to a subcultural stereotype of a person with fashions such as flashy bling jewellery and counterfeit designer clothes such as burberry / burkley or sportswear, an uneducated, uncultured, impoverished background, a tendency to congregate around places such as fast-food outlets, bus stops, or other shopping areas, and a culture of antisocial behaviour. (from Wilkipedia) As the box states, there is no story, just hung horny rudeboiz going at it in their rough council flats. And this is exactly what you get! But its not all that its cracked up to be. The films begins with a cute, scruffy, dark haired, Danny Davis arriving at the flat of Gary Hughes, a straight looking, tattooed guy. They waste no time and begin kissing right away before they both drop their drawers and Danny goes down on Gary. Some brief sucking between the two standing and then a bit more as they lie back on Garys sofa. Danny has a nice, slender, swimmers build and gives some nice head to his fuck buddy.
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