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Review brief: Starring: Tricia Devereaux, Ericka Lockett, Charlie, Mila, Davia Ardell, Tera Heart, Eden, Sindee Coxxx,Peter North, Guy Disilva, Marc Wallice, Paul Starr, Ron Jeremy, Jay Ashley Pros: Tera Heart's body and legs!, Charlie!, underwater cumshot Cons: Mila shoots white stuff out of her ass, scene in a dump, Ron Jeremy, I don't find the sound of underwater breathers to be erotic, nor do I find a rat to be erotic Features: a few trailers and other junk Witches Brew Charlie, Mila, and Davia Ardell have make out on a blue tarp surrounded by jack o lanterns and torches (Who's gonna get voted off?). The scene tries to be artsy with slo mo and all, but I really don't care for cheap porn trying to be creative. Just let the people fuck, leave the visual effects to Andrew Blake. The scene is OK. Oiled up lesbians are always a good thing. Then, I get grossed out when Mila shoots white stuff (milk?) out of her asshole (I vote Mila off the island).
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Review brief: Interesting sets, weird situations. The plot is something about a woman being damned to hell because she ran over a motorist. Notably: scene with Jade Marcela and Valentino - she plays the angel, he plays the devil. Very hot, and some intense anal ensues. Also has a scene with a very short woman, probably a dwarf. Interesting, especially her dance at the end. The sex is pretty hot and the plot is so bad it is good. The camera work is also good. The only thing against this is that it has a lot of the actors you see over and over again. Not all of the scenes are that hot.
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Review brief: Running Time: 111 min. (cover states 116 min.) Production Date: Feb. 26 - 27 & March 10, 2000 Director: Michael Raven Cast: Maya (Wendy) Divine, April, Bridgette Kerkove, Dayton Raines, Kristina, Zsannette, Nick East, Chris Cannon, Dillion Day, Cheyne Collins (listed here as Shane Blanc), and Alec Metro Initial Expectations: Michael Raven has a great eye, and Puritan Video Magazine 27 was okay, so I have some decent expectations for another decent all sex feature. Initial Reaction: Its better than Puritan Video Magazine 27 and has some extremely hot sex. Who Should Watch It : Fans of anybody in the cast and people who want hot sex without worrying about things like acting and plots. Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for plot. Audio /Video Quality: Both the audio and video quality are pretty good. The audio is normally clear and well balanced but there is a little bit where its hard to hear and echoes slightly. The video has nicely balanced colors and slight grain.
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Review brief: Running Time: 116 min. Production Date: 8 / 07 / 2000 Director: Michael Raven Cast: Bolivia Samsonite, Kylie Ireland, April, Terri Summers, Felecia, Maya Devine, Pat Myne, Evan Stone, Dillion Day, and Eric Masterson Initial Expectations: I havent heard a single thing about this release, so I dont know what to expect. The cast and director, however, give me good hopes. Initial Reaction: Its pretty good, and although not outstanding, it did have some hot sex. Who Should Watch It : Raincoaters Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for any kind of plot. Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very good. You can hear almost everything, including during the outdoor scenes. It would have been great except for the last scene which is poorly dubbed. There is also a little wind noise in parts, but it isnt too bad. As seems to be the norm for Michael Raven, the video is in widescreen. Its a little grainy but not too bad. Music: The music is pretty typical and rests very quietly in the background.
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