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Review brief: This DVD was also known as Underdressed & Oversexed.Maybe this as the original title would have been more apt and would have got lots more eyeballs but then with Suze & Holly Randall behind the camera the bevvy of pornstars are simply eye-candly as most of them have been clicked wit Suze m Holly for magazine n covershoots thus the comfort level of the babes lifts this film several notches as they're all quite cosy n comfy with the mom-daughter team.
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Review brief: This is another "sex in the fashion industry" storyline. It's directed by former Private-alum David Perry; in typical Private fashion, all girls do anal (and there's a good amount of spitting on private parts which I'm not found of). Unusually, the girls do get a good amount of foreplay (kissing, cunnilingus, fingering). The story is roughly about a newcomer model (Jennifer Morante, the long necked blonde) who upstages the old-timer star model (Maria Belluci) for the leading role in a lingerie fashion show. The script is better than other movies because there's a relatively large amount of dialogue, so you get more character development. Of course, it also helps that all the women are great looking :-) Mandy Bright plays one of the lingerie show managers. Scene 1 (Lara Stevens) Lara Stevens (brunette w/ bellybutton ring and tattoo) plays one of the designer's assistants who works too many hours. One of the designers and one of the security guards (no idea why a designer and show need a security guard) give her some fun after hours.
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Review brief: Scene 1: Lanny Barbie & Barrett Blade Lanny Barbie gives a little tease with some decent music set to it before Blade greets her on a red felt pool table that matches the general color scheme of the room. Things start off with some slow kissing until Blade finds Barbies pussy with his tongue. She returns the favor, sucking his cock until hes ready to fuck her over the pool table. The action jumps around quite a bit and though its not difficult to follow there arent many smooth transitions to be found. The two eventually end up on top of the pool table having sex in a spoon position before moving into a RCG. They spend a moment in a 69 then its on to some doggie. Blade and Barbie move off the table and on to some doggie. Blade and Barbie move off the table onto a patterned red couch and continue their romp in a CG position. Watching Lannys ass bounce in this position is hypnotic. Another RCG is up next and Barbie continues to bounce beautifully. A doggie and some mish close this one out. I havent seen Lanny Barbie look better than she does here.
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Review brief: Sky Foxes is a 1987 VCA release which offers all that was good (and bad) in 80s porn. That is, the plot is asinine, the sets amateur, the acting miserable, and the pubic hair plentiful. On the other hand, the girls look pretty good (despite the hairy bushes), the camera stays on the action pretty well, and there is heat in nearly every scene. This flick is so old, it apparently was legal in those days to smoke on airplanes. The stewardesses (not called flight attendants then) all wear very low-cut uniforms and take every opportunity to stick their tits in the faces of the male travelers. The star of this oldie but goodies, IHMO, is cute blond Sheena Horne. She offered a girl next door look and was always sexually energetic. Not the drop dead gorgeous looks of, say, Ginger Lynn, but a wholesome face and dynamite body. Come back, Sheena! Blond Megan Bradley gets tag-teamed by Mike Horner and Johnny Nineteen (great name!) in the opener set in a hotel room. She takes a nice pair of facials to end the romp.
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Boxcover for Viking Legend
Viking Legend 

Release date: 11/1/2004
Reviewed on: 5/17/2005 by domina-sgpc

Starring: Betty Dark, Nicole Wolf
Studio: Pure Play

Review brief: Viking Legend (2004) Sweden Studio: Pure Play Category: Feature film , Straight Director: Mike Beck Starring: Betty Dark, Nicole Wolf, Aya Nielsen, Claudia Wennstrom, Laura Herman, Anna-Lena Svensson, Ray Sorensen, Samson Biceps... Review by Domina Brought to you by Bleu Review & from the gals at This film is definately a feature with alot of sexxx. The plot summery taken from the symopsis is: "Viking Eurocore! The discovery of an ancient Viking trumpet possessing unique powers, unleashes the hardcore sexual desires of young villagers who wake a sleepy nordic town with Viking orgies." Okay, so I'm obviously not supposed to take this seriously. And, who can take anyone who wears a big plastic Viking helmet seriously anyway? Viking Legend features alot of barely legal girls fucking and sucking, lesborama double dildos, an old Grandma masturbating with sausage, and a big Viking orgy finale. The cinematography is very good with mostly natural light exteriors of sweeping green hills and vales.
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Boxcover for Suze's Centerfolds 1 & 2
Suze's Centerfolds 1 & 2 

Release date: 7/14/2004
Reviewed on: 4/22/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Angela, Randy West, Yvette, Kevin James, Jeanie, Robyn, Suzette, Betty Jo
Studio: Pure Play

Review brief: Suze Randal has been directing porn since the 1980s, and most of her work can be categorized as couples flicks. Now Pure Play is boxing some of her earlier work into a Classics series called Suzes Centerfolds. Volumes One and Two are available in a single box set. Anything less than two discs in a set would be a ripoff of major proportions. There are only four scenes on each disc, which average about 40 total minutes playing time. If you can stomach 80s hairstyles, hairy snatches, outdated dialogue and music, poor acting, and zero credit identifications, this DVD might be for you. Out of the eight scenes, I could only positively identify Laurie Smith (Disc 1, Scene 2). Randy West and Kevin James were recognizable from the second disc, but who cares about them, right? This offering is strictly for fans of old porn. There are costumes galore (French maids, plumbers, etc.). The film is grainy (as expected for such old movies) and didnt transfer well to disc.
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Boxcover for Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party 4
Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party 4 

Release date: 9/27/2004
Reviewed on: 4/12/2005 by rld-fiend

Starring: Jassie, Monica Sweetheart, Charlie Laine, Kayla Marie, Penny Flame, Makayla Cox
Studio: Pure Play

Directed by: Cousin Stevie
Review brief: Cousin Stevie's Pussy Party 4 Studio: C.S.I. (Pure Play) Director: Cousin Stevie Year: 2004 Feature Time: 1:53:48 Extras: Behind the Scenes / Bonus Footage / Video Bios (0:58:24) Starring: Kayla Marie Penny Flame Charlie Lane Lexi Marie Monica Sweetheart Jassie James Makayla Cox Themes: Lesbian, Orgy, Masturbation I had no clue what to expect from this one. Apparently this guy Cousin Stevie is famous from some Showtime TV show "Family Business." I've never seen it. Cousin Stevie looks like an old scruffy pervert that you might encounter in some creepy peep show booth or interstate rest area. He's flipping you off on the cover of the DVD, and constantly throughout the movie. I guess this is his gimmick. The opening credits consist of him saying "Fuck You" to the camera over and over. What a charming fellow! He doesn't perform in this movie, which is definitely a good thing. He does a nice job behind the camera, though, I'll give him that. The concept is apparently some sort of game show where the girls fuck each other and compete in front of judges.
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Review brief: This is quickly becoming my favorite all-girl series. The smartest thing CS did was to start including girls who squirt in each release. The previous one had Flower Tucci in it, and the legendary Cytherea makes her debut in this volume, shooting girl juice all over her co-stars. There are other squirters in this title, but that, and some great chemistry between the performers really have pushed this series past its humble beginnings into the spotlight. There are group scenes including four girls, solo scenes, and couples scenes. Each one does well, but there should be more cameras in the group scenes, because you cant get past the felling that you are missing some great action. I know that they dont want to get in the middle of the action, and want everything to be spontaneous, but this series will benefit from more cameras. The squirting that you will depend on happens in this volume. Cy gives her all, and then some. This lady absolutely refuses to give a called-in scene, and there are many performers, male and female, who could stand to take her as their inspiration.
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Boxcover for Dangerously Alone
Dangerously Alone 

Release date: 10/18/2004
Reviewed on: 3/17/2005 by md-james

Starring: Maria Bellucci
Studio: Pure Play

Review brief: Title: Dangerously Alone (also known as "Sesso Pericoloso" or "Dangerous Sex") Released by: Pure Play Media/Erotic Media Reviewed by MD James Ah, the life of the stuffy rich! People with money to burn and time to kill. And what do the stuffy rich do to kill time? They find new and different ways to get laid! Thats the overall theme of European director Steve Morellis movie "Sesso Pericoloso", which for some reason became "Dangerously Alone". (Directly translated, "Sesso Pericoloso" is Italian for "Dangerous Sex".) Its all about rich people doing things that were hinted at in shows like "Dynasty" or "Dallas" but NEVER could show. We start off with successful businessman Davide Campbell (Bruno Six) who gets a visit from his mistress (Maria Bellucci). He says that they cant see each other again, especially in his office, but she has other plans. It doesnt take much to get him to change his mind, though, as she sticks her hand down his pants. He puts her on the desk and works on her orally before sticking his dick inside her.
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Review brief: [ /image ] -->††Ladies in LustMike Lyons Reviews††††††DirectorHolly & Suze RandallCastAnais Alexander, Ander Page, Gisselle, Jana Cova, Lanny Barby, Sandra Shine, Scott Styles, Nacho Vidal, Marc Anthony, Toni Ribas, Pier Evergreen.GenreAll SexCondomsOne in Anais' sceneFemale OrgasmsNoneTHOSE WHO MIGHT LIKE ITAnyone looking for a bit of class with there hardcore, and those who love gorgeous women looking there best above all else.THOSE WHO SHOULD STEER CLEARAnyone looking for really rough stuff, or anyone who places a premium on performer chemistry and personality.REVIEW:Suze Randall has been around for a many many years.† Many porn fans (or at least dedicated fans of the porn stars) will know Suze as one of the best (and only) true glam photographers in the biz.† For about two decades, Suze Randall has been photographing porn stars as if they were models, and through her website she has made quite a reputation for herself in this arena.† It is somewhat less known, however, that Randall has also shot a few full-on skin flicks back in the mid-eighties, and included
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Review brief: Suze Randall's: Undressed and Oversexed Preview Expectations: I have long been a fan of Suze Randall's photo style, and have seen many of those photo sets around the web and on the member site and in magazines, and you know. I'm sure most of us have, but Its been a good long while since I have been aware of Suze movies, so when I saw this one I thought it might be worth a try, and then when I saw the cast, I considered it a must buy, so I'll see if my impulse was right. Initial Thoughts: Well I don't know if it is a must buy, but it is a darn good disc, It definately has that Suze Randall look to it, kind of like the photo sets come to life, and I like that. The makeup is nicely done and the girls occasionally look angelic in appearance. I generally like the style of the shooting and effects, and the sex itself is quite energetic and fairly passionate. The extras are a nice addition, and overall it's an attractive disc. I think I'm glad I picked it up.
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Review brief: I am going to start off by saying that this title was most like wasted on me. I bought this title based on rep and not information. We all know that Ms. Randall is a gifted and accomplished photographer, and at time of pre order I had no information on this releases and assumed it was going to be an IR title. Had I known what I was getting into, I would have never dropped a nickel on this. That being said, Ill get into the mini review. I said the above to let you know that anyone that might be a fan of this style of film will most likely be blown away. It reminded me of Andrew Blake the way the cinematography was captured. The lighting was flawless, and the women were nothing short of breathtaking, but the sex had too much of a choreographed feel to it for me, It also had a fair amount of girl=girl action to boot. Even though I try to rep IR titles, I do enjoy non-IR as well, but it needs to be 100 gonzo for me to truly appreciate. Based on what I would consider to be classic porn, this falls into that category.
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Review brief: Too Naughty to Say No A disc review by Flash Release Specs: Distributor: Pure Play Media Edition Details: Standard MSRP: $39.95 DVD Release Date: May 26, 2004 Movie Specs: Genres: Classic, Feature Film Run Time: 78 minutes Rated: XXX Release Year: 1985 Director: Suze Randall (as Victor Nye) Written by: Suze Randall (as Victor Nye) Cast: Ginger Lynn, Harry Reems, Jamie Gillis, Cody Nicole, Eric Edwards, Lisa DeLeeuw, Angel, Craig Roberts, Michael Morrison, Paul Barresi, Rick Cassidy, Rufus Jefferson, Heather Thomas, Bunny Bleu (as Bunny Blue), Raven, Stevie Taylor, Lois Ayres (as Sondra Stillman), Nick Niter, Francois Papillon, Klaus MŁeller, Edward Longly † † † Disc Specs: Audio: English 2.0 Mono Subtitles: none Video: Full Screen, 1.33:1 Video Format: NTSC Regional Code: 0 (All) Disc: DVD 9 (SS, DL) Special Features: History, Gallery, Trailers DVD-ROM Special Features: none Synopsis: Betty (Angel), a Catholic school girl, falls asleep after her Bible study and has a dream about her abrupt sexual liberation through a series of sleazy adventures.
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Review brief: Addicted to Sex is the 2004 Pureplay offering from director Suze Randall. This movie is a good example of much that is wrong with todays porn. Euro studs trying to steal the scenes, serious over editing, marginal camerawork it all adds up to a flick that could have been great but falls considerably short. Asian brunette Katsumi (with a French accent) takes on Ben English in the opener. Ben is always good for a thorough fucking, and he doesnt disappoint here. He rams Katsumi in every hole available, good and hard, and she seems into it. But the man never shuts up, constantly giving a play-by-play commentary on the proceedings. Even the nice facial cant help bring this scene much above average. Cute-as-heck Cherry Rain teams up with another brunette, Sophie Evans, to tag-team Tony Ribas, Evans real-life hubby. The camera is everywhere but on the action in this one, and Ribas further ruins the action by doing his slam-it-in, pull-it-out routine, which, I guess, passes for fucking in Europe.
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