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Boxcover for Bare Bottoms Up In London
Bare Bottoms Up In London 

Release date: 3/18/2006
Reviewed on: 12/24/2006 by joe-shaver

Studio: Puppy Productions

Review brief: I love British guys. They really turn me on. I guess its a combination of attitude, accent, and big uncut dicks. The guysre not gorgeous like those Eastern European beauties, but theyre sexy as hell. BARE BOTTOMS UP IN LONDON is a perfect example. The action takes place in a pub. Theres not much to the places decor but it has a well-stocked bar and a horny uninhibited clientele. It begins with perky young Conner McDonald interviewing Jack Jackson for a bartenders job. Connor is a cute dark-haired little twink. Jack has a pierced eyebrow and looks like rough street trade. He has, however, a sweet demeanor. Connors accent is so heavy we could use subtitles. When the interview seemed to be winding down, Jack piped up with Fancy a fuck? What did you just say? blurts a startled but obviously agreeable Connor. Jack gets up and kisses him and the scene is off and running. They undress as fast as a fireman dresses. Both cocks are hard and upturned like a rhinos horn. Connor goes down on Jack, gets his own upturned member sucked, and then is back onto Jacks.
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Boxcover for Bareback Lovers 2: Return To Love
Bareback Lovers 2: Return To Love 

Release date: 8/24/2004
Reviewed on: 11/27/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Tyler Scott, Drew Taylor, Thomas Bjorn, Ty Smith, Gabe, Randy-Ray
Studio: Puppy Productions

Directed by: Thomas Bjorn
Review brief: Puppy Productions is not to be confused with another studio of the same name that features puppies (i.e. twinks). Puppy Productions does not feature puppies (i.e. twinks) nor does it feature condoms. I dont know why it has chosen this name unless its because the doggy position seems to be the favorite when it comes to fucking. It is yet another of those studios that offers bareback sex. Does it hold its own with all the others? Yes, it does. True some of their earlier productions were a bit amateurish (camera not being in the right place, cameramen appearing in the shots. In one of their forced entry series for example the young guy being raped is crying and pleading with his attacker to stop when a guy with a camcorder appears in the shot. Needless to say, any illusion of rape went right out the window and never returned. It was not helped later when the raped-one masturbated and the shadow of the man and camera appeared on the curtain like something out of Nosferatu.) But except from some choppy editingespecially in the final scenethe technical aspects of this one are OK.
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Boxcover for Young Memories 2
Young Memories 2 

Release date: 1/14/2001
Reviewed on: 6/12/2001 by feels-so-right

Starring: Dirk Adams, Justin Rider, Lee Casey, Danny Pacheco, Bobby Tyler
Studio: Puppy Productions

Directed by: Karen Dior
Review brief: While I do like the fact that this DVD does try to offer a few extras that don't normally come with budget-line products, they're done so bad, they further hurt the disc, rather than enhance it. Let's just get this over with. The stars: They're all nobodies, and you probably won't see them again anyway, unless you're in a seedy alley somewhere. The guys all have swimmer's builds and are all rather average looking. They are clearly young, which is what this is about, so that part they got right. My guess would be that none of them have known life without MTV. Features: The menu is animated, but has truly horrible music, which is probably only somewhat better than hearing a Michael Bolton-Yanni-Kenny G collaboration...on an hell. There is very little music in the feature (trust me, this is a good thing), and it's only used before and after scenes. Said scenes have virtually no sound at all.
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