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Boxcover for Bareback Barracks Buddies 3
Bareback Barracks Buddies 3 

Release date: 5/29/2005
Reviewed on: 10/31/2008 by joe-shaver

Studio: Pink Bird Media

Review brief: Three young guys in a very amateurish film talk a lot and fuck a little.
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Boxcover for Open Ranks
Open Ranks 

Release date: 7/28/2005
Reviewed on: 9/3/2007 by joe-shaver

Starring: Jimmy, Gabriel, Cole
Studio: Pink Bird Media

Review brief: Jimmy is a twenty-one year old soldier from the South. Despite the fact that he has tattoos on his fingers like Robert Mitchum in Night of the Hunter there is sweetness about him. He is very cute. Typical chat, suck, fuck. If you like Jimmy (and I do) it will be worth your time. But if skinny white southern farm boys aint your thing look elsewhere.
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Boxcover for Bareback Recruits 2: The Cole War
Bareback Recruits 2: The Cole War 

Release date: 5/22/2005
Reviewed on: 10/16/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Shane, Cole
Studio: Pink Bird Media

Review brief: Cole is super sexy, sultry, sensuous, scintillating, and scrumptious. He projects charm and confidence in profusion and has a way with the camera that many a seasoned film star would kill for. His dark hair is in a military cut. Although I am not normally turned on by body painting his tribal tattoos on his left arm, the small of his back, and around each ankle only add to his allure. At 22, his 150-pound body is nicely toned. He has one of the most beautiful asses Ive ever seen; and he has a cock that reaches more than halfway to his knees. If Cole commanded I would mortgage my 200-room mansion and sell off my stable of Arabian steeds. The DVD opens with a thirty-minute solo of this delectable youth. He smiles seductively at the camera, shows off that magnificent ass, wiggles his finger to command the camera to follow him or come closer, andof coursecontinuously strokes that fabulous cock. Its the most sinuous seduction since Salome danced for the head of John the Baptist.
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