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Boxcover for Shane TV 1: Summer Luvin'
Shane TV 1: Summer Luvin' 

Release date: 9/14/2004
Reviewed on: 11/16/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Studio: Phoenix

Review brief: Reality Porn #1: Summer Luvin is Shane TVs almost all-girl outdoor pool romp. Aside from a brief blowjob sequence with Holly Hollywood and an unidentified non-pro surfer dude, the rest is a nearly 3-hour lezfest. Basically Shane (in a non-sex role) invites a bevy of her favorite beauties over for a pool party and lets them go at it in and around the pool. Holly, Alana Evans and Heather Hunt are the first threesome to square off. Theres lots of giggling and laughing and talking among the trio, which kind of removes any potential heat they might generate as they lick and stick each other with tongues, fingers, and toys. They look like theyre having fun, but not one of them ever approaches a climax. Redhead Katja Kassin and brunette Ramona Luv are next. These two seem to be more into the action and each other and actually look like they might be having orgasms. A strap-on dildo makes an appearance in this scene. The above mentioned BJ comes next, as does the guy, who gets his dick sucked in the back seat of an SUV at the beach.
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Boxcover for Web Chicks Gone Crazy
Web Chicks Gone Crazy 

Release date: 2/15/2005
Reviewed on: 10/8/2005 by morbidthoughts

Starring: Mark Davis, Mia Smiles, Chris Cannon, Charlie, Julian St. Jox, Sky Taylor, Nikki Fairchild, Taya, Freaky D
Studio: Phoenix

Directed by: Will Rider
Review brief: This is the most horrible movie I've gotten to view this year. The concept or plot is kind of simple. Sky Taylor equips a house with webcams and captures the sex that goes on. Whether this was intentional or not, the video mimics the quality of a webcam. It's underexposed and grainy which may actually be a boon considering the quality of women in the movie and the camera is jumpy (which proves that it isn't a webcam that's capturing the action). I didn't find any of the women attractive in this movie and I found the sex to be mediocre but Charlie fans might be tempted to get this movie to see her get cock. There is this one idiotic tease sequence where the women mutters some utter nonsense to the "webcam". Extras included a g/g scene between Belladonna and Sky Taylor.
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Boxcover for Holes and Whores 2
Holes and Whores 2 

Release date: 7/28/2004
Reviewed on: 5/18/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Studio: Phoenix

Review brief: Holes and Whores #2 is a couples movie featuring above-average looking women and some decent sex. Soft music plays in the background of all the scenes. Theres some slo-mo camera work and a few special effects to break ones concentration. And, in typical Euro fashion, a lot of fake moaning dominates the soundtrack. For those who like their sex a little nasty, every scene features some anal fucking and a facial finish. There are two b/b/g matchups (Connie Ferrara in the opener and Judy White in Scene 4), and one b/g/g (Black Diamond and Cory Baby in the finale). Andy Brown (Scene 2) and Melanie (Scene 3) do standard boy/girl romps. While none of the sex is outstanding, most of the action should sustain viewers who like their fucking solid, if not a bit over the top. The gaping (an overworked Euro standard) is kept to a minimum here. The male talent is not identified. The studio, Phoenix Releasing, opted not to include any DVD extras.
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Boxcover for Holes & Whores
Holes & Whores 

Release date: 3/19/2004
Reviewed on: 4/22/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Alexa May, Kyara Diavolo
Studio: Phoenix

Directed by: Roland Dantes
Review brief: Holes and Whores might be good for viewing on a slow television night. Just dont expect big things from this typical Euro production. Theres the standard good-looking women, better-than-average male talent, decent hard (semi-abusive) sex. As usual, be prepared for fake moaning and the confounding staring at the camera by all the participants. And dont expect to be able to identify the males, as the credits are nonexistent. As for the women, semi-cute, pig-tailed brunette Simony takes on two guys in a gym setting to start things. The guys double-team both her slits before dropping their loads on her open mouth. Cute brown-haired Alexa May does a guy in a decent scene punctuated by too much gaping for my taste (who thinks this is sexy or erotic?). She takes an open-mouth facial to end the festivities. Next is a boring lezout with an older blonde, Kyara Diavolo, and a younger blond, Dora. The girls explore each other with fingers, tongues, and toys, but the heat just isnt there. Two Euro studs romp with cute brunette Jenifer in a pool hall.
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Boxcover for Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure
Chloe & Rose: Fucked Up Adventure 

Release date: 12/18/2004
Reviewed on: 1/26/2005 by linus

Starring: Rose, Chloe Jones, Alex Baby, Pit Garcia
Studio: Phoenix

Review brief: Chloe & Rose: Fucked up Adventure Initial Thoughts: It's kind of like a Spring Break video with more sex. The premise is simple, Chloe Jones and Rose go out to see the world, and find people to fuck or to watch fuck. It's done with this whole kind of amateur style, and it's supposed to be by accident sex in a couple cases, but it really doesn't feel that way, since it probably wasn't really that way. The sex is just OK really, Rose especially puts in some energy, and Chloe does to in her parts, but the people they ran into just were so so. There are some comical moments, and some interesting interview style pieces with Chloe and Rose, and that gives it a little more appeal, but for the most part, it's a project that needed a lot more care to develope. The feature is rather short at only 83 minutes, and while it does have nearly 45 minutes of extras, there is a good number of weakspots that hurt the overall production. Technical Considerations: Just about everything could have been a little better.
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Boxcover for Girls Of Havasu
Girls Of Havasu 

Release date: 3/5/2004
Reviewed on: 4/25/2004 by cv

Studio: Phoenix

Review brief: I am seeking an amateur sex video: a cross between Girls Gone Wild and maybe one of the Shane's World College Invasion or spring break episodes with spontaneous sex involving horny party chicks. Lake Havasu, Arizona is a archtypical spring break destination: bikini-clad hotties, some topless, wading in the water, partying on boats, chicks kissing each other. By writing this review, I have put far more attention watching this movie than I would have otherwise. I've listed the scenes with the bands, not because the bands are good (they're not), but because that's the way they're identified in the Chapters menu. Scene 1: Sandbar (Band: Soul Clown) The audio quality is simply abysmal and the attempt at replacing it with soundtracks from local bands is ill advised. The scenes alternate between short R-rated typical spring break footage (audio replaced by lame soundtracks) and X-rated footage.
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