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Boxcover for Armed and Dangerous
Armed and Dangerous 

Release date: 7/24/2004
Reviewed on: 3/3/2007 by endorphin

Starring: Tylene Buck
Studio: Peach

Review brief: Starring: Tylene Buck! (formerly Major Gunz of WCW), Rachel Elizabeth, Frankie D, Lolana, Lonnie, Alexis Amore Pros: Hot naked chicks and guns! Love of the 1st and 2nd Amendments, Major Gunz naked! (The name might have refered to her BOOBIES!!!, but that ass is even more spectacular!), BOOBIES bouncing from recoil, BOOBIES bouncing from recoil in slow motion, Major Gunz in handcuffs, the mere pleasure of thinking Im all for all kinds of porn, but doesnt this send the wrong message? Couldnt the girls just participate in a gang bang or some kind of simulated rape?, one girl doesnt use a gun Cons: Osama should never have it so good, behind the scenes glitched unbearably (might be a care issue), chick confusion Sorta Con: No gun safety advice? Where was the disclaimer: Warning! Do not rub a gun up against your naked body before first double checking that the gun is not loaded. Treat guns with respect. But, then again, how often does porn offer disclaimers? Note: I am a bit confused who some of the chicks are and I am tired of trying to sort it out.
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Boxcover for Wet (Peach)
Wet (Peach) 

Release date: 10/12/2004
Reviewed on: 8/23/2005 by masamune

Studio: Peach

Review brief: Next up for review:  "Caught Masturbating," from New Machine Director: ? Camera: ? Genre: Softcore  Release: 2004 Notes: none        W  E  T    Wet babes! How can you go wrong?  So this is a softcore movie and I'm not usually prone to watching these... However, I recognized several of the centerfolds on the cast list and was eager to see them in this so-called 'liquid fantasy.' Every so often I just need a break from the hardcore sex I've become so deeply accustomed to; this looked like the perfect diversion. There's 9 scenes and a Bonus Scene, each several minutes long. There's nothing naughty here- no sex, not even any masturbation. The girls just bring themselves and what you see is what you get.
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Boxcover for Hotel Decadence
Hotel Decadence 

Release date: 5/4/2004
Reviewed on: 5/17/2005 by domina-sgpc

Studio: Peach

Review brief: Hotel Decadence (2004) USA Review by Domina Brought to you by Bleu Review & from the gals at Studio: Peach Category: Softcore Starring: Felicia Tang, Jamie Lynn, Jesse Capelli, Crissy Moran, Breanne, Alexa Rae, Lonnie, Erika Jordan "Sign in, please, if you dare."--from the synopsis. This film is actually an interactive DVD and it is fabulous! Voted by AVN as the Best Interactive DVD and Best Alternative Release, it is designed to work like a haunted hotel that you enter, which you are then able to navigate your way from floor to floor, down dark and forbidden hallways to snoop out some private encounters in the hotel rooms above. Before you start your journey you are met in the hotel lobby by a ghoulish Vincent Price-like bell-hop who warns you not to go looking where you are not invited, for "you may venture anywhere you like... but beware for every once-in-a-lifetime erotic thrill you experience here, you must also watch out for some of our less hospitable dwellers..." Right away the DVD creates an ominous and suspenseful atmosphere that puts you on edge.
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Boxcover for Peaches & Cream: Country Girls
Peaches & Cream: Country Girls 

Release date: 2/20/2003
Reviewed on: 11/10/2004 by linus

Studio: Peach

Review brief: Peaches and Cream Country Girls Preview Expectations: This looks like a bit of a difficult one to call, the box cover makes numerous mentions of action and multi angles, and there is some signs this is a hardcore disc, but coming in I think we are in for more of a softcore striptease disc than anything, with a country girl kind of atmosphere. I'm game to give it a try regardless but the box could be more clear as to what this disc is. Initial Thoughts Well it is not hardcore sex at all, it is what my guess was, that it is a softcore kind of strip tease flick like several other Peach releases. The interesting thing though, is it is kind of a Hardcore pornstars go softcore kind of thing as Alexa Rae, Krystal Steal, and a few other hardcore hotties show us thier pretty naked bodies. This disc is a bit short, but there are quite a few angle options and a decent extras resume to make this disc fairly appealing to anyone looking for some nice playboyesque stripping with thier favorite hardcore starlets.
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Boxcover for Luckiest Bachelor On Earth, The
Luckiest Bachelor On Earth, The 

Release date: 2/12/2004
Reviewed on: 6/14/2004 by md-james

Studio: Peach

Review brief: Title: The Luckiest Bachelor On Earth Released by: Peach DVD Okay, be honest with yourself arent you sick and tired of all of these reality-dating shows on TV? Yeah, we love the nice settings, and of course we love the women but come on! If youre in a mansion and these beautiful women are showing up willing to do ANYTHING for you, wouldnt you want to see just what "anything" means? Thats what the folks at Peach DVD had in mind when they came up with their own version of the reality-dating genre called "The Luckiest Bachelor On Earth". Instead of watching some stupid pretty boy get the girl, now YOU can have all the fun for yourself or, well at least as much fun as a DVD would allow. So theres the story you start out with your own mansion, complete with your own butler who goes by the name of Jives. No, not Jeeves. Not Chives. Not even Jive JIVES. Jives serves as the host of this little adventure, letting you know that the women are on their way in. Sure enough, the limo pulls up and the women are led in.
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Boxcover for Girls Night In (Peach)
Girls Night In (Peach) 

Release date: 5/24/2004
Reviewed on: 5/23/2004 by aaryanna

Studio: Peach

Review brief: Teaching young girls to enjoy the beauty of other women! For those of you who know me, you probably wont be surprised to learn that I began to watch porn at a fairly early age! My folks were pretty open about sex in general, and it wasnt too long after I became aware that I began to sneak some peeks of my fathers videos and magazines. Luckily, my dad had pretty good taste. And the movies he liked werent that explicit! As far as I could tell, boys seemed to like porn almost immediately upon seeing it (or thats at least what they claimed). Girls, on the other hand, took a little longer to warm to it.
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Boxcover for Hidden Camera (Peach)
Hidden Camera (Peach) 

Release date: 9/6/2003
Reviewed on: 1/23/2004 by endorphin

Studio: Peach

Review brief: Starring: Zana, Cory, Monique, Mason, Alexa, Krystal, Erika, Ginger, Teanna Pros: Teanna's nipples stickin through her mesh shirt (bonus scene), Lexy!(but I already have that bonus scene on another disc), Erika's dark hair and incredible body, blonde hosing herself down, Heck! all the chicks were incredibly hot, voyeuristic camera Cons: deceptive box cover Overall: The 'Hidden Camera' portion of this DVD offers an incredible assortment of hot blondes and brunettes. Each body is near flawless and they strip to display those bodies and lightly caress their skin while the camera timidly hides behind a doorframe or a plant. It really doesn't pass at giving 'hidden' camera fantasy, per se. It is more like the viewer can imagine that he got caught peaking and the woman was glad to offer a little tease. She knows you are there and wants to draw you in, or at least exploit your voyeuristic fantasies. You can find these women near a car, in a living room, in the bath, in the pool, at the barn, by the fireplace, or on the stairs.
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Boxcover for Here Comes The Judge
Here Comes The Judge 

Release date: 6/26/2003
Reviewed on: 7/8/2003 by lunacy

Studio: Peach

Review brief: Here Comes the Judge ByPeachStaring Dasha  Mason  Mackenzie  Kitana  Alexa  Teri Weigel  Shea Lynn  Jewel Lexy  Cory and Kira Highlights Softcore Strip Tease           At First Glance I've never seen a Peach DVD before, let's see what they've got to offer.  The Basics -Here Comes the Judge-Genre: Straight, Softcore- 11 Girls, each does a stage dance and lap danceOverall Value- $12.00The Run Down  The premise is simply that you are the judge of a contest and auditioning the girls of Spearmint Rhino strip clubs. Each girl does her thing on stage for you with full nudity and some softcore touching/caressing but no penetration or fun tricks.
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