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Boxcover for Stud Wood 2
Stud Wood 2 

Release date: 8/31/2003
Reviewed on: 3/16/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: PatAndSam

Review brief: STUD WOOD 2except for the threesome finale with Joshua, Cade, and Jasonis rather conventional PatandSam. Oddly enough the first two scenes appear to be from earlier films that those in STUD WOOD 1. In the first scene we find Lenny and the ubiquitous Austin. Austin is in his early cocksucking phase here. The scene starts on that sofa that by now must be stiff with cum and moves into the bedroom where Austin will fuck Lenny. Scene two is with Peter andguess who? Yes, the ever-present Austin. Peter is in his cute mode here. Although there is a ghastly tattoo on his belly, his chest is free of them at this point and his pubic hair is intact. It too begins on the sofa and moves to the bedroom where they 69 and beat off. Lance is featured along with Jason in Scene three. Both belong to the Baseball Cap Brigade. The director wants to know how big Lances Lance is and gets a tape measure. (Its 8 inches) Hes kind of boorish. Jason is cute. They just jack off. The final scene is the one that makes this one worthwhile.
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Boxcover for Stud Wood
Stud Wood 

Release date: 8/31/2003
Reviewed on: 3/15/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: PatAndSam

Review brief: STUD WOOD 1 is the best thing to come from PatandSam. This is because it features an adorable young twink called Joshua who is all of 18. He has a winning grin, a boyish ebullient personality, and he just loves sex. He is in three of the film's four scenes. The first scene features Cade & Austin. Cade is a punkish pixyish twink. His chest is smooth and his ass is hairless, too. He is paired with Austin, a P&S regular. In what appear to be early films, Austin sucks dick. In those which appear to be later, he remains strictly trade. Although he is fairly attractive, he has all the personality of a radish. For example when Cade presents his irresistible ass, does Austin eat it? No. He does lube it up and give Cade the finger, but thats not the same thing. Its as though Austin is now trying to play it straight. Of course, Austin does fuck Cade. As is the pattern in these films they sit side by side on the sofa to jerk off. Cade cums first and does it spurt. Austin cums on Cades face. Joshua makes his entrance in scene 2. Hes looking rather punky.
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Boxcover for Up To No Good
Up To No Good 

Release date: 1/21/2004
Reviewed on: 2/29/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: PatAndSam

Review brief: I am so dumb at times. In reviewing Pat and Sams BOULDER BOYS and wondering about the title, it only vaguely occurred to me that it might refer to Boulder, Colorado. I thought of it, of course, but then said to myself, Nah, there are no gay porn studios in Colorado. But when they were interviewing the first model in this film and they mentioned Denver, I went, uh oh. Now it certainly doesnt surprise me that are great guys in Colorado. We all know there are great guys everywhere. I just didnt think there would be filming at that altitude. But they are. UP TO NO GOOD is for the most part a series of solos, with the exception of the final scene where three hunks get very interested and familiar with one anothers erect appendages. The first solo is Kyles. Kyle is what is known as beefcake. His dick is average, but his body is not. There is also some body hair. C J is next. Younger & slimmer than Kyle, he has a smooth body and a cockwell, I cant be too sure as he has an interesting jacking technique that uses both hands and so totally obscures his cock.
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