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Boxcover for Gonza: Wanna Be A Porn Star?
Gonza: Wanna Be A Porn Star? 

Release date: 8/18/2003
Reviewed on: 8/15/2003 by martym

Studio: Passion Fruit

Review brief: Can Four Lesbians Make Boy/Girl Porn? What happens when four women (Southern lesbians, at that) decide to make their own boy/girl porn movie? Well, Gonza: Wanna Be A Porn Star? is the result. As background, I had seen Passion Fruit Videos production of Home Cookin before and loved it. Think of Benny Hill (the late British comedian) going down South to Texas and making a girl/girl video and youll get the idea. The movie was hilarious! The sex among women only was hot! And the main characters, played by the gorgeous actress Maitresse Elise (a blonde) and Katharine MacGregor (a buxom brunette) really looked great with arms, legs and tongues intertwined! (At one point, I even laughed so hard while erect that I thought my little head was literally going to explode!) But that was another movie, and Gonza: Wanna Be A Porn Star? is going in a totally different direction. Although I know that the actresses in it are gay, all of the female characters in the film are supposedly straight (although one turns out to be bisexual at the end).
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