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Review brief: Here we have an all girl dvd from Pandora studios. I am a big fan of lesbian scenes when they are done right. In that I mean lots of passion including a healthy amount of kissing, breast play, and especially oral. As for toy usage I like to see next to none but if they are used at least let it be at the end of the scene or let the girl using they toy keep licking the pussy or kissing the breast. So let's see how good a job Pandora studios and the director Perk Adann did, lol on that name BTW. So for our first scene we see blond Julie hook up with her black haired friend Victoria. The two stroll around a bit before ending up walking down a hallway to a hotel room. Both the girls look hot and are all over each other as soon as the door closes. Both are touching all over each others bodies and it isn't long before Victoria is sucking on Julie's breasts and in even shorter time she is munching on Julie's pussy. Julie gets in some breast sucking and there is some breast to breast contact which looks hot.
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Review brief: Cast: Kaylynn, Keri Windsor, Nina Hartley, Tina Tyler, Kylie Ireland, Logan LaBrent, Victoria Givens, August, Julie Robbins, Kelly Fire. Director: Perk Adann Production date: 10/21/01 (feature); 3/17/02 (box) Length: 90 min. Extras: A 34-min. behind-the-scenes featurette, an 11-min. bonus scene and four trailers. Audio/visual quality: Pandora is a relatively new studio, and they are still working on refining the technical aspects of their DVDs. Even so, I would rate this disc's audiovisual quality as somewhat above average. The camerawork occasionally feels a little conservative, but the angles are generally solid and satisfying. The sets are dark by design, yet the action is easily seen. Grain and artifacts appear here and there. Other minor blemishes include sporadic soft focus shifts, a slight internal reflection in the camera (in scene two only) and a crew member's shadow on the wall (in scene three only). The musical style varies widely from techno to classical.
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Review brief: Running Time: 89 min. Production Date: 10 / 21 / 2001 (feature) 3 / 17 / 2002 (cover) Director: Perk Adann Cast: Kaylynn, Keri Windsor, Nina Hartley, Tina Tyler, Kylie Ireland, Logan LaBrent, Victoria Givens, August, Julie Robbins, and Kelly Fire Initial Expectations: Pandora has been putting a lot of care in their DVDs have impressed me with every one of their releases. Its not possible for me to not have high expectations for any of their releases. Initial Reaction: It makes me wish I was a lesbian. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who likes all girl action with great chemistry Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks all girl action is supposed to be boring or extremely nasty Audio /Video Quality: The audio is a bit on the soft side, but is nicely balanced and not so bad that its at all distorted. The video is clear, but has some slight grain and pixelation through much of the feature. This gives the feature a film-like feel, but I dont think it was shot on film or intended to look as if it was.
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