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Review brief: Escort Diaries features a nice selection of men and the action is hot and plentiful. Warren and Danny are the highlights here but the rest of the cast holds its own. Id hire any one of them!
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Boxcover for Rogered!

Release date: 7/18/2009
Reviewed on: 8/14/2009 by joe-shaver

Starring: D.J., Jed Willcox, Kurt Rogers, Cort Masters, Nic James, Chesrae, Doug Ruffman, Fabrizzio Pauloni
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Ross Winters
Review brief: Kurt Rogers and a half-dozen other beefy studs get it on in South Africa. Despite the poor sound in some scenes the film is noteworthy for hot studs, good sex, and accents to die for.
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Boxcover for British Slave Boys
British Slave Boys 

Release date: 11/1/2008
Reviewed on: 8/13/2009 by joe-shaver

Starring: Master Ben
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Adam Bailey
Review brief: Five scenes in which young Brits are put through mild S & M by an excessively unattractive fat guy. Although some of the youths are cute, the film eventually it becomes tiresome and disgusting.
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Boxcover for Bare Tales (Pacific Sun / Tyger)
Bare Tales (Pacific Sun / Tyger) 

Release date: 5/17/2003
Reviewed on: 5/16/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Rod Phillips, Jim Pulver, Michael Wayne, Chris Williams
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Ronnie Shark
Review brief: With the price of gas these days I may be a bit over-sensitive about price gauging. However, when a VHS is reissued onto DVD and the price is considerably more than it ever was when the film was on VHS then I think its time to scream about being ripped off. After all its not like they have to pay the performers or director. They were paid 25 years ago. And the cost of manufacturing a DVD is less that the cost of manufacturing a VHS. So why the top line price for a dupe? Good old American GREED, thats why. Now this is not to say the film under discussion here is bad. Far from it. But under the circumstances it should not have the same list price as a new DVD. Produced originally in 1988, BARE TALES was one of the last of the pre-condom films before the AIDS scare sent panic throughout the industry. (At least one of these performers succumbed to that plague.) At the films opening we find hunky Jim Pulver who sent my hormones moaning in my younger days (and still does, Ive discovered viewing this) strolls out onto his elevated deck nude to display his wares for a stalker.
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Boxcover for Up 'N Arms
Up 'N Arms 

Release date: 3/3/2002
Reviewed on: 9/23/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Jim Conners, Devin Davenport, Tommy Gant, Rusty Ormand, Todd Paris
Studio: Pacific Sun

Review brief: Im not a fan of solo videos. If I want to watch someone jerk off, I have a full-length mirror for that. I can count the number of solo films Ive liked on one hand and still have fingers left over. In order for a solo film to succeed for me it has to have godlike beings or have some clever and novel approach. UP N ARMS really has neither. OH, sure the five guys are handsome and theres nary a one we wouldnt want to give more than a helping hand to, but they approach their self-induced orgasms with all the passion of an officer worker finishing an unpleasant job so he can go home. And what is worsethe DVD is obviously a compilation! The first up is Tommy Gantthe clean-cut muscular stud on the cover. Keeping a blank expression on his face, he pulls out his average dick and strokes it with thumb and forefingers. The camera pans underneath to make it appear bigger than it is. (Never photograph a cock from a high angle it will make it look tiny.
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Boxcover for Black Beach Gang Bang
Black Beach Gang Bang 

Release date: 4/18/2002
Reviewed on: 9/1/2005 by gary-s

Starring: Ethan Starr, Thomas Bond, Bam, Ricky Parker, Oscar, Chris Young, Soloman Gregory, Koby Bird, Steve Candy
Studio: Pacific Sun

Review brief: If you like watching a very cute little white boy, barely 18, get violently fucked by huge black dicks then you'll love this movie.
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Boxcover for Undergear

Release date: 2/25/2002
Reviewed on: 8/25/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Joey Stefano, Chris McKenzie, Kevin Wiles, Jason Hunter, T.J. Scott, Moore, Michael
Studio: Pacific Sun

Review brief: An oldie but a goodie. Well, a pretty goodie. The theme of course is underwearspecifically sexy briefs, and thankfully none stay on the performers for very long. The film opens with Jared Young sitting on the sofa watching TV. Jared has an overbite and a big cock. His lover, Michael Moore, who resembles the boy next-door type cant get his attention. So he drops his drawers to reveal his new underwearred briefs with a bulls-eye painted on the seat. This catches Jareds attention; he is soon ripping open the rear of those undies and darting his cock into Michaels own bulls-eye. Two cutes: Kevin Wiles and Alvin work in a store that sells these undergarments. Alvin is a pretty young blond that appears to be all of sixteen. Kevin is a petite, irresistible sexpot. T. J Scott, a longhaired blond who is a real beauty and could suck his own cock (although he doesnt do that here) comes in to buy some special underwear. Kevin fits him out in various loincloth like garments that make Scott even more attractive.
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Boxcover for Aqua Club
Aqua Club 

Release date: 7/4/2004
Reviewed on: 2/24/2005 by czechmate

Studio: Pacific Sun

Review brief: I'm sure you're sick of yet another movie originating from Eastern Europe. This one however is worth a peek. Even though you can't understand the guys (and there are no subtitles)...I'm sure you can read between the lines while watching the 6 hot and often vocal scenes presented by Pacific Sun. The movie opens with four hot guys walking down the street...strutting their stuff as it were. They wind up playing pool. A very cute blond guy (he's on the DVD cover) then hits the steam room. He is soon joined by a very hot Adonis, complete with curly locks and boyish charm. Before long, Adonis is getting his ass pounded. Our cutie top coats his bottom's right ass cheek and then proceeds to lick it off. Bottom then dumps a sweet bucketful all over his toned belly. We return to the pool table where two of the remaining guys are now playing a little more than pool. After two positions and a creaking pool table (I was wondering if it might give out) both guys bust a well deserved nut while standing/kneeling next to each other.
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Boxcover for Taggers

Release date: 11/4/2003
Reviewed on: 5/17/2004 by joe-shaver

Starring: Bobby Golden, Cameron Sage, Court Logan, Tim Tyler, Cameron Fox, Gura, Anthony Holloway, Bobby Brennan, Jason Sizemore
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Phil St. John
Review brief: The stills looked really good for this one and the cast that was assembled was huge and remarkable, so why is this film such a letdown? Well, its for several reasons. One, the editing is frantic and choppy. Two, the sex is mundane to say the least. Three, the whole thing is hokey as hell. Four, its downright boring. Bobby Brennan, who makes his debut here, is a very adorable blond twinkie. Hes a piss-poor cocksucker, but its sweet to him try. Hes also a courageous little bottom, though he doesnt seem too ecstatic about it. Lets just chalk both up to inexperience. I like him nonetheless. Now, Bobby, who plays a character named Marker, (everyone in this film is graffiti mad) has a crush on his fellow worker, Vandal. Gura, a hairy young Latino with attitude, plays this role. Vandal is also the head of the gang Taggers that Marker wants to join. The first sex scene is a dream that Marker has about his co-worker. In it Marker is seated naked on a toilet peering though a glory hole at his idol being worshiped by two young acolytes: Jason Sizemore and Lexx Parker.
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Boxcover for Tyger Tales
Tyger Tales 

Release date: 11/9/2002
Reviewed on: 2/3/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Pacific Sun

Review brief: One of the practices these days is for producers to dig up an old VHS from the pre-condom days, dust it off, and put it on DVD. Some of these are fabulous gems. Others are rhinestones. Still others are rocks that would have been best forgotten. This one belongs in the second category. There are some legendary performers here. Some others are fantasies in flesh. But the sex is by the numbers and the whole thing rather lukewarm. Our host for the proceedings is Steve Wright, a hunky performer who appeared in way too few flicks. (Check out the back cover of the DVD. Thats Steve. Humpy, huh?) Naked on the bed, Steve strokes his hefty dick as he tells us about the goings on in his apartment building. Pierce Daniels, whose bushy mustache made him seem somewhat weasel-like, spies Chad Douglas (another mustachioed slab of beef) coming up the outside stairs. (Thats Chad on the front cover, smiling. Something I never saw him do in any film. In them, he was always as glum as Boris Karloff on a bad day.) Pierce is wearing only a bathrobe and he flashes the newcomer.
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Review brief: A more appropriate title might be TWINK TOES for this little epic as, in eight scenes, twinks suck toes, lick soles, and occasionally suck a dick. But shrimp is definitely given more emphasis on the menu than coq. First up is a cute, skinny, little fellow called Cody. He is skinny and nimble enough to suck his own toes, and that he does. He pauses for a while to pound his dick, but then goes right back to those toes time and time again. He eventually deposits drops of crystal cum on his thin tummy. Cole & Frankie are up next. One of them (I dont know which) is tied to a table while the other removes shoes and socks from the bound boy and sucks them toes and licks them feet. I am disappointed that they dont go further but I realized later that this was but a prelude to their return in scene eight where we find them both naked in bed and going the whole way. (Thanks to DVD we can jump ahead to scene eight if we wish to finish this duo.) Its another solo now with Seth. He is jacking off while perusing a straight fuck mag.
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Boxcover for What I Did For Sex
What I Did For Sex 

Release date: 9/10/2001
Reviewed on: 9/1/2003 by joe-shaver

Starring: Baron Long, Adam Wolfe, Tully, Nick Stone, Andrew Blaze, Jerod Stevens, Johnny Justice
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Steve Jerome
Review brief: Twink lovers take note: the guys are attractive, sexually adept, and very convincing as high school students. Wrestling jock Nick Stone persuades brainy Jerod Stevens to write a paper for him and promises to model for him in return. Andrew Blaze overhears this and offers Jerod $250 to let him hide in the closet and film Nicks modeling. Andrew wants to blackmail Nick into losing the match against his friend Ron (Johnny Justice). With Andrew hidden away in the closet, Jerod types away at the computer as Nick works out. Nick warns Jerod about using big words. He [the teacher] will know its not mine if you use words like that. Jerod demands Nick finish his workout naked. Nick Stone is very handsome with a nice body and dick. Jerod is cute with an impish smile andas we shall seea big dick that seems even larger with the absence of much pubic hair. Nick offers his cock to Jerod who goes down on it, but it is Nick who really gives head. He lets Jerod fuck him, too.
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Boxcover for Shiftin' Gears (Pacific Sun)
Shiftin' Gears (Pacific Sun) 

Release date: 4/19/2001
Reviewed on: 4/6/2003 by joeblow69

Starring: Shawn Justin, Wolf, Duncann Starr, Michael Brawn, Daryl Brock, Sean Davis, Phil Bradley
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Bill Hunter
Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: William Hunter Cast: Duncan Starr, Phil Bradeley, Michael Brawn, Sean Davis, Darryl Brock, Shawn Justin, Wolfe, Mike Lamas, Ethan Michael Ayers, Tanner Reeves, Kyle Hunter Story: Ill be honest, I dont really know whats going on here. Something about Duncan Starr driving through the desert, and somehow he keeps running into people having sex (or telling stories about sex). Its all very loosely tied together. What I Liked: First off, Im completely and madly in love with Phil Bradley. How can you look at that picture of him on the cover, and not want to have his children? His threeway with Tanner Reeves and Shawn Justin is incredibly hot, which is a miracle, since in most videos, I truly despise Tanner Reeves. Somehow Phils presence makes Tanner more palatable. Darryl Brocks impaling of Wolfe is another awesome sight. Theres a little bit of oral at the beginning, but the majority of this scene is balls to the walls ass-pounding.
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Review brief: Junior Studios Richard Morgan has the uncanny ability to take young unseasoned performers and get them to behave like sex-crazed pros. We have become used to seeing cute young actors in these films, but it is awesome to see the Junior Studios gang sucking, rimming, and fucking with the skills of guys twice their age. L.A. LUST is a case in point. The star of this film is Jason Sizemore, a skinny twink whose nom de porn was chosen to match the big, thick dick nature has given him. (6 x 11?) . In the extras section he tells us he hasnt had sex in a good while because when he brings a guy home who says hes a bottom and the trick gets one look at what Jason has to offer, he chickens out. I guess Jasons solution to this problem was to go into porn. The film opens with Jason lying in bed, taking it easy while his lover is out of town. That is until the gardener that Jason has always had a thing for arrives. The gardener is Markus, a blond fantasy come to life.
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Review brief: I had just put a new DVD into the player, and then did something I had never done before. I decided to watch the extras first. In doing this, one of the previews was for THE MENTOR a film I had had sitting on the shelf unseen for months. One of the scenesthe one with Frank Taylor getting boffed by Patrick Ivescaused my, uh, interest to rise. There was nothing for it but to pop out the DVD in the player, pop in THE MENTOR and pop out mynever mind. As one can tell by the title and by the pairing of a young guy with an older one in each of the scenes, the older guy is to teach the younger one something about life or sports, but always about sex. The first up is Mark Masson to instruct Peter Wilder. They are the only two diners in a fancy restaurant. The unshaven Mark looks too disreputable to be dinning in style. There are scraggly hairs clumped on his face that look like spiders fucking. Obviously appearance and personal hygiene are not part of the lesson. Instead he is teaching Peter about manners and is correcting his English. This latter making him somewhat of a prick.
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Boxcover for Craving Foreskin
Craving Foreskin 

Release date: 4/24/2002
Reviewed on: 12/12/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Marco, Brock, Casino, Duro, Gura, Jesus
Studio: Pacific Sun

Review brief: Gee, a film with two adorable lily-white blond-headed twinks chowing down on and getting schtupped by big brown uncut cocks. Sounds good, hunh? I thought so, too. Boy was I in for a let down! I guess since everyone was still around after finishing FORESKIN ISLAND, it was decided to crank out another mediocre film for the suckers out there. If these moguls had been in charge of a major legit studio we would all have had the opportunity to see Ishtar 2. The setting is Puerto Rico and all through the film the background music is Latin songs that appear to be from old 78s and sung by the chipmunks. We discover Bryan Archer seated on a wall writing a letter about how his craving for foreskin has led him here. Then we see a Puerto Rican masturbating in the fields. Bryan comes upon him, sucks on him for a while, gets fucked doggy-style, and the guy cums on Bryan. Bryan is not enjoying it and the guy is not into it either; and that is the whole problem with this flick.
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Boxcover for Ranch Hand Muscle
Ranch Hand Muscle 

Release date: 11/12/2002
Reviewed on: 12/9/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Andrew Addams, Leo Bramm, Brett Dimineo, Andrew Adams
Studio: Pacific Sun

Review brief: The bad news iscattle prices are down, the ranch is over-extended, and the loan officer is coming. The good news iscocks are up, Brett DiMineo is over-extended, and everyones cumming. Hunky Andrew Addams has just asked Brett DiMineo to accompany him to the barn dance when ranch owner Aaron Tanner brings them the bad news. The boys decide to help Aaron lose his tension. Brett starts on his dick and Andrew starts on his ass. They switch places, but soon Bretts dick becomes the center of attention as both Andrew and Aaron vie in sucking it. Brett then finds a double-headed dildo and a jar of Crisco that everyone knows is standard barn equipment. He lubes it up and inserts in his buddies bums. Boy do they have fun. Andrew moves on to the real thing when Brett skewers him; then Aaron gets it from Andrew. When all have released their loads and a great deal of their tension, Brett discovers a door he has never seen before. So, just like Alice in Wonderland, he opens it and finds himself in a brightly lit corridor.
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Boxcover for Sunny Delights
Sunny Delights 

Release date: 5/30/2002
Reviewed on: 12/5/2002 by leahcim-77

Starring: Drew Peters, Ryan Scott, Christian Owen, Lee Walbash
Studio: Pacific Sun

Review brief: Overall, this is a fairly good film, but one may wish to explore other titles from Junior Studios first. The movie starts off with an all-too-long, badly acted intro to most of the "characters." Lee Walbash and Jason Sizemore chat about some innanne blah-blah for far too long, then the scene cuts to Lee pumping iron shirtless. Jason wanders in, and, with minimal chit-chat, the two get down. Lee is a hot, young, muscular bottle-blonde, with shaved armpits and a really cute face. Jason is a tall, skinny kid with an enormous cock. Lee sucks on Jason's cock for a long time, at times clearly getting tired (or his jaw sore). He never gets more than about 2 inches of the big thing in his mouth at any one time. Jason takes a quick turn sucking Lee, and Lee cums on Jason's face and chest, then eats it off (no, it's really not as hot as it sounds...) Lee then jacks off Jason, and gets a hot, gooey facial, which he really seems to dislike.
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Review brief: On his way to visit his brother, Sandy Sloane picks up his cousin Johnny Thrust who taunts him about being a virgin. Arriving at their destination they let themselves into the house. Hearing noises from a downstairs bedroom, they peep in on a ménage a trois. Who these three guys are and what they are doing in the house is never explained, and since the sex is downright boring I also wonder why this scene is included in the film. The most attractive of them, Shane Lancourt, has a nice build and a beautiful hairy chest. If he ever achieved an erection in the scene it might have had more merit, but he seems as disinterested in the proceedings as I am. So I have nothing to do but wonder like The Sundance Kid, Who are these guys? Oh, well. Sandy and Johnny are sharing the same bedroom and we know Sandy is going to lose his cherry. Both lie on the bed clad only in their boxers. Johnny watches a bit of TV; Sandy goes to sleep. Johnny finds Sandys cock sticking out of his boxers more interesting than anything hes watching on TV (who wouldnt) so he goes down on it.
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Review brief: This is another in the series of films directed by Csaba Borbely crammed with Hungarian beauties. The guys in these films are absolutely incredible. It's like watching Greek statues fuck. The premise is that these guys are in the military and the scenes are separated by rather inept military endeavors: marching, etc. But when they remove those uniforms, you will definitely sit up and take notice. We start right off the bat with an orgy. It's followed by two threesome scenes and concludes with yet another orgy. I find one on one much hotter myself, and the sex here seems more forced than enjoyed but just looking at these guys will get one off. In scene two we find Antal Pozsa a big blond with an enormous dick.....really, really big. He has appeared in Herve Handsome's films (most notably in Fire Pump) under another name but he is unmistakable. It takes two to service him here, and rightly so. If these guys arent gay, they certainly give great performances. Although the sex is not overly passionate it is not inhibited and the guys are gorgeous.
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Boxcover for STR8-A-Head

Release date: 8/19/2001
Reviewed on: 5/18/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Ren Adams, Alex Wilcox, Chip Noll, Hans Ebson, Haven Phillips, Tony Ganz, Javier Fuerte
Studio: Pacific Sun

Directed by: Seth Black
Review brief: SATR8-A-HEAD is a pretty darn good film. The plot centers around the character of Ty (Nick Steel) who has become a famous Hollywood actor and decides to have a reunion of his high school buddies--none of whom know he is gay. Well, maybe except for Cade (Alex Wilcox) who once did it with our hero five years ago. Cade doesnt want to go to the reunion, but is driven there by urgings beyond his control. Ty has hired a Palm Springs clothing-optional resort for this reunion with pool, Jacuzzi, etc. so theres a lot of cavorting outdoors in the California sun. The other two schoolmates invited to this fete are Jason (Haven Phillips) who has joined the marines, and Hans Ebson (who must have been a German exchange student). Happily, Ty brings along a Hollywood friend with him, the adorable Chip Noll.
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Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Csaba Borbely Cast: Ken Spencer, Roberto Giorgio, Fernando Nielsen, Denzel Rossovich, Paal Green, David Roth, Remus Orza, Michael Constanzo, Laurence Cain, Marius Reves, Richard Becker, Ivan Mrozek, Ben Mason, Story: A hunky European water polo team struggles to learn the valuable lesson of teamwork. Scene One Speedos! Damn I love men in Speedos! Especially when theyre kissing deeply while rubbing their Speedo-clad bulges together! 4 guys get ejected from water polo class and meet up with a fifth hunk in the whirlpool room. All these guys are gorgeous, and seem to really enjoy each others company. It almost looks like theres an oral cumshot in this one, too. (though its hard to tell it could have just been really white slobber landing on Ivans tongue). Its a good scene. I just wish they had switched positions around a bit more. Scene Two Heres a good example of how not to film a scene.
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Review brief: Who hasnt fantasized about videotaping two hot guys having sex? God knows I have. In Summer Trophies, the narrator (who we never actually see) combs the Californian beaches looking for guys willing to fuck on film. Unfortunately, they dont match the names to the faces, and the only guy I recognized was Billy Herrington himself. First up, the narrator picks up two British guys, who suggest they go back to their place to smoke a doobie. Four hundred dollars later, the two blokes are going at it for the cameraman. One has quite a thick cock, and his scrawny friend does his best at gobbling it up. This kid is a little too twinkie for my tastes, but the other guy is damn near perfect, right down to his sexy armpits. The oral goes on a little too long, but things get a little more interesting once the twinkie boy gets his a nice stiff one shoved up his hairy ass.
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Review brief: So you like beefy guys, eh? Well, Muscle Force is jam-packed with gym bunnies galore. Tight, luscious asses sculpted chests, and big, bulging boners. Theyre not the most attractive muscle- men Ive ever seen, buy you cant have everything, now can you? Theres no story here, so lets head right into the action: Two brawny buddies (Tom Farrell and Dan Hopper) get it on in a fancy swimming pool. They quickly lose their Speedos and dive on each others crotches. Not only do they have impressive bodies, but very man-sized cocks, too! After a little 69ing, the blondes sphincter gets plowed by Toms foreign meat. Its a pretty standard lay, but its always nice to see big muscle boys get fucked. Its not a bad scene, but would it have killed these guys to kiss each other on the lips once or twice? In the next scene, Chance Caldwell and Trevor Hansen are sunbathing in the backyard. (More hunks in Speedos!! YEAH!) Trevor whips out the suntan lotion and slowly rubs it into Chances pecs.
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Boxcover for School Daze (Pacific Sun)
School Daze (Pacific Sun) 

Release date: 11/28/2000
Reviewed on: 2/19/2001 by joeblow69

Starring: Tom Leduc, Bob Schott, Dave Henderson, Scott Pryor
Studio: Pacific Sun

Review brief: Im always on the lookout for good precondom porn, so I was very excited when I popped this one into my DVD player. Originally shot on 16mm, School Daze stars 6 relatively unknown guys doing all that nasty bareback sex and sperm guzzling that we have come to expect from movies from the early 80s. There are only 3 scenes here, but the first one lasts about 45 minutes. Things start out promising enough. Muscle stud Tom Leduc lures an equally muscly trick back to his dorm room for a little one-on-one study session. They strip down, jack each other off, do a little 69, then Tom mounts himself on his partners big dick and goes for a nice slow ride. They switch positions a couple of times, then jerk off to 2 average cumshots. So far, so good! Toms trick heads off to the room next door, where a nasty guy with a big dick has been jerking off. The guy may be ugly, but the trick knows Happiness is a big cock and he does his best to tongue wrestle that monster.
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