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Boxcover for Karel at Home
Karel at Home 

Release date: 1/1/2003
Reviewed on: 3/2/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Pavel Ochotnik, Zdeno Holek, Jiri Komarik, Karel Uzel, Pavel Ojanousek, Olda Xaver
Studio: Overthere

Review brief: A slender young man with dark hair (Karel?) sits at a piano. He plunks out a few notes with one finger. Im not impressed but it seems to serve as a siren call for a somewhat older guy. He stands and listens for a bit and then walks over to the piano. The pianist decides to give up the piano and take up the flesh flute. An unseen orchestra swells up to accompany him. The flesh flute swells up too. After a number of minutes have passed with Karel playing the same tune, the music lover shows himself to be an equally skilled performer on Karels organ. Stripping off his turtleneck Karel reveals a slender, svelte, sexy body. Suddenly we cut to the endKarels endfilled with an insistent instrument that makes me wish Id kept on with my piano lessons. Well, its certainly not the Minute Waltz they are playing as it goes on and on. Im wishing for a different selection when they decide play a single variation on the theme. The fucker goes and sits down in a chair and Karel goes and sits down on the fucker.
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Boxcover for On A Yacht In Prague
On A Yacht In Prague 

Release date: 11/29/2003
Reviewed on: 2/18/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Overthere

Review brief: The performers who range from twinks to mid or late twenties are handsome enough. The sex is okay. But the color is atrocious. The DVD looks as though it was photographed on out-dated or inferior color stock and then transferred to DVD without any digital enhancement. A slight reddish haze floods all of the scenes. There are only three scenes that go on and on and on. Except when you want one to be longer. We first meet the two twinks. The younger has short thin chopped hairhes quite cutewhile the other has thick curly hairhes quite cute too. They kiss until the young one drops his trunks to reveal a stiff dick. His curly haired buddy goes down on it. As he is being sucked the twinks balls rise and fall. Romantic piano music plays on the otherwise silent sound track. The scene appears to have been photographed in slow-motion. Everything is languorous. The sucker licks his way up the younger ones body and they kiss. Then the fellator makes his way back down to the dick.
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Boxcover for Takin' it Raw
Takin' it Raw 

Release date: 2/17/2003
Reviewed on: 3/12/2003 by joe-shaver

Starring: Donovan
Studio: Overthere

Review brief: As Ive noted in earlier reviews there are an awful lot of barebacking DVDs coming (cumming?) onto the market these days. The guys featured in many of these are so young that they have probably never experienced the A.I.D.S. scare orlike smokers when it comes to lung cancer and emphysemabelieve STDs are something that happens only to others and not to them. More likely it is unscrupulous pornographers that are lying to these young kids about the danger of unprotected sex to make these films. They may also be encouraging the population at large to throw away their condoms. So, having expressed my reservations, lets take a look at TAKIN IT RAW: ROOM FOR TWO from Tipo Sesso International. There are only four guys: Chris Jacobs, a skinny twink with a pierced tongue; Josh Cummings [ha], a bleached blond with a slightly curved dick; Donovan, the big face on the cover who also has the biggest dick; and Jason Davidson, a good-looking slim brunet who is my favorite of the bunch. The action begins with some good old fashioned fellatio. The kids pair off for this.
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Boxcover for Parisian Cycle Slut
Parisian Cycle Slut 

Release date: 1/21/2003
Reviewed on: 1/23/2003 by joe-shaver

Studio: Overthere

Review brief: This is a horrendous cheapie at a horribly inflated price. Although the cover calls it Parisian Cycle Slut, the film itself is Parisian Cycle Sluts. This latter is more accurate. Credits roll over footage of a motorcycle race. After which we see a lonely cyclist tooling along a dirt road. He stops to take a leak and overhears noises coming from the bushes. Two guys with pants around their ankles are fucking bareback. The scene is edited haphazardly as sometimes they are sucking and sometimes they are fucking. Tres sloppy, mes amis. Our cyclist watches and jerks off. In a second scene, we discover a curly blond leaning over a motorcycle as a guy clad in a leather jacket rubs his cock on the guys pants. The pants finally come down and the guy goes in. A third guythis one is actually quite attractivewanders out of the woods and presents his wood to the guy being fucked. When the fucker comes he buttons up his trousers and buggers off with nary a thank you.
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Boxcover for Knight In Paris, A
Knight In Paris, A 

Release date: 8/6/2002
Reviewed on: 12/14/2002 by joe-shaver

Studio: Overthere

Review brief: I wish I knew what the original French title was for this film because Im sure it was nowhere near A Knight in Paris. There are no knights and no knightly behavior. The characters here are all underworld types: hustlers, pimps, housebreakers, jewel thieves. No one is a good guy, but there are good bad guys and a bad bad guy. It begins with a young guy returning to his lover/partner in crime from a successful bit of thievery. He tosses his loot and himself onto the bed and a nicely passionate bit of sex ensues. Being French they are both naturally uncut. The returning thief has shaved an inch or so of his pubic hair above the dick making it appear larger. His ami is slender with raven hair. (Although there is a cast list, none of the performers are identified as to who is who.) Raven tops his buddy. Nice loads from both. Raven and a real cute twink (that we shall see more of later) are hanging about waiting for a john.
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Boxcover for Rebound (Overthere)
Rebound (Overthere) 

Release date: 7/31/2001
Reviewed on: 10/19/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Cory Stevens, Mitch Ray, Nic Andrews
Studio: Overthere

Review brief: Attention all hawks, chicken is on the menu. As soon as they reached their eighteenth birthday these kiddies decided to go into porn. None of the guys is identified, but I recognize Sebastian Cole from PUMP PARTY and it is he who induced me to buy this little oddity. As might be expected with guys this young, they are not overly experienced in performing for the camera. They are constantly casting glances at the camera, and the director can be heard telling them what to do: Take off his pants, Dont be afraid, ride his dick. The kids can be forgiven for their inexperience; the director cannot! Nor can one forgive the fact that people can be seen moving behind the scenes. Having just watched Kristen Bjorns splendid documentary, Behind the Scenes where we witness the true pro at work only makes this indifferent piece of porn-for-the bucks more annoying. The beginning is promising. The two blonds that can be seen in an embrace on the cover are the participants. The cute one with the bowl cut has a rather long dick. His buddy does his best to suck it.
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Review brief: Just like American films, Euro porn from Over There Studios is of variable quality. Some can be quite good; others can be just mediocre; while still others can be disappointing to say the least. I regret that this film, FORESKIN CADETS, belongs in the latter category. It opens promisingly enough with two young beauties in bed. The handsome blond gets up and begins to dress. Going to kiss his companion goodbye, the companion, a very skinny brunet, restrains him. As they kiss, the cadet is slowly undressed. The have a pleasant bout of reciprocal oral sex, and Blondie boffs Skinny. The cadet who was to pick Blondie up waits impatiently outside. Once Blondie has finished his morning tryst, the two start off, but stop when they see two guys hanging around a van. The guys are handcuffed put in the car and driven off. When next we see them they are going down on the new cadets cock. (Blondie has disappeared and is never seen again. Alas!) Its not a bad scene, but it had me speeding it up as it was slow.
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Boxcover for Roadside Behavior
Roadside Behavior 

Release date: 1/29/2002
Reviewed on: 7/27/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Jiri Novacek, Petr Oderelek, Kristof Okurek, Tomas Orech, Jan Palecek, Pavel Skorepka
Studio: Overthere

Review brief: This is just another of those cheap jobs (but at a big price) cranked out to glut the American market. The guys are slim, attractive, and uncut, but the sex lacks any passion and the direction and cinematography are the work of hacks. In the opening scene a brunet and a curly blond are looking under the hood of a car. Eventually, the curly blond is looking under the hood of his friend's uncut dick. He sucks for what seems like hours. Then the brunet fucks the blond for hours in an unchanging position. Never once does he reciprocate by sucking the blond who is by far the cutest of the duo. Both jack off. In the second scene the sex is more reciprocal. Both administer blowjobs. One of the guys has a nice build. is balding somewhat, and has shaven pubes. He's quite sexy. He fucks the other one. They close the hood on the same auto that was in scene one. (I guess the car just can't be fixed.) In the third and final scene,(Yes, folks, there are only three scenes in this ripoff.) a young guy approaches a mechanic who is under a car.
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Boxcover for Just Off The Train In Paris
Just Off The Train In Paris 

Release date: 3/14/2002
Reviewed on: 3/22/2002 by joe-shaver

Studio: Overthere

Review brief: As a fan of European videos and uncut cocks, I will accept the fact that most of these videos lack the polish that good quality American porn possesses. But this one was just too awful. The guys are extremely uninteresting, the sex is lackluster, the film is boring. I fast-forwarded through this one and it went straight into auction where I set a very,very low price.
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