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Review brief: Length 83:23 Year 1978 This is a review of the NuTech dvd of Debbie Does Dallas. For a review and comparison of the VCX dvd of Debbie Does Dallas check out my other review of the VCX dvd of Debbie Does Dallas. The NuTech dvd of Debbie Does Dallas has slightly better picture quality than the VCX disc while the audio quality is virtually the same. There are 4 minor cuts made to the NuTech dvd that are not made to the VCX dvd though, but overall I feel confident in making a recommendation that you buy the NuTech dvd of Debbie Does Dallas because of the better picture quality and the fact that the movie is put on one track which eliminates the pauses that are present on the VCX disc while the movie switches between tracks. These 4 cuts do not amount to very much and you are not missing much in terms of actual sex or story. There are only 19 seconds total cut from the NuTech dvd so as I say your not missing much. Unless you have to have a totally uncut version of Debbie Does Dallas then go with the NuTech dvd. Now to the review of the actual movie.
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Review brief: Debbie Does Dallas (1978) Studio NuTech Director Jim Clark Starring Bambi Woods, Christie Ford,  Robyn Byrd, Sherri Tart, Jenny Cole Arcadia Lake, Kasey Rodgers, Georgette Sanders, Sherri Tart, Merle Michaels, Christie Ford, R.
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Review brief: Debbie Does Dallas A film review by Flash Movie Specs: Distributor: NuTech Digital Run Time: One hour and 23 minutes Rated: XXX Year of release: 1978 Director: Jim Clark Cast: Bambi Woods, Misty Winter, Robyn Byrd, Pat Allure, Paula Head Disk Specs: Audio: 2.0 Mono English Video: 1.33:1 Regional Code: 0 Disk: Single Layer, Single Sided Special Features: Chapter Search Synopsis: Debbie (Bambi Woods) gets a place on the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad, but doesn't have the money to get to Dallas. She and her fellow cheerleaders pick up part time jobs so Debbie can go there and the rest of the squad can come along to cheer her on during her first game. Soon they find that their jobs aren't getting them money fast and they find that if they perform sexual favors the money adds up faster. Video/Audio: For its age, this disk is a good presentation of the film. The film contains many artifacts, none overly large or enough to be distracting. The picture is soft throughout the film and in some scenes the color is over saturated.
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Review brief: Starring: Bambi Woods, Pat Allure, Robyn Byrd, Paula Head, Misty Winter, Richard Balla, and other people I never heard of Pros: Cheerleaders, Bambi Woods played the naive girl well, plot was simple, some good cheesy porn music, cheesy porn Cons: no features, some really bad music with poor sound quality, old Memorable quote: "Baby, don't choke. Stay alive" -- man to woman while she was deep- throating him (and you women think us men are insensitive). Plot: Debbie wants to go to some cheerleading thing. Her and her friends soon figure out that the best way to earn money is use their natural assets and talents. OK! I admit it. Debbie Does Dallas came out in 1978. At that time I am not sure that I was old enough to pronounce 'pornography', let alone watch it. I know absolutely nothing about the history of porn, but I do know that when I was old enough to know what it was (or at least have some visualization in my head) I heard of two titles: Debbie Does Dallas and On Golden Blonde.
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Review brief: Running Time: 1:23 Extras: None. This was a big disappointment. With how much of a classic the original Debbie is, it really deserved a commentary at the very least. Audio / Video: This was the main fault with the DVD of Debbie Does Dallas. The video is pretty consistent with most video form the 70s. Considering how old the movie is, they probably did a pretty good job restoring it. The audio, however, is horrible. Most of the movie sounds like it was recorded in the shower. Actually, some of it was, but I had hoped that the restoration would have done a little better job with the rest of it. The rest: This is one of those adult films that although not perfect, everybody should have a copy of. I remember sneaking my parent's copy of Debbie away to watch when I was a teenager. It was a right of passage at that time for almost every teenage boy, and I hate to deny my children that right someday! There's a reason Debbie has stayed around so long and is still thought of so highly, despite the audio and video quality.
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Review brief: The Original Debbie Does Dallas is far more of a movie than the modern versions, which like many of todays pornos are essentially a gallery of sex scenes strung together with a semblance of a plot. The Original very much plays on the innocence factor. The young, perky high school cheerleaders offer their services to their teachers and bosses in order to raise money (seems like theyre always trying to raise money.) The sex is a fulfillment of that teenage girls screwing older men fantasy. Oh Mr. Greenfield, Im not that kind of girl Oh my Mr. Greenfield, youre so big! The girls are all very attractive with wonderfully natural bodies. If you like looking at small, round breasts over and over again this is the movie for you.
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