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Review brief: This was shot on location in Hawaii and features dozens of exterior shots of the island, as well as a sailboat, a helicopter, some scuba footage, an Aloha airliner, etc. The "Double Indemnity"/"Body Heat" style plot far exceeds any plot you'll see in today's porn. On the downside, this is 24 year-old footage, and it shows. The DVD transfer was pretty good, but the film itself is damaged and peppered with scratches and white spots. Moreover, the women doing porn in the late 1970's were pretty homely by today's standards, but Leslie Bovee is a very handsome woman and exudes an earthy sensuality. On the extras side, there is a full motion chapter-stops menu. The multi-angle gimmick is a complete waste of time, because most of the extra angles are just mirror images. The commentary track is the king of all DVD extras, but none of the people associated with this project are still around and willing to participate. Holmes passed away in 1988, and Leslie Bovee has been out of the business for twenty years.
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Boxcover for My Best Friend's Wife (NuTech)
My Best Friend's Wife (NuTech) 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 2/12/2004 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Michael J. Cox, Ian Daniels, James Bonn, Goldie, Anthony Crane, Nina Derek
Studio: NuTech

Review brief: My Best Friends Wife is a fun, sexy flick that should probably be best left to couples that dont take their porn too seriously. Inari Vachs has been seen in hundreds of movies, but I cant recall her using such an intense Southern drawl as here. Shes married (unhappily, we learn) to Anthony Crane. His hilarious accent is right out of the Ozarks. The movie starts with the two of them in bed. They screw ending in a facial. Across the street is Michael J. Cox, who watches Vachs and Crane through a telescope. His wife, lovely Lola, convinces him that sex in their own home can be as exciting as their neighbors. Lola resembles the mainstream actress/comedian Sandra Bernhard, but much cuter. **It appears the makeup artist for this movie was asleep during Lolas blowjob, as her face appears to have been streaked by a previous facial. Very strange! ** Anyway, Michael and Lola screw in a couple positions before he drops a healthy load on her mug. Afterward, Michael is back to his voyeurism, and he spies James Bonn and Nina Kornikova (billed as Nina Derek) visiting Vachs and Crane.
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Review brief: Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: March 27 & 31, 2000 Director: Francois Clousot Cast: Asia Carrera, Julie Meadows, Kiki Daire, Isabella Camille, Regina Hall, Alec Metro, Evan Stone, and Michael J. Cox Initial Expectations: Im not sure why, but Im not expecting much from this one even though I should with both Asia Carrera and Julie Meadows in it. Who Should Watch It : Couples and fans of the stars Who Should Avoid It: Raincoaters and anybody looking for nasty sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio is clear and well balanced for the most part, but the level seems to vary a little throughout the movie. There are also a few moments when the audio appears to be dubbed. The video has a little grain to it, but its not too bad. The biggest problem with the video seems to be that the colors arent always consistent when the picture changes between angles. Music: The music seems pretty average, and ranges from being balanced nicely with the rest of the audio to being quite a bit too loud.
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Review brief: Eruption, a 1978 film starring Holmes and Leslie Bovee, shot on location in Hawaii, is the perfect example of Holmes the actor (instead of just Holmes the big, wonderful cock.) As with other classic porno, Eruption had a complete plot intermingled with hot sex. The story was very Magnum PI-like, and not just because it was filmed in Hawaii. Holmes plays an insurance sales guy who helps Bovee kill her husband to collect on a life insurance policy. The movie has plot twists and exciting moments that don't involve sex (seriously.)You get to watch the Holmes' penis rise to the occasion over and over again -these are captivating moments -getting this man hard is a slow, sensual process.
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