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Review brief: Running Time: 88 min. Production Date: March 19 - 20, 1988 Director: Francois Clousot Cast: Felicia, Taylor Moore, Sana Fey, Tina Tyler, LeeAnna Heart, Tye, Amber, Marc Davis, Vince Voyeur, Tom Byron, Ian Daniels, and Jonathan Morgan Extras: Behind the Scenes (32 min.), slide show, bios, outtakes, trailers, and web access. The bios are pretty standard, but the behind the scenes are a lot of fun. There are two scenes that we get to see the inner workings of: the final scene between Jonathan, Tina, and LeeAnna and the threesome between Vince, Ian, and Taylor. The behind the scenes of Vince, Ian, and Taylor's scene didn't really add too much for me, but the Jonathan, Tina, and LeeAnna's behind the scenes was great. It does a great job of showing the cast as real people and how much fun everybody was having on the set. Audio Quality: Good. Most of the movie is excellent, but the scenes where the spies check in with the 'Evil One' are bad. Video Quality: Very good. Music: Acoustic and, dare I say, tender.
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Review brief: TITLE: Sex Lies & The President Studio: NuTech Directed: Francios Clousot Starring:  Jonathan Morgan, Tina Tyler, Amber, Tye, Sana Fey, Felicia, Taylor Moore, Lee Anna Heart, Tom Byron, Marc Davis, Ian Daniels, Vince Vouyer Running Time: ~1:40 Format: Single Sided DVD Features: Trailers, Behind the Scenes, Slide Show, Star Bios, Outtakes, DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtracks! First Impression: Wait is that the Dolby digital Trailer? Wow. This is a very well made DVD. Animated Menus plenty of extras. DTS and Dolby 5.1 Audio tracks. A Plot: Very Good plot. The president is caught with six hookers and he decides to flee the country with his wife and his crew. At the hideaway there are also several interns. =) Morgan is really funny as the president. Likes: Tina Tyler attitude. Morgans constant jokes and manner. Hes like a clumsy, horny guy. And he says some of the funniest things. Especially if you watch the outtakes.
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Review brief: Sex, Lies and the President (1998) Studio: Nu Tech/Legend/Silver Star Directed by: Francois Clousot Starring: Tina Tyler, Amber, Tye, Sana Fey, Felicia, Taylor Moore, Lee Anna Heart, Tom Byron, Jonathan Morgan, Marc Davis, Ian Daniels, Vince Vouyer Running Time: 1:28 Format: Single Sided, Dual Layer DVD Features: Animated menus; full motion video chapter selection menu; full motion video star biographies; 24-picture slide show; theatrical trailers for Sex, Lies and the President, The Price of an Education, Sensual Exposure, and Coming to Beverly Hills; 32 minutes of behind the scenes footage; 5-minutes of outtakes that run in the credits; and DTS & Dolby Digital 5.1 audio soundtracks The First Word: Sex, Lies and the President is a slightly above average parody of the First Libido but with a lot of extras that you wouldn't expect on a budget DVD.
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