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Boxcover for Milk My Cock 1
Milk My Cock 1 

Release date: 12/24/2004
Reviewed on: 10/19/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Studio: Mythic Entertainment

Review brief: From the beginning, I thought I was going to have major problems with Milk My Cock, an all-blowjob flick from Antigua Pictures. Turns out, I only had minor problems, but lots of them. The opening scene has brunette Nikki Knox on her knees in front of (I assume) the director/producer. Hes never identified, but hes a white guy with a black guys attitude and look (silly-looking corn rows). He starts out very abusive, throat fucking her, slapping her face and tits, spitting in her mouth and on her face. He barks out instructions, Open wide!, Hold it, hold it!, Suck on it! He places her in several positions, essentially fucking her mouth rather than getting a blowjob. Its basically an egomaniac with a video camera, an attitude, and $1,000 budget to pay the girls. He finally cums in her mouth to end the disturbing segment. Thankfully, things settle down after that to a normal girl sucks guy off show, although he still lets everyone know whos in charge by constantly giving instructions to the girls.
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