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Boxcover for Milk (Milena Velba)
Milk (Milena Velba) 

Release date: 1/1/2008
Reviewed on: 3/2/2009 by stinkfist

Starring: Milena Velba, Sunny Wagner
Studio: Milena Velba

Review brief: Today i woke up in one of my perverted moods i knew that after work i would be heading to my local sex shop to pick up another title,i was in the mood for something Fetish so the thought of browsing the titles at the shop had me licking my lips in anticipation.As i walked out my front door that day heading to work i had a spring in my step,well actually i had a hard on.After work i snaked my way towards the sex shop,how much money i have spent in there over the years i do not know,around the corner from the sex shop is a jewelers shop i decided to pay them a visit first. As i walked through the door i walked towards the counter and the lone female assistant smiled and asked "Can i help you sir" i promptly smiled then turned around loosened my trousers let them fall to the floor and yanked my underwear down spread my ass cheeks and stuck a finger in my ass.She let out a piercing scream then blurted out "Sir,you cannot do that in here" which i replied "Well the sign outside says "Please come in and pick you ring in comfort"..i laughed then quickly pulled up my trousers and fled,i
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