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Boxcover for Anna Malle's Wild Life 5
Anna Malle's Wild Life 5 

Release date: 7/14/2006
Reviewed on: 10/12/2010 by dogzcatcher

Starring: Anna Malle
Studio: Midnight

Review brief: Wildlife 5: L.A. Comeback splash is a movie about a party at Anna Malle's house. It features Anna Malle in the first and last scenes. It also has scenes with Rebecca Wild, Tabitha Stevens, Hailey Raine, Kasorn Swan, and Jennifer Lee. Renee LaRue is in the last scene.
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Review brief: There's always talk about the Good Old Days, but this release shows that we should be very happy with what we have today. The action is average at best, but the technical aspects hold everything back with some video that's barely even watchable it's so grainy and dark. There's also no real extras to help the release out, but that's not too unusual with a movie of this age. Pass this one by.
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Boxcover for Stud Busters
Stud Busters 

Release date: 8/26/2003
Reviewed on: 11/6/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Midnight

Review brief: This Terry Le Grand-Roger Earl pre-condom opus should more rightly be called Beauties and the Beasts. The beauties are: Case Harden, Scott Avery, Brian Thompson, Shawn Peters, Jesse Kohler, and Blake McDonald. The beasties are: Pierce Daniels, Kip Astor, J. D. Slater, and Jason Steele. The pattern established in the film is to pair an older not-too-attractive man with facial hair in a scene with a smooth pretty young man. The first scene is an excellent case in point. Case Harden, a clean-cut handsome youth that epitomizes our wet dreams is discovered nude in the kitchen fixing breakfast. Enter Jason Steele, a chunky balding troll with thick lips, a skuzzy mustache, inch-long nipples, and a gnarled uncut cock. He kneels (very properly) at Cases feet and slurps on Cases nice dick, bringing it to full erection and ejaculation. Case then returns the favor by going down on Jasons unattractive worm. Case sucks furiously as though trying to bring Jason off as soon as possible and thus put an end to his terrible ordeal.
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Boxcover for From Asia With Love (Midnight)
From Asia With Love (Midnight) 

Release date: 3/10/2004
Reviewed on: 10/23/2004 by black-panther

Starring: Asia Carrera, Toni James
Studio: Midnight

Review brief: Running Time: 62mProduction Date: 9-05-97, Duplicated 11-20-97Director: N/AStudio: Midnight VideoExtras: Play movie, scene selection, trailer, slide show, website, Company info, an enlarge your penis infomercial. The slide show only consists of only 5 shots from the film. The penis commercial is just plain weird, creepy, unrealistic, and should be avoided. There is no way to enlarge your penis guys! Learn to love what you have. Cast:Asia CarreraAjaToni JamesRachel Ryan (not credited)Alex SandersSteve DrakeJohn DeckerTom ByronMarc WalliceEric Edwards (not credited)Stacy Lords is credited, but she isn't actually in this compilation tape.First Impressions: Midnight has clearly pulled a fast one. This compilation tape is mainly to feature Asia Carrera, the only Asian in it having sex. All the other scenes look at least a few years older than the ones with Asia in them. Didn't like seeing and hearing the horrible lighting and audio from the 80's.The Scenario: No scenario at all really. This just features Asia in 2 sex scenes, and the other 3 sex scenes are totally unrelated to it.
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Boxcover for Sorority Initiations
Sorority Initiations 

Release date: 12/6/2002
Reviewed on: 9/1/2004 by sampleturtle

Studio: Midnight

Review brief: "Sorority Initiations" Studio: Midnight Producer: Marcus Pinkhunter; Photographer: John Stevens; Casting: Media Model Management Starring: Francesca, Suzy, Joe, Kimberly, John, Stephanie, and Peter. This DVD was basically from a photoshoot. At the beginning of every scene there is sort of an introduction to the couples with a man asking couples if they would like to come model for the day. All of these scenes are done in slow motion and with a camera going off. If you aren't a really patient person this definetly is not for you. Scene One: A very attractive girl (Francesca) and her partner are up first. It takes them a while to undress each other, then there is a very sensual blowjob. There is very little (if any) thrusting involved. Most of the time it is just penetration and posing for the camera. There is some reverse cowgirl and then she turns over and rides him. She has a very beautiful backside that we are treated to. We get to see the piledriver next. She sucks his dick very lightly again and it just finishes with him licking her foot.
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Boxcover for 18 Wild & Horny
18 Wild & Horny 

Release date: 4/9/2003
Reviewed on: 2/29/2004 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Shay Sweet, Katie Gold, Melody Love, Michele Katz, Kiki Daire, Sunrise Adams
Studio: Midnight

Review brief: 18 Wild and Horny is a compilation from Dreamland, although some of the scenes were snipped from Erotic Angel films. The scene breakdowns (and original features) are as follows: 1. Joel Lawrence, Sunrise Adams (Shays Sweet Revenge) 2. Felicia, Michelle Katz (Shays Sweet Revenge) 3. Coral Sands, Jay Ashley (Shays Sweet Revenge) 4. Alec Metro, Melody Love (Cheerleader Tryouts #1) 5. Ian Daniels, Katie Gold (Private Openings) 6. Leanni Lei (Fresh Cherries) 7. brunette, David Hardman (unknown) 8. Calli Cox, Tyler Wood (18 and Lost in NYC) 9. Flick Shagwell, Kyle Stone (18 and Lost in NYC) 10. Cheryl Dynasty, Mark Vega (18 and Lost in NYC) 11. Jubillee, J.R. Nelson (18 and Lost in S.F.) 12. Robbie James, Taylor Rain (18 and Lost in S.F.) 13. Brett Rockman, Paris (18 and Lost in S.F.) 14. brunette, Travis Knight (unknown) 15. Allysin Chaynes, Mark Vega (18 and Lost in S.F.) 16. blond, guy (unknown) The final scene is a very amateur production and its doubtful its from any reputable studio. Scene 7 is not much better.
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Boxcover for Giants (Midnight)
Giants (Midnight) 

Release date: 5/13/2003
Reviewed on: 7/20/2003 by joe-shaver

Starring: Eric Manchester, Jeff Converse
Studio: Midnight

Review brief: Lots of pre-condom videos are being released on DVD these days. Most are better left unsung, but a few like this one are well worth noting. It appeared originally as Jocks Video Pac 07 and is still available from them in VHS (for more I might add then for this DVD transfer.) It features a bevy of stars from this bygone age: Leigh Erickson (a.k.a. Marc Bennett) a breathtaking blond in his twenties; Eric Manchester, a hell-of-a-hot dude, Mark Miller, another hot blond in his twenties; Cory Monroe, a sexy blond pig twink; J. T. Denver, a truly sexy and desirable stud; and others of like ilk. In addition, it featured the cocks of two of the most gorgeous men to ever appear in gay porn, Brian Maxon and Steve Henson. It begins with Jeff Converse having invited Erickson, Manchester, and Miller for the weekend. He obviously has a hidden agenda from reading the Kinsey report on the number of men who have had homosexual experiences. And so, after dinner he gets them into a game of Truth or Consequences. Leigh, the blond Adonis with sensuous lips and carefully coiffed hair, is up first.
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Boxcover for Down To His Knee
Down To His Knee 

Release date: 5/5/2003
Reviewed on: 7/20/2003 by joe-shaver

Starring: Chad Thomas
Studio: Midnight

Review brief: 1976 was indeed a golden age, when sex was performed without fear; when guys ate cum and fucked without condoms. These performers belonged to the first generation of porn superstars. They were our fantasies, our familiar friends, our teachers. None of them were pumped up with steroids or heavy workouts. They had naturally beautiful bodies. None of them could deliver lines worth a damn, but they sure knew how to fuck, rim, and suck cock. Although he is now a bit long in the toothas well as in the dickChad Johnson is still going strong. But it is hard to realize that today these gorgeous twinksif they are still alive, and I hope they arewould be middle-aged. In their films, however, they are forever young. This one of their best. Michael Cummings and Dane Ford, two twinks to hunger for, are sunning themselves on the beach after a day of surfing. Ford is being ogled from afar by a young scruffy dude, Matt Hawks. Cummings leaves the beach only to discover the tires on his car are flat.
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Boxcover for Trans Gender Bender 2
Trans Gender Bender 2 

Release date: 8/2/2002
Reviewed on: 4/14/2003 by robhammer

Starring: Sabrina, Valentine, Tom Moore, Vo D'Balm
Studio: Midnight

Review brief: Production Date: 10/25/2001 Running Time: 88 min. Sam Shaft Presents Video and Post by El Greco Transsexual Cast: Vo D'Balm, Sabrina, Valentine Male Cast: Paul Carrigan, Tom Moore Female Cast: Nikki Darlin Note on cast credits: The cover has Nikki Darlin, Sabrina, Tom Moore, Valentine and Vo D'Balm listed. The opening credits list Vo D'Balm, Paul, Sabrina and Tom. Trying to figure out who is who took more time than watching and reviewing the DVD. I finally deferred to the AVN mini review and hope I got the TS and female talent right. Initial Expectations: I picked this up as a rental without checking any reviews. It appeared to be the typical low budget wall-to-wall production that is common for this genre. I got it because it was one of the few titles that had a female in it (other than the Females & She-Males series). Initial Reaction: Uh-oh. Not Paul Carrigan. So that's who Tom Moore is. These are not two of the most prized male specimens on the planet. I've seen them in plenty of bisexual titles, and have usually been a bit disappointed. But wait.
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