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Review brief: DIRRTY 2 Directed by Bridgette Kerkove. Like her husband and fellow director Skeeter Kerkove, Bridgette shoots only anal themed scenes for her movies. Dirrty 2, like all their other movies features an anal sex theme along with rougher oral sex (deep throating and gagging) and fetish wear (spiked heels, fishnet stockings, latex, etc.) Each scene begins with a short tease segment. This movie features a mix of 1 on 1 as well as 2 on 1 scenes and is made up mostly of oral and anal sex. There is vaginal sex only during double penetration in the 2 on 1 scenes. Before seeing this movie, I was already familiar with all five performers. Each has numerous appearances in anal themed movies and they never disappoint with their performances. I have never failed to be impressed by a Kerkove movie and recommend all very highly. If you've seen some of Bridgette's other movies or you've seen those directed by her husband Skeeter, you know what to expect here.
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Boxcover for Stone Cold 1
Stone Cold 1 

Release date: 11/7/2004
Reviewed on: 1/23/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Studio: Metro

Review brief: Stone Cold left me stone bored. This is the Lee Stone Show, and the muscular stud never lets you forget it. He repeats incessantly Welcome to MY world, like were to believe all these chicks go out of their way to fuck him. Stone also likes to show off his steroid-built muscles by fucking the girls in positions most normal guys wouldnt try with a blow-up doll. His acrobatics are distracting if not envious. There is terrible audio throughout the flick, which is probably a good thing because Stone and his ladies all sound like junior high schoolers when we can hear them. The first two scenes (first with Jasmine Lynn and Haley Page, then with Mason Storm) start outdoors then move indoors, which could be a distraction for some viewers. The third, with Devon Michaels, is captured completely outdoors. The final scene has Roxy Jezel and Sophia dressed as schoolgirls. Anybody buying that one? Another complaint I have with this (and, to be honest, most all porn today) is the constant gaping. Put your dick in, stroke a few times, then pull it out for a close-up of her gaping orifice.
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Review brief: Ron Jeremy On the Loose 4: San Francisco Preview Expectations: I've got to say, that I am a fan of Ron Jeremy, not so much as a pornstar, although he has been a consistent performer for many years, but more so for his personality and every man kind of quality to him, everyone knows who he is, but to this day he is as normal a guy as you would meet. He doesn't take himself too seriously, and in porn or anywhere else, that is an uncommon thing these days, and I for one respect that quality in him. This series is kind of a personal and sexual tour of different places with the Hedgehog as your personal tour guide. I'm not expecting a sexual work of art, but I'm hoping for an enjoyable reality tour with some fun and sex. Initial Thoughts For what it tries to be, I think this feature is pretty good. Ron Jeremy is comical and entertaining as ever, and he even pokes his penis in a couple girls during the show. Ron goes around San Fran, talks to people, shows us some sites, does a few tricks, meets some couples and lets us watch them screw each other.
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Boxcover for Nasty Newcummers 18
Nasty Newcummers 18 

Release date: 4/16/2002
Reviewed on: 10/20/2004 by zoid

Starring: Candy Cotton, Nicole Sheridan, Nina Ferrari
Studio: Metro

Review brief: This title originates from 2002, and the only reason I picked it is because it has Nicole Sheridan in it. "So what?" you might I ask. Well, I'll tell you. In the last couple of months, I've probably seen a dozen videos (from gonzo to features) with Nicole Sheridan and in every single one of them, she was fucking Voodoo, her boyfriend or something. I got so sick of seeing them always together, and even started to wonder if she had ever had sex with someone OTHER than Voodoo. When I didn't see Voodoo in the credits here, I was like, "Oh my God! Oh my God! This is it!" Technical DVD specifics: double sided Runtime: 1 hr. 54mins (box cover claims 2 hours) Region: all Audio/Video: reasonably okay, though there is some pixelation now and then Feature Nicole Sheridan The scene starts with the interview, and I think it's one of the funniest interviews I've seen in quite some time. Nicole is certainly looking younger (well, DUH!).
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Review brief: Bridgette Kerkove get her hands DiRty for the second time. Normally, I wouldn't be reviewing a title such as this because quite honestly, this type of all-anal pounding is not really my thing, though I do enjoy it occasion. Main reason is that I'm on a mission to "get acquainted" with various directors and various styles of porn, so I was curious what dear Bridgette had cooked up. I didn't see the first Dirrty, so I really had no clue what it's going to be about, other than it would contain anal sex because Kerkoves and anal are synonymous, and "dirrty" implied ... well, dirty anal sex or something, I don't know. Hehe! Let's find out. Technical Runtime: 2 hrs. Region: all Audio/Video: Aspect ratio (4:3). Video quality is good. Menu: Stylish, simple. Main menu is animated. Feature Jayna Oso, Ben English Jayna is looking very sexy here. She's wearing black leather thong, matching black shoes and a "symbolic" bra (the one that exposes nipples). During the short intro she's posing and dancing near the pool.
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Boxcover for Euro Babes 7
Euro Babes 7 

Release date: 2/28/2004
Reviewed on: 4/12/2004 by coyote22

Starring: Vanessa, Alena, Gabina, Vera, Hana, Blanka
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Roman Pornanski
Review brief: Reviewed By: Coyote22 INITIAL THOUGHTS: Metro in my opinion is like listening to peoples opinions about the Matrix, its always changing. I have seen a lot of Metro releases and I must say that they put out a lot of stuff to cater to a wide audience. Euro Babes 7 is from what I gather (euro sex and all) caters to the raincoater and anal fanatics alike. Now this is my first run in with this series from Metros Gonzo Video line and one that Im looking forward to checking out! VIDEO/AUDIO: The video was presented in a full frame and was good but had some lighting issues. The audio was decent but not great. THEMES: Anal, Oral, 2 on 1, Rimming (m/f, f/f), Toys, Girl on Girl EXTRAS: Photo Gallery, Web, Trailers (double impact, 24 inches, nightmare, ass everywhere), Instant Pop Shots HOW I RATE: I rate in an un-bias way; meaning I will not let something come in my way of reviewing a film before I see it; I make sure to give every film I review a fair chance! I will try to give a detailed description of the film that way you (the reader) will get a real sense fo
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Boxcover for Angelmania 3
Angelmania 3 

Release date: 3/4/2003
Reviewed on: 5/31/2003 by goldmember

Starring: Violet, Roxy, Tiffany, Laura Angel, Caroline De Jaie, Vanessa Virgin, Tiffany Diamond, Roxy Jezel
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Laura Angel
Review brief: Angelmania 3 Directed by Laura Angel Overall Impression First of all I should point out that I might be a little biased on this title. Why? Because I've basically got a permanent hard-on for Laura Angel This is the third installment of Laura's gonzo series and the third one I've reviewed. This one has many of the same things going for it that the first two did, however it also has many of the same things working against it that they did. First and foremost THERE IS NOT ENOUGH LAURA ANGEL! May be I'm being unreasonable here, but if I'm watching a title called Angelmania I want to see a lot of Angel. She is only truly participates in one sex scene. Secondly if the production values could be raised a few notches in general it would do wonders for this series. For example almost every outfit Laura wears makes me drool, but the same measure of taste is not extended to the rest of the girls. What does work is the fact that the action is very respectable for the most part, and the film is populated by some fresh faced Euro talent.
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Boxcover for Angelmania 2
Angelmania 2 

Release date: 10/16/2002
Reviewed on: 12/20/2002 by goldmember

Starring: Tina, Laura Angel, Nomi
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Laura Angel
Review brief: Angelmania 2 Directed by Laura Angel Overall Impression First of all I should point out that I am a huge fan of Laura Angel, and I always have high expectations when she is involved. So having already reviewed "Angelmania" #1 I was hoping on seeing an even better #2. It seems that the last edition was cast mainly with Laura's fellow Czech performers, this one stars mainly French talent. While to be honest I felt quite let down by this installment. Sure Laura stars in one great scene, but the rest of the disc was a total disappointment. Scene 1 Adrianna & Tima These two girls star in this 3on2. Laura who is dressed in a sexy black outfit introduces us to the five performers in this scene. My problem with this scene is I was way more interested in seeing Laura get naked and join the action then hearing her comment from the sidelines. The sex is ok I guess, with some anal and DP action but I just didn't get into it because the girls are not that hot.
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Review brief: CAPSULE'S REVIEW Ron Jeremy on the Loose: Venice Beach (108 min.) Featuring: Mandy Roberts, Holly Halston, Leanna Hart, Taylor Rain, Phoenix Ray, and Brittany Skye  Synopsis: It's Gonzo . . . Ron Jeremy style! Overall: Taylor Rain saves this video from being a total waste of time! The other women are either old-looking or unattractive and that is really a turn-off no matter what they do in their scenes.  DVD Quality: I can't really say anything good or bad about the quality. Extras: Like their other releases, this one has weak extras.
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Boxcover for Voluptuous 2 (Metro)
Voluptuous 2 (Metro) 

Release date: 8/1/2002
Reviewed on: 9/12/2002 by bono-one

Starring: Ruby, Carolyn Monroe, Alexis Amore, Kianna, Tanya Danielle, Chantz Fortune, Chloe Dior
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Mike Quasar
Review brief: This is the second volume in a series directed by Quasarman and it deals with large breasted women-- a very nice subject matter for a film don't you think!!! So lets get to some big breasted action shall we!! The first scene features Alexis Amore and Kianna. We see them dancing seductively for the camera and taking off their bikini tops as music plays plus we see some cupping of the breast. Next we see the two of them in a room where some lucky stiff gets to play with both of them,lol. This guys is no fool and begins by sucking on the huge breasts of Alexis. Next we see Alexis sucking some cock and Kianna joins her soon after for a nice dual blowjob. Soon Alexis is fingering her pussy while Kianna continues the bj. Soon Kianna sits on the guys face for some oral loving and Alexis continues the cocksucking. There are some really close up shots of Alexis sucking cock. Soon Kianna climbs on in reverse cowgirl and Alexis rubs Kianna's pussy and kisses on her titties.
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Boxcover for Euro Babes 5
Euro Babes 5 

Release date: 6/1/2000
Reviewed on: 1/2/2001 by devient

Starring: Jessica, Alexa, Lisa, Amanda, Lucy, Shelly Elson, Atilla, Nici Taylor, Katka, Dolly Rosten, Pal, Renate, Chrystyn, Bianca Aster, Kamil Klen, Cloda
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Frank Thring
Review brief: Euro Babes # 5 - DVD Reviewed by: Devient on 9/14/00 Metro only puts out two strong titles that everybody accepted, and those are Euro Babes & Blowjob Fantasies. Euro Babes is a pretty decent Gonzo film with something for everybody ie cumswapping, anal, and reverse gangbangs. Thats more then I expected before watching it, pretty damn good dvd to rent or own. They really out did themselves in this one and the earlier ones were good too. When I saw Euro Babes 2 I like it, but I thought the girls wore to much make up and it was scarey not actractive. In this Volume they didn't use condoms and makeup was not painted on the girls. Why cause the girls in Euro Babes 5 are so very hot and very good looking they didnt even had to really cover up the acne or blemishes the girls had in # 2. These girl have so much natural beuty that plastering make up on these girls would of been a crime. CHAPTER 1: SYLVIA short blond hair. . We meet Sylvia (21) with two studs over looking an Hugarian town.
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