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Review brief: I bought this dvd because Azlea Anistia appears in it, she is listed on the credits and the main picture on the box cover is of her. Imagine my suprise when going through this movie that not a single scene contains Azlea, to make sure that I didn't just make a mistake and missed her ( how could I do that?) I went through the dvd another 5 times, nope, no scene with Azlea. I don't know what kind of scam Metro is trying to pull but this is simply despicable, and does not even deserve a rating of 1, a complete waste of money. The other scenes were so and so, the best scene was the one with Shyla Foxxx, and the video quality changes from VCR quality to above average which makes me think that this is a compilation of random scenes, or possibly the scenes were shot over a long period of time. But the fact remains that if you intend to purchase this dvd so that you can watch your favourite star Azlea Anistia, don't bother because she doesn't appear.
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Boxcover for Sex Freaks 6
Sex Freaks 6 

Release date: 7/21/2001
Reviewed on: 3/30/2002 by capsule

Starring: Jasmin St. Claire, Misty Rain, Heaven Leigh, Jenny, Shyla Foxxx, Tina Thomas, Cherry
Studio: Metro

Review brief: CAPSULE'S REVIEW Sex Freaks (108 min.) Featuring: Heaven Leigh, Cherry, Tina Thomas, Shyla, Jasmin St. Claire, and others. Synopsis: These women get their "freak" on! Overall: I cannot believe they wasted time and energy on this project. Metro should spend time making quality movies instead of clogging the adult DVD market with trashy pornos. DVD Quality: Visual quality is below average. Extras: None significant. Likes: None. Dislikes: Trailer park trash. SEX HIGHLIGHTS: There is a trailer park trash scene, which stars Cherry and Heaven Leigh. If you do not recall, both these were "in style" during the late 1990s. Both of them were overrated to say the least. However, I don't want to take all the air from the scene.
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Boxcover for Butt Sluts 10
Butt Sluts 10 

Release date: 8/1/2001
Reviewed on: 11/19/2001 by bigmike

Starring: Candy Vegas, Elena, Elle Devyne, Angelica Sin, Justine Reage, Cindy Starlight
Studio: Metro

Review brief: Boxcover lists the stars of this film, they are: Elena, Angelica Sin, Candy Vegas, Caroline, Elle Devyne, Justine Reage, Cindy Starlight, and more! Production dates: 9/16/97; 12/15/97; 6/8/98; 4/19/98; 5/29/97; 1/31/97. SCENE ONE : A girl and three guys. All guys feel her up and undress her, before oral begins on all. Guy fucks her pussy. Guys finger her pussy and ass. She is dpd while giving a bj. All guys cum on her face. SCENE TWO : A girl gets oral by guy, while another guy gets bj. Guy tongues her ass. She gives both guys bjs. She gets fucked in her pussy while giving other guy bj. She gets anal and is dpd. Both guys cum on her face. SCENE THREE : A girl and Mark Davis (the only guy I recognize). They do the whole oral thing, before he fucks her pussy. She gets anal in various positions. He cums onto her tongue. SCENE FOUR : A girl gets fingered in her ass, while giving another guy a bj. One guy fucks her pussy, she is still giving the one guy a bj. The guys switch jobs.
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