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Review brief: I picked up this oldie but definite goody for the sole purpose of wanting to see Jake Steed sodomize Inari Vachs. Backseat Driver only set me back $9.00, so I swiped it up without even noticing what a truly amazing lineup of porn legends it features. Besides Jake and Inari, BSD #5 boasts two additional superstars of that era (1998!): Houston AND Jill Kelly getting analized. I was futher impressed to see that the rest of the cast was comprised of lesser-famous, but well-known, beauties who were Metro standbys for years: Hot Redhead, Big-Boobed Sana Fay, Sydnee Steele, and Johnni Black. HOUSTON AND STEPHANIE SWIFT BEING FUCKED BY MARK DAVIS Besides Jake Steed, quasi-famous Mark Davis is the only guy worth mentioning by name. Stephanie Swift is unremarkable in my book so I'm just going to focus on Houston's anal-intrusion. In 1998, Houston was in her prime: Small, yet athletic-looking ass, BIG, perfectly-rounded, enhanced-titties, trim, super-skinny body. My lord, she had some big Labia (which were publicly reduced via surgery).
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Review brief: The last Metro title I ever bought, and from the look of things, it'll stay that way. It's a shame that Metro doesn't seem to put any major effort into their DVDs, since they've had a decent crop of starlets work for them over the years. Oh well, here we go. Video: It's clear for the most part, and you do get to see naked people. That's about all I can think of that's positive. The lighting is quite bad in some scenes due to them being outside and the watermark is really annoying. We get it, this is a Metro title! The camerawork is actually decent enough, but that should be a no-brainer in itself. In the end, it's simply the overall quality in the production that disappoints the most. Audio: You can hear everyone well enough, and there are a couple of juicy parts (Davia's BJ on Julian for instance), but the movie itself is mainly a soundtrack of generic feel-good porno music. It doesn't distract that much, and sometimes it's better than simply listening to people scream and moan constantly. Sex: This was a problem from the beginning.
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Review brief: Running Time: 109 min. Production Date: 1 / 25 - 26 / 1999 Director: Mike Adams Cast: Julie Meadows, Cherry Mirage, Gina Ryder, Barett Moore, Jennifer Leigh, Mikki Taylor, Salina del Ray, Szilvia, Mark Davis, Jake Steed, Kyle Stone, Tyce Bune, and Vince Voyeur Initial Expectations: Fuck You Ass Whores 5 didnt impress me much, but with this cast I have to give the series another chance! Initial Reaction: It leaves a bit to be desired. Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for a straightforward anal movie without plot, nastiness, or a heavy anal emphasis Who Should Avoid It: Anybody looking for a really hardcore anal movie Audio /Video Quality: The audio is a little weak. Its often a little off balance and theres a few areas which are obviously dubbed. The video is pretty average. Theres a little grain throughout the movie, but the lighting is well done with few shadows. Theres also a little pixelation that rears its ugly head a couple times, but thankfully there isnt much of it.
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Boxcover for BackSeat Driver 15
BackSeat Driver 15 

Release date: 5/3/2002
Reviewed on: 7/14/2002 by kobiata

Starring: Paris, Angel Long, Fujiko Kano, Aria
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Michael Adam
Review brief: Backseat Driver 15 by Michael Adam Metro / February 2002 / 89 Minutes DISC FEATURES   Specifications: - DVD-Video - Single Sided Single Layer   Aspect Ratio(s): - 4:3   Audio: - English   Standard Features: - Interactive Menus - Scene Access   Additional Features: - Trailers Starring: Aria, Angel Long, Ashley Long, Aimee Tyler, Paris, and Fujiko Kano Synopsis: This is the 15th installment of Metro's long-running anal themed gonzo! Overall: While it may not qualify as a perfect gonzo feature, it definitely is better than most of the Red Light District DVDs that I have reviewed. Paris's scene is not to be missed! This is proof that Metro can still make quality porn albeit in a less than frequent manner. DVD Quality: It needs improvement in the visual area since it is a little bit grainy. Extras: The extras are not worth viewing because they are linear and you have no choice, but to view the sex advertisements before the trailers. LIKES: PARIS! I want to see more of her! DISLIKES: Fujiko! Aria Her voluptuous fame is really a turn-o
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Review brief: Starring: Julie Meadows, Sylvia, Barrett Moore, Mikki Taylor, Salena Del Ray, Gina Ryder, Stric- 9, Jennifer Leigh, Mark Davis, Jake Steed, Tice Bune, Kyle Stone, Vince Voyeur Director: Michael Adam Pros: Sylvia's body and luscious lips, Julie Meadows and her beautiful ass, Gina Ryder and Mikki Taylor, nice setting for their scene, Barrett Moore, decent chick ID Cons: too much makeup, a bit of a stale feeling, lack of personality, was there supposed to be some girl named Cherry in this? Why I have it: Barrett Moore and I wanted to give the series a second chance after reviewing Fuck You, Ass Whores 7 Overall: I liked most of the girls and did not totally dislike any. However, most of my opinions form on the girls was due to looks (er..isn't that usually the case for me) because I did not feel that much personality was shown. The girls did appear to enjoy themselves at times, but there still was frequently a "day at the office" feeling and not much of an attempt otherwise.
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Boxcover for Confessions of an Anal Whore
Confessions of an Anal Whore 

Release date: 8/23/2001
Reviewed on: 10/12/2001 by bigmike

Starring: Charlie, Chennin Blanc, Lola, Bridgette Kerkove, Shelbee Myne, Alexxxis Tyler
Studio: Metro

Review brief: There are five vignettes on this DVD, whose only link is anal sex. Confessions open each scene. The girl confesses about what she did the day before. These confessions lead into them acting out what they just confessed about for the camera. Flashbacks of their confessions interrupt each scene. This is the only reason that this DVD doesnt get a great overall rating. SCENE ONE : Charlie and a guy. She starts by confessing that she is an anal whore. We get to see her stick a small vibrator up her ass, which she says isnt big enough. So she grabs a bigger one, which slides into her ass very nicely. She calls up an escort agency to have them send over a guy with a huge cock. There is a knock at the door, and in walks the guy. He whips his cock out, which she sucks on. The guy eats her pussy before he starts to fuck her. She gets vaginal first. Now she gets it in the ass, a few different positions of the anal penetration. The guy cums on her asshole to end the scene. SCENE TWO : Shelbee Myne, Lola and a guy.
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Review brief: Fuck You Ass Whores 6 by Greg Alves Metro DVD/ September 1998 / 110 Minutes   DISC FEATURES   Specifications: - DVD-Video - Single-sided Single Layer   Aspect Ratio(s): - 4:3   Audio: - English   Standard Features: - Interactive Menus - Scene Access   Additional Features: - Slideshow - Trailers Starring: Taylor Moore, Coral Sands, Candy Hill, Blair Segal, Ursula Moore, Wendi Knight, and Amber Michaels  Synopsis: It's the sixth installment for the all-anal series. Overall: It's a below average-to average DVD.  DVD Quality: Some of the scenes were not as clear since it was not properly lighted. There are no complaints on the audio aspect. Extras: It is much of the same with the standard "side B" trailers. LIKES: Wendi Knight! Amber Michaels! They still look good even with those awful implants! But why? DISLIKES: Everything else. NOTE: Condom used for all m/f intercourse. Amber Michaels with Marc Davis Amber Michaels is one of those women that you can tell that she sucks cock frequently. When she blows him,
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Boxcover for Mocha Mix 2
Mocha Mix 2 

Release date: 10/31/2000
Reviewed on: 4/2/2001 by sonic

Starring: India, Bridgette, Patra, Faith Ann Moore, Simona, Loyla
Studio: Metro

Review brief: Title: Mocha Mix #2 Studio: Metro Creator: ??? Genre: Gonzo, Straight Performers: India, Bridgette, Patra, Faith Ann Moore, Simona, Loyla, Ian Daniels, Jake Steed DVD Type: Single sided single layered Themes: Black ass, lesbianism, peeing, solid fucking, toys, old timer, condoms, corny music, fake boobs Time: 1hr & 47mins & 10secs Date of production: 08/11/97; 03/12/98; 02/02/99; 04/21/99; 12/15/97; 04/20/99 (What the fuck are all these production dates about man?!? Is this a compilation?) Extras: HAHAHAHA!!! Please, dont make me laugh. Zero extras. Then man-eth learned how to create fire. Soon everyone started creating fire inside their own homes. The whole village burned down, for later on came a solution; lube, now the friction is toned down and the villagers can live and fuck happily ever after-eff Sonic Testament 12:0:99 How the fuck can I review a title that basically I have no idea who they are? Fucking Metro sucks ass when it comes to extras.
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Review brief: Butt Sluts 2 Studio: Metro WARNING! This DVD is rated penis shrinker, Vaginal dryer. Mind Fuck. Brain Warp. This is absolutely the worst porno ever. Had this been the first porno I ever saw I would have been scared for life I would never touch my penis except for urination. That first scene alone is so morbidly nasty you cannot imagine. The first scene starts out with 3 guys with pig masks and the soundtrack is a bunch of pig noises and squeels. The actress is Milla. With a title of butt sluts & Milla you kwow this going to be some nasty anal action. Not only was this first scene nasty it was majorly gross! What I'm about to describe may frighten even some of our more experienced porno watchers. Ron Jeremy in a pig-mask eating from a troth. Then having sex in a pigmask. And the audio track is filled with pig squeels & oinks. And I think Ron was doing some of his own sound effects. So throughout this thing it was like watching a pig-man fuck a porn star. Suffice it to say I watched most of this scene in fast forward.
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Review brief: Starring: Chandler, Angelica Sin, Sana Fey, Taylor Moore, Davia Ardell, Charlese LaMour, Victoria Del Rio, Mark Davis, Vince Voyeur, Julian, Tyce Bune, Rich Handsome Pros: Watching Chandler's eyes role back in her head when she cums, it is quite obvious that Chandler, Charlese, and Angelica are enjoying themselves(not to say the others do not) Cons: personally, I don't care much for the title, the women are often not captured at their best appearence(whether this is the fault of cameramen, director, make-up, lighting, or the women themselves can be left for you to decide), the non-erotic music is too loud and often takes away from the sexual heat, occasional video glitches. In a word: Mediocre Basic synopsis: Chicks all the stuff you expect from a regular porno and top it off by taking it in the ass then recieve their facial(except for the lesbian scene of course) Side note: At the beginning of the DVD the following words flash across the screen: 'She took the hole thing'.
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Review brief: Running Time: 110 min. Production Date: 10 / 17 / 1999 through 10 / 22 / 1999 Director: Michael Adam Cast: McKayla, Renee LaRue, Violet Love, Barrett Moore, Bridgette Kerkove, Tina Cheri, Rayveness, Dee, Monique, Marc Davis, Tyce Bune, Brian Surewood, Todd, Rob, and Rich Handsome Initial Expectations: I havent heard much about the Backseat Driver series, but I had some expectations with how many chapters have come out in the series. Ive had very mixed results with Metros DVDs, so I didnt really know what to expect. Initial Reaction: Pretty good. If youre in the mood for straight sex with an emphasis on anal, you could do a lot worse. Audio /Video Quality: Pretty good. The audio and video synch very well. Theres only one scene where the music is the only audio. In the remaining scenes, theres a pretty good balance between the audio tracks. There are quite a few spots throughout the feature where you can hear a lot of background chatter.
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