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Boxcover for Justine: Nothing To Hide 2
Justine: Nothing To Hide 2 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 1/14/2016 by fu_q

Starring: Nick East, Dyanna Lauren, Tianna, Alex Sanders, Mike Horner, Brad Armstrong, Roxanne Blaze, Lacy Rose
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Paul Thomas
Review brief: When a chance encounter unknowingly brings her together with her boyfriend's father, the instant spark that ignites touches off a torrid, sexual and emotional turn of events for the young Roxanne Blaze--a turn of events that she finds difficult to handle. Such is the case in "Justine: Nothing to Hide 2", an exceptional, early-90s release from Metro and director Paul Thomas.
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Boxcover for Taboo 7
Taboo 7 

Release date: 6/18/2003
Reviewed on: 11/14/2015 by flash

Starring: Randy West, Herschel Savage, Lisa Thatcher, Suzzanna French
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Kirdy Stevens
Review brief: Taboo 7, which is really 1980's A Woman's Dream redecorated with a new title and new cheaply made computer generated beginning and end credits with a brief new opening narration by Randy West. A Woman's Dream isn't a bad film with a developed plot, great locations, some good acting, and nice sex scenes. Metro's release of the film is poor but sadly this is the only currently available way to see it.
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Review brief: Quickie review time for Big Ol’ White Asses, a 6 scene compilation from Deviant Productions that stretches out over 2 hours. The first thing that catches your attention is the use of the word “White” in the title. In the porn world, use of the word “white” has usually meant that there’s gonna be some brothas hanging it out for the girls to work on. No such luck in this release as there isn’t a BBC in the release. The releases from which these scenes are pulled from are not identified. Check out the cast list.
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Review brief: Quickie review time for Ragin' Asians a 6 scene including bonus compilation from Deviant Production that stretches out over 2 hours. This release is instantly forgettable except of a couple of high points which are featured below.
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Boxcover for Deviant Housewives
Deviant Housewives 

Release date: 10/31/2005
Reviewed on: 5/2/2008 by pagoda

Starring: Harley Raine, Alex Sanders, Mark Davis, Liza Harper, Cherokee, Van Damage, Lee Stone, Monica Mayhem, Kelly Erikson, Talon
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Anton Slayer
Review brief: This is one of the takes on 'Desperate Housewives" that attempted to capitalize on the TV series. Where "Deviant Housewives" succeeds where many others fail is its videography and its casting.
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Review brief: Marred by artistic pretension, but home to a rare, if not first, DP by Sativa Rose. Great performances by Kaiya Lynn and Nikki Benz make this worth the viewing.
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Review brief: Skeeter Kerkove movies are nasty movies. This Skeeter movie is a very nasty one. Of course this movie is an anal-sex movie. Taylor's scene is the best scene of this movie. She was looking great and the guys were fucking her ass really good. In most of the scene the blowjobs were a little bit too rough.
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Review brief: I love this movie, it was one of the first porn films I ever saw. The girls in the film perform some amazing blowjobs and from a female's point of view it is very educational, all girls should watch this movie. Within a few days of seeing it I was acting out some of the scenes with my boyfriends. The best of the scenes are: Candy Apples and Katy Gold suck a guy off together. At one point Katy is fingering her slit and she says "Do you like it when I play with my pussy?". All the guys I've tried this with answer with a resounding "Yes!!" At the end of the scene Candy is wanking the cock up and down and she looks right at the camera and says "Look how nice your cock is, so hard 'n' erect". Not suprisingly the guy soon comes all over their faces and they lick it off each other and finish by giggling at the camera saying "It's all good!" As I'm english, I particularly like the scene with the lovely Sabrina Johnson as a schoolgirl sucking her 'stepfather' off. There is a wonderful upskirt shot (also in the title sequence)of her showing all her vulva from underneath, and the scene has obviously got her excited because all her slit has opened.
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Boxcover for Mixed Emotions (Metro Urban)
Mixed Emotions (Metro Urban) 

Release date: 4/7/2004
Reviewed on: 1/12/2007 by astroknight

Starring: Black Cat, Devlin Weed, Daejha Milan, Domineko, Mercedes Ashley, Ice La Fox, Angel Eyes
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Cleetis Mack, Domineko
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 85 min. Production Date: 2 / 19 - 24 / 2003 Director: Cleetus Mack & Domineko Cast: Angel Eyes, Carmen Hayes, Daejha Milan, Ice LaFox, Mercedes Ashley, Queen Black Cat, D. Wise, Devlin Weed, Domineko, and Money B. in a non-sex role The Short Story Initial Expectations: Metro's Urban line has been far less than impressive. Im not expecting too much here. Initial Reaction: It once again makes me wonder how Metro's Urban line lasted so long. Who Should Watch It : Extreme fans of the cast and insomniacs Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting porn where it feels like the people making it knew what they were doing The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is pretty well balanced between the performers and there's very few background noises. At the same time, it's very hard to hear the performers many times because the annoying music is way too loud. The video is presented in the full screen format. It's nicely lit but has a touch of grain.
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Review brief: Watching Wifey on her web site ( has made me appreciate the art of a good hand job. Here are the reasons why it drives me wild to watch Wifey stroke her man: 1) She is a beautiful woman with curves that can be examined as she goes about her business. 2) She clearly enjoys looking at and stroking her mans hard cock. 3) She clearly enjoys the reactions she gets from her man. 4) The climactic moment always brings a smile to her face. To quote Wifey: I dont know any man who doesnt like a nice slow hand job. So these are the components I look for when watching a hand job disc. Many women on these types of discs approach the task with all of the enthusiasm of someone wiping down the kitchen counter. But every so often, I find a woman whose scene fits most, or sometimes all, of the above criteria, and this makes me happy. In Hand Job Hunnies 7, I found the following 4: Jenaveve Jolie: I almost skipped right by her at first, but then she turned around and I noticed that this woman has some real curves.
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Boxcover for Do The White Thang
Do The White Thang 

Release date: 6/26/2003
Reviewed on: 12/13/2006 by astroknight

Starring: Noname Jane, Sledge Hammer, Domineko, Sylvio Mata, Lainey, Chloe Dior, Fiona Cheeks, Justin Slayer
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Cleetis Mack
Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 90 min. Production Date: 12 / 28, 29 / 2002 Director: Cleetis Mack Cast: Chloe Dior, Lainey, Fiona Cheeks, Violet Blue, Chennin Blanc, Domineko, Justin Slayer, Sledge Hammer, and Sylvio Mata The Short Story Initial Expectations: This hasnt been one of Metros best lines, so Im not going in with the highest of expectations. Initial Reaction: It's nothing special. Who Should Watch It : Extreme interracial fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wants porn that doesn't feel generic The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are okay. The audio is clear and pretty well balanced, but the music is frequently on the loud side. Thankfully, however, there isn't much of anything for background noises, but you can hear a few noises from a nearby camera. The video is presented in the full frame format and looks okay. There's a touch of grain and the lighting varies very slightly through the movie.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 87 min. Production Date: 7 / 5 26 / 2002 Director: Roman Pornanski Cast: Amber Michaels, Darla Crane, Ryan Conner, Tanya Danielle, Dino Bravo, Frank Fortuna, Guy DiSilva, and Tony Michaels The Short Story Initial Expectations: This one tweaks my interest a bit, but between Roman Pornanski behind the camera and the group of guys in front of it I just can't expect too much here. Initial Reaction: Whoever let Roman Pornanski behind a camera deserves a good swift kick in the crotch. Who Should Watch It : People who are dared to Who Should Avoid It: Fans of Betty Paige or anybody wanting a well done porno The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are a bit below average. The audio balance falters a few times during the movie, and there's also a multitude of background noises. The video has a touch of pixelation to it, but is nicely lit. It also has a fair amount of motion and an all around amateurish feel.
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Boxcover for My Baby Got Back 39
My Baby Got Back 39 

Release date: 5/26/2006
Reviewed on: 8/9/2006 by picman

Starring: Candy, Jada Fire, Mone Divine, Marie Luv, Jazmine Cashmere, Kandi Kream, Ace, Deep Threat, Lee Bang, Nat Turnher
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Jax
Review brief: My Baby Got Back 39 Prologue Video Team's (now Metro) venerable series, My Baby Got Back, has now reached Jack Benny's age, 39. There promises to be some special fireworks here with two first anals. One of them by the very sexy Monet Divine. Also, Marie Luv takes another stab at lesbian sex with her good friend Jada Fire. Nat Turner gets to clean up in this scene and I'm putting my money on the meat. Jazmine Cashmere and Kandi Kream throw their booties around, and another Candy, whom I'm not familiar with, is the other first anal. I've never heard of the director Jax before this, either. Should be interesting. Jada Fire and Marie Luv are trying to work their way into this g/g thing they're supposed to do. There's some small talk and light stroking. They're laughing, but it still seems awkward and unnatural. Marie starts out by taking the lead and fondling Jada's tits, then nibbling at her pussy. She has Jada turn her ass to the camera and licks the lovely globes. Marie digs a couple of fingers into the cooch and tongues the slit.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 103 min. Production Date: 9 / 2 / 2003 Director: Skeeter Kerkove Cast: Katrina Kraven, Lyla Lei, Michelle B., Sarah Jordan, Vicky Vette, Alex Sanders, Bad Bob, Ben English, Benjamin Brat, Mark Wood, Me. Pete, Scott Lyons, and of course, a few appearances by Skeeter Kerkove The Short Story Initial Expectations: Skeeter has turned out some damn hot anal flicks, and with Katrina Kraven, Michelle B., and Vicky Vette in front of his camera for this one I'm not sure how it could fail! Initial Reaction: Sadly, it's the weakest release I've seen from Skeeter. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting straightforward anal action Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting soft and cuddly anal action The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are a bit weak. The audio is pretty clear and well balanced, but there are a few very minor background noises. The video, sadly, is where the technical aspects suffer. There's just a hint of of pixelation which is just enough to be noticed.
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Boxcover for Virtual Dreams With Mckenzie Lee
Virtual Dreams With Mckenzie Lee 

Release date: 4/16/2006
Reviewed on: 4/25/2006 by bono-one

Starring: McKenzie Lee
Studio: Metro

Review brief: Well fans seems McKenzie Lee did another Virtual Sex title and this one was done before her ClubJenna signing. This is a two disc set but it follows the general pattern you see in other virtual sex titles. There is a choice you need to make right away as to how you want to view this disc, there's a sweet version and then you have a slut version. The big difference is she's wearing an outfit which is not the same and her dirty talk is just a bit juicier in the slut mode- that English accent is a huge fucking turn on there is just no way around it! The POV shots are generous and seen throughout. Now for the actual choices as to how you're gonna plunder this British tart the menus are laid out above and at the bottom of the screen. The tease area offers up the usual, tits, ass, and pussy with the optional second angle. One shot is from the front while the second is usually zoomed in tight on whichever area you're pleasuring. McKenzie is terrific with the dirty talk too and that accent should have your engines revving on all cylinders pretty quick.
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Boxcover for Brazilian Butts (Metro)
Brazilian Butts (Metro) 

Release date: 10/24/2004
Reviewed on: 4/11/2006 by nutty-buddy

Studio: Metro

Review brief: Brazilian Butts STUDIO: Amazing (Metro) DIRECTOR:Cleetus Mack CAST:Ohana, Dara, Fabia, Laura, Tatiana, Domineko & Kid Jamaica Q U I C K I E REVIEW: This was shot on location in Brazil. I wasn't familar with any of the girls aside from Ohana, whom can also be found in Latina Fever #4. Very beautiful face, huge tits and she does anal. I can't really say I was into her scene here though. I suspect she's just a 2004 girl because I haven't seen her in anything recent. Overall this title is the same story. Beautiful girls, tacky clothing, tacky make up, aggressiveness, spitting, hair pulling and anal reaming. I found one of the other girls attractive but the sexual chemistry lacks there too. There's really not much to this title at all. I would skip it.
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Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 117 min. Production Date: 11 / 5 - 7 / 2004 Director: DCypher Cast: Britney Skye, Haley Paige, Justine Joli, Nina Hartley, Violet Blue, Barrett Blade, Randy Spears, Steven St. Croix, and Tommy Gunn in sexual roles and Steve Austin, DCypher, and many others in non-sex roles The Short Story Initial Expectations: This title seems to be slipping below most peoples radar while being extremely well done. Im really curious about it. Initial Reaction: Its doesnt keep its momentum throughout the entire movie, but is very impressive nonetheless. Who Should Watch It : Feature fans Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting some nastier sex The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The technical aspects are nicely done. The audio is clear and well balanced. The video is also nicely done. It has a touch of grain, and is very nicely lit. The biggest problem with it is that its given a non-anamorphic transfer rather than the anamorphic transfer the widescreen format deserves.
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Boxcover for Hand Job Hunnies 6
Hand Job Hunnies 6 

Release date: 11/7/2004
Reviewed on: 3/5/2006 by peter-north-is-my-hero

Studio: Metro

Review brief: A porno that o-n-l-y showcases the hand job skills of gorgeous, naked, beautiful, young-things? But it works you see; why? When it started this line years ago, Toxxxic knew there was something to be said for showing off a starlet's prowess at pleasing some anonymous stud by using just lube, hands, baby-cooing-trash-talk, and the occasional tittyfuck - where aplicable. **********PANDORA DREAMS********** This woman is within the top 5, super-busty, all-natural chicks working the San Fernando Valley in the last few years. Personal Favorite. Gorgeous face, perfect body, sweet voice, huge, bouncy boobies, all hailing from Alaska. She's the scorching woman pictured on the rear box cover, just under the H-I-E-S in "Hand job Hunnies." As with all the chapters on this disc, Pandora's mission is to get you off (most of HH#6 is P.O.V.) using just her porno-voice and all the double, hand-twisting, lubed palm techniques she can conjure. Just watching Ms.
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Boxcover for Top Porn Stars
Top Porn Stars 

Release date: 10/26/2005
Reviewed on: 1/13/2006 by tongue-in-groove

Studio: Metro

Review brief: Top Porn Stars sounds like a compilation but is, in fact, a new feature directed by Bridget Kerkove. Bridget has brought together some of the better looking talent and put them through a rugged wringer. The result: hard sex between veteran performers that is believable and interesting. All five scenes are boy/girl ending in facials, and three of them involve anal action and A2M. The sex tends to get a little abusive, with slapping, spanking, throat gagging, etc. Melissa Lauren has traded her trademark platinum blonde hair for a brunette look. She and a guy (either Chris Mountain or Alec Knighttheres no iding of the guys) have a torrid romp in the opener. Melissa looks hot, and she takes it up the pooper. Katja Kean and Mark Wood are next. Again, theres lots of anal probing and A2M action, just as there is in the third scene featuring Lauren Phoenix and some guy. Monica Mayhem and her more-tattooed-by-the-minute body get abused by Brian Surewood in the fourth scene, but theres no butt fucking.
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Review brief: Flawless #3 should be renamed Very Flawed #3. The folks at Cal Vista/Metro really know how to screw up a compilation, and this is proof positive. Where to startokay, the box cover lists nine actresses, yet shouts out in bold letters 10 of the hottest girls in adult! I could overlook that error, but not the fact that six (count em) six of the girls dont appear on the disc. The one guy they list on the cast, Randy Spears, also does not appear in any of the eight scenes. In addition, most of the missing girls pictures appear on the box, which smacks of bait and switch to this non-lawyer. So, if you obtained this disc to see Tanya Roberts (the gorgeous cover girl), Sydnee Steele, Zora Bank (their spelling, not mine or yours), Violet Blue, Ann Marie, or Asia Carrera, you are flat out of luck. The box also proudly announces a sizzling Bonus Scene from the hot and sexy Xara Diaz. Of course, there is no bonus scene at all.
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Boxcover for Angelmania 5
Angelmania 5 

Release date: 3/26/2004
Reviewed on: 12/18/2005 by scipio

Starring: Kirsty, Laura Angel, Max Cortes, George Uhl, Steve Hooper, Tony De Sergio, Lucy Lee (Czech)
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Laura Angel
Review brief: Angelmania 5. Director: Laura Angel. Special Features: Photo Gallery: A bunch of low-res action stills that you navigate yourself in step format. More Adult Fun: A bunch of phone sex ads. Audio Set Up: As the cover says, available in English or Spanish. Ole'! Web: Visiting Metro's websites will make you into a godlike being. Or something. Just another crappy ad. Coming Attractions: Autoplay trailers for: Double Impact (lots of DP and DPP, and huge facials), Bridgette Kerkove's 24 inches, Britney Foster's Nightmare, Ass Everywhere. A quick note on scene ratings - unlike many reviewers of different things who tend to rate "average" as 7/10. I rate average as 5/10, this makes 7/10 from me quite a bit above average, so bear this in mind. None of these scenes feature condoms. Anything else notable will be mentioned by scene.
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Boxcover for Teenage Perverts
Teenage Perverts 

Release date: 9/27/2005
Reviewed on: 11/18/2005 by dandaman

Starring: Cassie, Scott Lyons, Chris Mountain, Jassie, Trent Tesoro, Cytherea, Alec Knight, Taryn Thomas, Courtney Simpson
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Bridgette Kerkove
Review brief: Teenage Perverts Studio: Metro Category: Barely Legal Director: Bridgette Kerkove Starring: Cassie, Scott Lyons, Chris Mountain, Jassie, Trent Tesoro, Cytherea, Alec Knight, Taryn Thomas, Courtney Simpson Synopsis Mrs. Kerkove brings her magic, behind the lens, and after watching her in the well known show of Howard Stearn, were she answered with quite confidence, I'm more than sold to get my hands over this title, for this one she also gets some of the best starlets in the biz, like Taryn and a Cy, and the young bod of Courtney Simpson, who I know will grow a mile, in the next few months, so let's get started.... Scene 1- Taryn Thomas this scene opens the flick and with Taryn in the leading role, there's a big chance this will be a winner, she talks dirty the whole time, (nice!), and also take a dick up her butt,(yummy!), she is just awesome, and takes her share of ATM's and shows her gaping capabilities, she receives a pop in her mouth, not swallowing shown.
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Boxcover for Mature Mystique 2
Mature Mystique 2 

Release date: 11/4/2003
Reviewed on: 10/13/2005 by the-pocketcomb-pimp

Studio: Metro

Review brief: At times you buy a title simply based on the title itself or the premise, That was the case here. I have a think for mature women, but I have to admit that these women are far beyond the 35-45 crowd that I like to see in mature titles. These women should have all been in line for some sort of government aid. Chances are that even one of these women was a Great Grandmother. With the exception of Kitty Fox these women were so old that they found it hard to even walk in and out of frame in the set up. If you are into true mature titles, this may be the title for you, but be advised that these women are more than mature by most taste. There are the same elements in this title that you would expect in any title. There was oral, anal and a variety of position, but keep in mind that with age come a variety of angels that may not be so attractive.
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Boxcover for Ass Watcher 3, The
Ass Watcher 3, The 

Release date: 4/24/2005
Reviewed on: 8/3/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Starring: Mark Wood, Sascha, Jackie Moore, Talon, Benjamin Bratt, Emily DaVinci, Shayna Knight, Shy Love, Makayla Cox
Studio: Metro

Directed by: Pat Myne
Review brief: Online porn reviewers are used to receiving DVDs from the various distributors that are shelf ready, that is, exactly the same versions that are available to the general public in stores. Such was not the case with Fusxions Ass Watcher #3. It arrived with a watermark reading For Screening Purposes Only across the bottom of the screen in each scene, which made it very tough to concentrate on the action. There were no extras or menus on this DVD. The male talent was not identified. Based on the above, it is obviously difficult to give a favorable review to this disc, no matter how good the sex may be. But I will try to be objective in this review. The girls (with the exception of lovely Shy Love) are strictly B-Listers. None would draw a second glance from any of us in a crowded disco on a Friday night. Each starts off with some teasing of the camera, followed by the inserting of various buttplugs, dildos, and beads into their assholes. Then their partners enter and the sex begins.
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