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Review brief: A young model and heiress finds herself incapable of taming her unquenchable and endless sexual appetite in "Insatiable", an exceptional, 1980 release from director Godfrey Daniels. Showcasing none other than the original adult film industry legend herself, Ms. Marilyn Chambers (RIP), this film bounces from sequence to sequence demonstrating her nymphomaniacal tendencies in full force...and the result is smokin' hot.
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Boxcover for Body Transfer
Body Transfer 

Release date: 1/2/2005
Reviewed on: 1/14/2011 by aaryanna

Studio: Media Blasters

Review brief: The title, Body Transfer, describes the plot fairly succinctly. A young man, Kenichi, and all of his female classmates end up inhabiting each others bodies and experiencing each others physical sexual responses. How cool is that? As porn, Body Transfer is only moderately entertaining. As adult anime, it does have some nice girl-girl scenes, even if its just mainly kissing. The movie also teaches us indirectly how women can learn to enjoy porn much, much more. And who wouldn't want to know that? Enjoy.
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Boxcover for Vanilla Series: Bondage Mansion
Vanilla Series: Bondage Mansion 

Release date: 4/24/2002
Reviewed on: 12/28/2003 by astroknight

Studio: Media Blasters

Review brief: The Little Details Running Time: 63 min. (32 min. for the first part and 31 min. for the second part) Production Date: 2002 Director: None listed Cast: Animated The Short Story Initial Expectations: Ive only seen one other DVD from this company (namely GIRL NEXT DOOR), so Im keeping an open mind here. Initial Reaction: Although some parts of it are well done, overall Im not overly impressed. Who Should Watch It : Anybody wanting to ease their way into the darker side of anime Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting softer, cartoonish porn The Technical Stuff Audio /Video Quality: The audio is nicely dubbed and balanced. The video isnt quite as good. Its a few steps below Pokemon, with frequent black patches covering the screen and, some blurry scenes, and some parts where the animation just seems to stop. Music: The music varies throughout the movie. Its dramatic and definitely helps out the overall feel of the scenes. Disc Complaints: Theres no time stamp to the feature.
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Boxcover for Stainless Night
Stainless Night 

Release date: 10/17/2002
Reviewed on: 10/8/2003 by aaryanna

Studio: Media Blasters

Review brief: Girl/Girl Anime thats better than the Real Thing! Some of the video games that my boyfriend and I play can sometimes get pretty sexy! But none of them hold a candle in terms of eroticism to the babes in Stainless Night. Maybe its their pre-pubescent faces with their big eyes and delicate chins; or maybe its the voluptuousness of their figures. Or maybe its just the naturalness in which they make love to each other as though every girl in cartoonland is bisexual! Cool! Whatever it is, I found this movie so exciting that I couldnt keep my finger off of my own love button and not the fast-forward button throughout this films fantastically romantic love scenes. I dont mean to be gross, and I normally dont talk about the tactile enjoyment I perpetrate on myself in my reviews. But this video left me as physically and emotionally spent as each of the animated babes in this movie! Heres the plot. Millennia is a beautiful android who has been asleep in a time capsule for almost ten years. Its 2010, and she is discovered by three girls away on holiday in a secluded resort.
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