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Boxcover for Pure Max 5
Pure Max 5 

Release date: 5/28/2002
Reviewed on: 3/4/2005 by mr-october

Studio: Max World

Review brief: PURE MAX 5 Directed by Max Hardcore. Max's movies are themed to feature him playing the part of a perverted older man, ready to take advantage of the female performers who are made to appear as though they are younger, innocent and have no idea what they're getting into. The girls tend to play their part well, addressing Max as "Mr." and wearing clothes suggesting they are more child-like than adult. Max's scenes tend to feature anal sex as well as heavy gagging oral sex. There is also usually a "Euro" version of each movie available, featuring pissing, fisting and vomitting scenes. (These are not featured in the USA version.) Overall, the sex featured here is some of the roughest and most intense you will find and is definitely not for everyone. Each scene begins with a short dialogue and plot set up or introduction. Max Hardcore movies are some of the most unique I've seen. His combination of aggressive, rougher sex and the younger girl and older man themes make his movies one of a kind.
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Boxcover for Extreme Schoolgirls 8
Extreme Schoolgirls 8 

Release date: 8/2/2004
Reviewed on: 10/13/2004 by the-pocketcomb-pimp

Studio: Max World

Review brief: Let me start by backing up. In This Review, I explained how a Max title ended up in my collection. I was surprised how good the heat was. I contacted Max, and requested a few more titles to see if in fact I had counted him out without giving him a fair shake. Max soon replied, and told me that he was sending me 4 titles, and thanked me for supporting his project. I supplied Max a list of about 12-15 titles based on the female talent in the films. This is where the red flags came. The four titles that Max sent were not on the aforementioned list. It made me question if Mr. Hardcore listened to his fans, or thoroughly read his mail. I excepted the challenge. The titles that I like the most tend to be the ones that I never expected to enjoy. Race Riot, is the most recent titles along with Max Factor 12 to sway me. Kiara Rose [ /image ] --> Super cutie who looked a lot like the Brunette cop from NYPD Blue. . Max wasted no time runnin deep in that ass. Kiara is a true treat to watch.
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