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Review brief: If you like the whole 3D effect and some hot guys then you'll probably enjoy this latest installment! Watch out you for that flying cum! LOL!
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Review brief: Pairs of famous porn stars who have always wanted to work with each other, but have never gotten the chance all filmed in glorious 3D!
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Boxcover for Fill Me Up Sir
Fill Me Up Sir 

Release date: 8/1/2006
Reviewed on: 9/20/2008 by joe-shaver

Starring: Justin Thomas, Ryan Mann
Studio: Marina Pacific

Review brief: The film features less than average guys having passionless sex that is poorly photographed. The editing can best be described as spastic.
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Boxcover for Bottoming Desire, The
Bottoming Desire, The 

Release date: 10/25/2006
Reviewed on: 2/22/2007 by joe-shaver

Starring: Brad Star, Tory Mason, Jarett Fox
Studio: Marina Pacific

Review brief: Just when I feared I was becoming disinterested in porn by seeing the same old things over and over, along comes a new studio with a talented team and a fresh approach that appears to take porn filming seriously. Fierce Dog is the new studio. THE BOTTOMING DESIRE is its first feature film. With handsome young actors, fine production values, some good sex, and an actual plotit is an awesome and auspicious beginning. The star name is the established performer Brad Star, but the star of the film is Tory Mason whom we ogled in the December Freshman Magazine. From his head to his toes this slender young hottie is very desirable. Indeed his feet are so beautiful that I couldnt imagine why one of the others didnt give them the oral worship that is their due. (Okay, so I have a foot fetish!) Tory plays an artist whose work has lost it. Brad is his agent who hopes to get Torys work back to its full potential. As the film opens Tory is getting a blowjob from Kyle the Trick. (Thats the name hes listed here as.) Kyle is a curly-haired cutie who eerily resembles a straight kid I know.
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Boxcover for Bareback Porn Star Gangbang
Bareback Porn Star Gangbang 

Release date: 7/27/2006
Reviewed on: 1/20/2007 by joe-shaver

Starring: Alan Gregory, Douglas, Robey, Rock Bottom, Mike Blue, Alexandre Carino, Devin Jones
Studio: Marina Pacific

Directed by: Chad Ryan
Review brief: We are all fans of certain porn stars. One of mine (as you know if youve read any of my reviews) is Alan Gregory. With his blond curly hair, handsome face, nice physique, and the fact that he reminds me of a college buddy, Alan tingles my testes. I have followed his career for years and have become concerned for him as he is now living dangerously by performing in bareback vids. Theres even one called CUM EATING WITH ALAN GREGORY. Here he allows himself to be gangbanged bareback. The film opens with a nude Alan greeting the first of his gangbangers. They start sucking dick and others arrive one by one. The first 37 minutes is a cocksucking orgy with Alan getting lost in the shuffle. Then Alan breaks out of the wriggling mass and goes to lie back on a circular revolving table. He lifts his legs and offers his ass to all and sundry. A cock goes in his ass and another goes in his mouth.
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Review brief: Director Dan Komar certainly has an eye for pretty boys. Hes done quite a few hot films featuring them for Triumvirate. The action for this oneas we might expect from the titletakes place in a gym. As the film opens, a muscular young man (Alexander Steel) is leading a group in exercise. The long uncircumcised cock of Skip Baxter falls out his shorts and jiggles along in time with the exercise. Alexander tells him he should be wearing a jockstrap and sends him back to the locker room to put one on. Blond Paul Robbins follows him into the locker room and watches as Skip strips out of his ill-concealing shorts and slips on the jock. Once the cock is in the jock, Skip gets excited. He rubs his hardening dick though the mesh and then pulls it out of the leg for a good wank. When the kid starts trying to insert a few fingers up his butthole, Robbins who has been pulling on his own boner can remain hidden no longer. He comes up behind Skip and stuffs his cock in that itching hole.
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Boxcover for Boulder Boys
Boulder Boys 

Release date: 1/21/2004
Reviewed on: 2/22/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Marina Pacific

Review brief: I first became acquainted with PatandSam productions when they only offered their productions on VHS. I found a couple of these amateur (but NOT amateurish) films on auction sites and enjoyed them. Since I no longer watch VHS, I had forgotten how much I did enjoy them until renewing my acquaintance on this DVD. Although it has lots of entry points, BOULDER BOYS (a pun on or misspelling of Bolder) is divided into two parts: The Saturday Marathon and Ricks Anal Awakening. The Saturday Marathon begins with Brian and Lenny seated on the sofa. Brian is short with close-cropped hair and is straight. Lenny is younger and gay. They strip completely nude and begin to stroke their cocks while watching a porn film. Brian has tattoos on both arms (including the Marine Corps insignia) its an average body. Lenny is very pale and soft. When they stand up to flog their meat and the camera pans behind them we see that Brian has a great ass. Pity hes straight. Brian cums and goes. Lenny is clothed when we see him again, but not for long. Louis has arrived.
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Boxcover for Dungeon Fuck Party, The
Dungeon Fuck Party, The 

Release date: 8/23/2001
Reviewed on: 10/4/2002 by billyjizz

Studio: Marina Pacific

Review brief: Dungeon Fuck Party is a production of Hot Desert Knights Studios, which bills itself as the industry leader when it comes to 100 consensual, contemporary bareback videos. Given the title and description, a blow by blow synopsis hardly seems necessary. This DVD is about guys in leather chaps or butt naked who want to suck and be sucked, fuck and be fucked. It is filmed cinema verite style, purportedly an actual fuck party as it happens held in the HDK dungeon with invited guests. As might be expected, the lighting is consequently poor and the sound track almost negligible. The drama consists of casual pairings of 2 or 3 guys doing their business, and apparently enjoying every minute of what theyre doing. And a word of cautionthe title will be somewhat misleading for those who, seeing the word dungeon in the title, are expecting some serious B&D activity. That simply isnt this DVD.
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Boxcover for Philip's Lovers
Philip's Lovers 

Release date: 5/7/2002
Reviewed on: 5/7/2002 by joe-shaver

Studio: Marina Pacific

Review brief: Theres something about doing it in costume that makes even mediocre sex seem titillating. Seven minutes pass before there is any sex. (Oh, sure in the credits each member of the cast is introduced with the member of another member in his mouth, but that doesnt count.) This gives us time to admire the costumes and the effort that has gone into this period piece. This also, unfortunately, gives us a number of faux pas: One of the dudes dines with his plumed hat on indoors; another shakes hands with a servant. Now an aristocrat might fuck a servant (and often did) but he certainly would nOt shake hands with one as an equal. Finally, we see them drinking red wine with chicken! (Never in France!) At the conclusion of this incongruous meal, two of the party do the Lady & the Tramp spaghetti bit with a banana while the other two use a piece of chicken, but its not erotic. For that, director Hammerschmitt should have taken his cue from the film Tom Jones, but, hey, this is a cartoon, too. So, OK. Next, two aristos retire to a sitting room and do what the French do best.
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Boxcover for Homo-Eroticon

Release date: 4/8/2001
Reviewed on: 4/8/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Rick Gallo, Claudio Mar, Tim Bolen, Maik Schmidt
Studio: Marina Pacific

Review brief: This DVD comprises two of Man's Best's earlier efforts: Dicke Dinger [Big Dick Club] and Eroticon. Dicke Dinger opens with a cute twink sitting on the curb. He is approached by three others who invite him home. (The video has unnecessary narration by a German speaker "der knaben ficken"-the boys fuck, etc. and sometimes the narrator is a woman YUCK!). Well, they sit around for ages as the narrator babbles on and then--BANG--pants are down and two guys are sucking the other two. (It is bad enough when Americans have sex with their shoes on. But Germans seem to do it in their shirts, or, in the case of one of these guys, still in a shirt, tie, and jacket. If they have poor bodies they shouldn't be in these films.) After about twenty minutes of sucking, one of the guys cums. He then puts on his clothes and leaves. The sucking continues on among the remaining three. After three years pass, they sit on the sofa and bring themselves off. The second scene is much better. In that, two cute twinks do the hour-long suck, and then one fucks the other bareback.
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Boxcover for Intensity

Release date: 9/11/2001
Reviewed on: 1/2/2002 by joeblow69

Studio: Marina Pacific

Review brief: [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> [ /image ] --> Director: Ray Butler Cast: Steve Dragon, Larry Wolf, Joey Reese, Bob Lowe, Eli Horst, Gavin Press Story: 3 barely related scenes filled with bareback sex, cum eating, and lots and lots of dildos. Scene One Joey Reese and Bob Lowe start things off in front of a wall covered in dildos. Both are decent enough looking, I guess, with average builds. After a little foreplay, Joey slides his condomless cock up Bobs ass. I have to say, it sure is nice to see bare flesh rubbing up together the view is only spoiled a bit by Joeys flat ass. Once you get over the fact that theyre barebacking, the sex is rather mundane. Things get a little more interesting near the end when Joey stuffs both a big black dildo and his dick up Bobs used ass, and it sure is nice to see a scene end with an internal cumshot. (Im not sure how much I really needed to see Bob fart the cum out his ass, though). This is probably the best of the 3 scenes.
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