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Boxcover for Boyz N the Crib 3
Boyz N the Crib 3 

Release date: 8/1/2006
Reviewed on: 1/21/2007 by hornydiablo

Studio: Latino Fan Club

Directed by: Brian Brennan
Review brief: For the past couple of years, Ive avoided LFC videos for a number of reasons unattractive models, dicks that dont get hard, poor camerawork, scenes with lots of j/o and oral, but no anal. After watching Boyz N the Crib 3, I see that not much has changed. This DVD has its good moments, some guys are handsome, and there are a few good blowjobs, but thats about it. Heres the scene-by-scene breakdown Scene#1: The movie starts with two puerto ricans. One is cute; one is average. They shower together, kiss, swap blowjobs, and jerk themselves off. Scene#2: The cute guy from the first scene is back as some sort of photographer. His model is a guy with an amazing body. They do lots of stuff that leads you to hope that they will fuck. However, they never do. Scene#3: Features sexy blatino Alejandro and Shaheem, a big-dicked latino homeboy from Brooklyn. They get soapy in the shower, but never fuck.
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Boxcover for Ruff Neck Rehab
Ruff Neck Rehab 

Release date: 2/22/2005
Reviewed on: 8/12/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Latino Fan Club

Review brief: The Latino Fan Club really must get a proper method of creating their so-called DVDs. If you turn the back over you will see the telltale coloring of DVD-ROMs. This particular one would not play on either the oldest or the newest of my DVD players. On another one where it did play it stuck and skipped like a drunken spastic. From what I could deduce between the stops and jerks, the film begins with a stud taking drugs and being admitted to a rehab center. He is ordered to shower and the handsome stud supervising him watches with increased interest as our druggy soaps up his uncut shlong. The hunky supervisor strips and joins the patient in the shower. The supervisors nice cock is hard. He assists in soaping his charge and kneels to suck the sizeable dick. When they dry off he returns briefly to sucking the now hard cock and bends over to take it up the ass. We see a counseling session where some of the guys are introduced. The DVD jumped through this and I missed some of the intros. I dont think there was any sex in the scene.
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Boxcover for Latin Thugz 2
Latin Thugz 2 

Release date: 2/22/2005
Reviewed on: 7/4/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Latino Fan Club

Review brief: I dislike it when films begin with previews of other films. It either annoys me that I have to wait to see the film I wanted to see. Orwhat is worseit makes me wish I were seeing one of the films in the previews rather than the one Im about to watch. Its a lose, lose situation. Previews should be at the end, inducing us to buy some more. Not put at the beginning to make us dissatisfied with the present product. That said, lets look at Latin Thugz Volume 2. This film is part of the "amateur line from Latino Fan Club. After much safe sex warnings, they tell us that the encounters are mostly unedited in order to be more real. But a film without editing is like a meal that hasnt been cooked. As a result the blowjobs seem to go on beyond the limit of any jaw to remain open that long without locking and for any cock to be sucked for that length of time and still keep its foreskin. We begin with Joieto and Papo sitting on a sofa bed.
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Boxcover for Machismo - and How to Get It
Machismo - and How to Get It 

Release date: 4/8/2005
Reviewed on: 6/18/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Latino Fan Club

Review brief: The film begins with the announcement: The acts performed dont necessarily reflect the performers sexual orientation. That, I suppose, is in keeping with their machismo. Andto make sure we bloody well know what machismo isthey define the word. The action takes place behind the scenes of the magazine MACHISMO which features hung Latino men. From time to time we see some models with heavy foreskins posing for photographs that serves as bridges between the hardcore scenes. The first sexual encounter is between Tariq and Will. These boys waste no time in getting to it. Will, wearing an instrument of Roman execution around his neck, gives head to Tariq who has a lightly haired chest and nipples the size of pencil erasers. (If the Romans had used a different method of execution would people wear little guillotines or electric chairs?) They move into a brief 69 before Tariq face-fucks Will. After they jack off, they share a post-coital cigarette just like the heteros do. Papi Songo with a build like a star quarterback is working as a carpenter at a photo shoot.
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Review brief: New York, one of my favorite cities, serves as the setting for the latest from twinkmeister, Kevin Clarke. But its not just the typical Clarke youngsters in this one. Under the auspices of the Latino Fan Club, Clarke has teamed his usual pretty boys with some more mature Latin studs. Its a very hot mix indeed. The first scene entitled The Punk Rocker and The Hippie finds Johnny Biddulph, a spiky black-haired youth with a big dick and Charlie Moore, a very hirsute twink, waking up in bed. Charlie wants some breakfast so he starts with Johnnys dick. Charlie doesnt give the best blowjob in town, but its enough to get a rise out of Johnny and he proceeds to fuck the hairy youngster missionary, doggy, and sidesaddle. Both boys are just as nature made them, with hairy balls and untrimmed pubes. Johnny has to dig through a swatch of hair to finger and fuck Charlies asshole. Their cum shots show them to be spunky youngsters indeed. Marathon Men has a light-skinned fuzzy-hared youth (Alan Jones) and a smaller dark skinned one (Mat Newmark) watching the New York Marathon.
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