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Boxcover for Predators and More Prey (Latin Connection)
Predators and More Prey (Latin Connection) 

Release date: 3/15/2003
Reviewed on: 3/14/2003 by joe-shaver

Studio: Latin Connection

Review brief: Tex and Sevyn the two Latinos who open this dreary film are both excessively unattractive. They suck their limp dicks to no avail. Theres a bit of unpleasant rimming from one of them and they both jackoff. My advice: skip the scene. In the second scene Alexis and Maxx decided not to use condoms as the blurb before their scene tells us. Although these guys are better looking that the first two (something that was not hard at all to achieve) the sexregardless of the fact that they are not using condomsis only average at best. Both cum shots are repeated. T-Bone and Erik in scene three are the best lookers on the DVD. Their scene begins on a sofa. There is some conversation but we can understand what they are saying because the sound is awful. I assume its little more than Hi, there! Howve you been? Lets fuck. Because thats what they do. The final scene takes place in a locker room with Pothead and Danny. One of them has rotten teeth (Pothead?); the other is flabby (Danny?). As in each of the other scenes these guys have major erection problems.
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