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Review brief: Is squirting a myth? There are ample arguments on each side on the controversy. Some say that squirting is nothing more than the girl peeing. Others say that it is, in fact, a womans form of ejaculation. Thats the side Aria defends in Gush #4. In an interview (included as part of the DVD extras), Aria describes her squirting as completely unrehearsed, a spontaneous reaction to sexual stimulation. It is NOT peeing, she insists as she goes into great detail about how her body tenses up just before a squirt. Whether Arias interview puts an end to the debate remains to be seen, but Gush #4 is more than just a squirting flick. This is a hot movie! There are five scenes involving six above-average looking women, and the sex is sizzling in just about every one. Aria starts off the action in a barn with Kyle Stone. She wears a cowboy hat throughout the action, but her terrific body and long, brown hair never looked better.
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Boxcover for Come Play With Me (Knob Ryder)
Come Play With Me (Knob Ryder) 

Release date: 3/1/2003
Reviewed on: 2/28/2003 by astroknight

Studio: Knob Ryder

Review brief: Production Date: 7 / 22 / 2002 Director: Father John Cast: Lezley Zen and Alana Evans Initial Expectations: Knob Ryder has been showing some improvement lately. Although I have some hope for a decent feature here, its not a lot. Initial Reaction: Its the interactive DVD equivalent of slamming your dick in the screen door. Who Should Watch It : Insomniacs and anybody whos a fan of Lezley Zen and Alana Evans and are working on somebody elses money Who Should Avoid It: Fans of virtual sex and interactive DVDs Audio /Video Quality: The audio is surprisingly clear and well balanced for the most part. There isnt any dubbing or background noises, as long as you dont consider things like ringing phones background noises. The video is much the same way. Theres a little bit of grain, and a couple bits with a little pixelation, but most of it is very good and nicely lit. Music: None for Lezley. Guitar elevator music and cheesy dance music for Alanas strip and tease.
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Review brief: Running Time: 96 min. Production Date: 2 / 21 / 2002 - 6 / 02 / 2002 Director: None listed Cast: Calli Cox, Dru Berrymore, Lezley Zen, Kelly Steele (formerly Kelly Fire), Rocket, Samantha Sterlyng, Stevie, Brian Heston, Hamilton Steele, Kyle Stone, and Rick Masters Initial Expectations: Knob Ryder never impressed me with their DVDs, but Ive heard theyve been trying to improve things. A cast like this makes me willing to give them another chance. Initial Reaction: The movies hot, but the DVD authoring leaves a bit to be desired Who Should Watch It : Anybody who wants hot sex and who doesnt care about the overall DVD quality Who Should Avoid It: Anybody that wants a DVD that feels like the author knew what they were doing Audio /Video Quality: The audio leaves more than a little to be desired. Its frequently scratchy, the balance changes often, and theres some noticeable background noises. Surprisingly, the video isnt too bad. Its fairly clear with some minor grain, and has some nice and even lighting.
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Boxcover for Erotic Interludes 1
Erotic Interludes 1 

Release date: 12/18/2001
Reviewed on: 1/3/2003 by cp

Starring: Shay Sweet, John Strong, Taylor St. Clair, Mickey G., Lola, Tony Martino, Dominicia Leoni, Nikita Denise, Eve Palindrome
Studio: Knob Ryder

Directed by: Father John
Review brief: Couples Friendly: Somewhat. I define "couples friendly" as having a semblance of plot, not containing extreme or bizarre fetish material, has little or no anal (CP is not a fan of anal sex, with apologies to those who are), and is not gonzo. In this case, the heat somewhat negates the lack of a plot. Plot: There isn't one; scenes are set up by Mickey G. Director: Who is Father John? An industry insider will need to provide some insight about this -- I haven't a clue. However, he does resemble a UCLA-attending theatre major son of a colleague of mine (now wouldn't that be something?), if the director is who I think it is (check the scenes during the end credits). Cast: Lola, Nikita Denise, Shay Sweet, Taylor St. Claire, Dominica Leoni, Eve Palindrome, Mickey G., Tony Martino, John Strong.
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Review brief: * DIRECTOR: Various. * DURATION: No time code (75mins?). * STARRING: Allysin Chaynes, Bridgette Kerkove, Brittany Andrews, Inari Vachs, Jennifer Leigh, Mariah, Tabitha Stevens, Teri Starr & Vivian Valentine. At first glance, 2s Company but 3s Allowed looks a lot better than it really is. With a cast including Allysin Chaynes, Bridgette Kerkove, Inari Vachs, Tabitha Stevens & Teri Starr, theres potential for greatness. But sadly this sale-priced threesome compilation from Knob-Ryder promises much more than it delivers. Source material comes from Agent 69, Carnal Secrets, Gush, Limousine Confessions and Tai Blow Job. I havent seen any of these films but judging by the represented A/V quality here, theyre all pretty old. As for extras, I think this is the second DVD Ive seen that claims ads as its only extras. In this case, theyre for the company rather than for phone sex, but theyre not even good ads. Still not doing yourself any favours Knob-Ryder! (And wheres the dang time code?) For some reason, Jennifer Leigh was omitted from the box-cover credits.
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Review brief: Running Time: 83 min. (according to RAME since its hard to tell with half a time code) Production Date: 5 / 12 / 1999 Director: Damien Michaels Cast: Alexandra Nice, Tabitha Stevens, Brittany Andrews, Temptress, Envy, Terri Starr, Inari Vachs, Bridgette Kerkove, Coral Sands, Brick Majors, Earl Slate, Damien Michaels, and Andrew Youngman Initial Expectations: So far, Knob Ryder has done for DVDs reputations the same thing toads did for warts several hundred years ago. Even with this great of a female cast I dont have much hope. Initial Reaction: I confess that after this I dont really care if I see many more Knob / Ryder DVDs. Who Should Watch It : Extreme fans of the stars Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who likes good technical qualities Audio /Video Quality: The audio is fairly clear, but has some balance problems. It also cuts out frequently for a split second. The video is slightly grainy and suffers from Knob / Ryders usual problems associated with using Happy Meal toy flashlights for lighting scenes.
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Review brief: I usually like anything Temptress is in - and with Jill Kelly in this movie as well, you'd think it would be a good skin flick. Unfortunately, it isn't. And it isn't even worth renting, never mind buying. Carnal Secrets is garbage in every respect. Bad acting, script and camera work are the most notable flaws. And what a waste of great porn chick talent. Director Father John may as well be a priest for all he's done to ruin what should have been great sex scenes. The opener has Jill Kelly romping in what looks like the dead of night. Will someone turn the light on, please! Cut to sexy trio Temptress, Dee and some other chick whose name I do not know. This "lesbian" river scene is shot during the day, but it is quite pathetic. Obviously, the three babes put their heart and soul into it, and they're clearly enjoying licking one another's pussies. BUT, the entire scene is in SLOW MOTION! What was going on that day? Did Father John drop his camera in the water? As we all know, Temptress has a beautiful pussy and nice juicy clit.
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Review brief: Starring: Jill Kelly, Temptress, Julie Meadows, Dee, Obsession, Bunny Love, Halli Aston, Vivian Valentine, Bonita Saint, Eric Price, Erik Everhard, Chris Cannon, Brick Majors, Brandon Irons Directed By: Father John Occasionally you'll run across a parody of porno movies in mainstream entertainment. When this happens you usually find some cliched set-up, like a horny pizza delivery boy, or something like that. Invariably, I think to myself, "I know porn acting is bad, but it's not that bad." Well, after watching Carnal Secrets, I've come to learn that it really is that bad. At least, it can be. My first impression of Carnal Secrets was so poor that I made myself reconsider out of a sense of fairness. In fact, you are now reading the second review of it that I've written. Only I have seen the first draft, and it's been erased. It's important to be fair, I believe, because the folks who made Carnal Secrets really did intend to make a good movie. They empoly locations, elaborate lighting, costumes and a really hot cast.
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Review brief: Running Time: approx. 100 min. Production Date: 6/23/99, 9/12/99, 3/12/00 Director: Father John Cast: Jill Kelly, Temptress, Julie Meadows, Charlene Aspen, Brigette Kerkove, Barrett Moore, Kristen, Dayton Rains, Daisy Chain, Marc Davis, Julian, Brick Majors, Brian Surewood, Dillion Day, and Dominic Initial Expectations: I've never seen a Knob / Ryder release, so I didn't really know what to expect. Some of the cast is recognizable, but the lack of extras doesn't give me a lot of hope. Initial Reaction: The movie is almost okay, but the DVD as a whole is greatly lacking. Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for really cheap porn Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a DVD that looked like it was made by somebody with at least a double digit IQ Audio /Video Quality: There's a few spots with some dubbing, but they're not overly noticeable. There's a lot of grain to the picture. It doesn't really detract that much from the movie as the camera work leaves a lot to be desired.
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Review brief: TITLE: Tai Blow Job Studio: Knob Ryder DVD Director: Master Buddy Bates Production Date: 07/24/1999 Talent: Jill Kelly, Bridgett Kerkove, Allysin Chaynes, Mariah Wind, Julie Meadows, Inari Vachs, Chandler, Mia Smiles, and Vivian Valentine Length: 1 hour 34 minutes Format: Single-sided single layer Synopsis: This porn DVD is a satire of Tae Bo. Willy Sacs (played by Lexington Steele), the martial sex artist, gives instruction and motivation to women who want to master the art of the blow job. Jill Kelly plays Willy Sacs's co-host and successful disciple. The beginning of the video plays out like a typical infomercial. Mr. Sacs traces the origin of his Program as well as showing his live instruction with the enlightened women. Furthermore, it shows a typical day of practicing the Art at home. Jill Kelly asks how Willy Sacs came up with the idea of his Tai Blow Job program. He says that it all started when he noticed a female pool cleaner while he was practicing his martial arts. And so. . . the sex scene begins.
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