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Boxcover for Full Scale Service
Full Scale Service 

Release date: 2/1/2011
Reviewed on: 3/29/2011 by gonzoguy

Starring: Frank Gunn, Jessica Moore, Cindy Hope, Sarah Simon
Studio: Kinkkrew

Directed by: Frank Gun
Review brief: If you like bondage -- or think you might -- this is a fairly gentle introduction to it. The women and their "abusers" look great, but since I'm not that into kink, it was hard to assess its erotic appeal. You might have a different response.
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Boxcover for Enslaved Amazons
Enslaved Amazons 

Release date: 9/16/2009
Reviewed on: 3/22/2010 by big-raider-fan

Starring: Frank Gunn, Cony Ferrara, Afrodite, Bonny Bon, Afrodithe
Studio: Kinkkrew

Directed by: Frank Gun
Review brief: Enslaved Amazons from Kinkkrew presents 4 taller women (Bonny Bon, Afrodithe, Kathia Nobili, and Cony Ferrara) bound and abused for their masters pleasure. I picked up this one for Bonnys scene, but the other 3 scenes are pretty damned hot as well. The DVD is presented in widescreen, with English, French, or Spanish audio. Its much better lit than other Kinkkrew movies Ive seen, which is a plus, but theres the same lack of chapter stops that marks all of their productions. The extras are minimal, and include a slideshow, trailers, and website information. Id recommend this if you have a thing for ladies tied up and controlled before getting fucked.
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Boxcover for Crimson Chess Dungeon
Crimson Chess Dungeon 

Release date: 9/4/2009
Reviewed on: 12/11/2009 by big-raider-fan

Starring: Sandra, Angelica Crow, Angelina Crow, Sandra Parker, Bonny Bon
Studio: Kinkkrew

Directed by: Frank Gun
Review brief: Crimson Chess Dungeon from Kinkkrew is presented with English, Spanish, or French audio, and is widescreen. Chapter stops are only at the beginning of scenes. The four scenes presented here are an improvement over other Kinkkrew discs Ive watched, as they take place in a well lit white room with red and black accents so you can really see the action. Audio is inconsistent, being very low in the interviews, and jumping to very loud during the scenes. As is the case with many of their discs, the first scene is the strongest, and then the scenes taper to the weakest. Unfortunately for me, Bonnys scene is last. Shes the reason I picked up this DVD, and while she takes some hard slapping, Id have liked to have seen a rougher scene. Extras include previews, DVDs and websites, and a slideshow. Worth a look if you like some rough bondage treatment before sex.
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Boxcover for Masters Of Puppets
Masters Of Puppets 

Release date: 5/12/2009
Reviewed on: 6/3/2009 by big-raider-fan

Starring: Sylvia Laurent, Jeny Baby, Jenny Baby, Wibeke, Gabriella Mai, Gabriella May, Angelic Diamond
Studio: Kinkkrew

Directed by: Frank Gun
Review brief: Masters Of Puppets from Kinkkrew features some scenes from 2008 of four lovely girls (Angelic Diamond, Wibeke, Gabriella May, and Szilvia Lauren being dominated and tormented before getting roughly fucked. The DVD is presented in widescreen, and the audio is offered in English, Spanish, or French. The volume is very low on the speaking especially at the beginning of the scenes. Chapter stops are lacking, and are only at the beginning of each scene. Some of the scenes are more brutal than others. In particular, the last two scenes seem to have been cut to eliminate some of the bondage play, possibly for the American version. Some of the scenes are very dark. Extras are minimal, and include trailers, DVD and website information, and a slide show. Overall a good dvd, especially for the first 2 scenes, if you like seeing women bound and beaten before having sex.
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Boxcover for Tears Of Fear
Tears Of Fear 

Release date: 3/24/2009
Reviewed on: 4/30/2009 by loverboy

Starring: Lisa Sparkle, Stephanie Sierra, Kyra Black, Linda Ray, Katharina, Kachalina
Studio: Kinkkrew

Directed by: Frank Gun
Review brief: Four scenes with a running time of about two hours featuring bondage and domination and sex. The women and studs (not listed on the dvd but probably including director Frank Gun)are European. The action is kinky but not too creative.
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