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Boxcover for RDV37031

Release date: 6/5/2001
Reviewed on: 9/24/2001 by darkcloud

Studio: JXP

Review brief: This is an imported Japanese dvd porn. You get the chick in the scenes as the cover shows. Because many times these imported dvds are bullshit, it shows some sexy chick on the cover then when you play the dvd its some other chicks and they are nasty. But this one is alright. Every scene is with the same chick on cover. Total time is 60 minutes. Its divided into 6 sections and around 10 minutes for each. The picture quality is surprisingly decent. This chick is very sexy and cute looking. She has pretty nice tits too. The dvd concentrates on the foreplay. In the foreplay scenes, the time length is good, nice angles, has good close up shots. The dvd starts with the chicks getting dressed for this film. There's another lady helping her out. The film has her at different places, talking scenes, and other cool variations. During the sex part, the length was pretty short.... There are only 2 close up shots during sex (one in missionary and one with ass shown) and they last only for like 5 seconds....
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Boxcover for Omanko Princess
Omanko Princess 

Release date: 5/18/2000
Reviewed on: 2/27/2001 by evil_rip

Studio: JXP

Review brief: Omanko Princess Studio: Pacific Sun/ Avolon Starring: Lovely Japanese Ladies. First Impression: I picked this title up at FiveStar. They list the name as Imported Japanese FC 02 or something to that effect. XonAir lists the title as Omanko Princess. I am more inclined to belive XonAirs Translation of the title. FiveStar and the other stores seem to have agreed on a regular naming convention since they dont have translators. And well hiring a Translator for porno? I dont think so. You need a Japanese Reading Fan to help you out.. but by then your stuff is on the shelves.. So anyways I thought to myself How bad can it be? Side note: Omanko = Pussy. So you get the idea. Also XonAir says these are Discontinued! But the other stores still have them in stock. So if you like my review and are thinking of buying it you might want to hurry. Looks: The boxcover has some really cute girls Likes: All natural Japanese girls, No mosaic censorship Dislikes: A little short. Review: Let me just say.
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