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Review brief: The film might more appropriately be titled THE HUNG AND THE HANDSOME. There are five scorching scenes featuring gorgeous man and beautiful boys. It is a rimming lovers dream film. The act of analingus is presented as an end in itself (no pun intended) and is not simply a lubricating prelude to the further action. The scenes with McAllister and Bliss and with McAllister and Summers are outstanding. The scene between Bradley and Brawn is breathtaking. And the other two scenes aint bad either.
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Review brief: Falcon is now systematically going around and reissuing their VHS on DVD. I thought I had seen most of their products whether Falcon, Jocks, or Mustang; but SUMMER REUNION (Jocks 082) somehow missed my scrutiny until now. It begins with Brad Devlyn, a cute young twink with a very light dusting of chest hair, being accosted by Sam Crockett and Kyle Becker who force him to go home with them and suck ther cocks. Its supposed to be rape, but Brad doesnt seem to put up much of a fight and is soon sucking away on first one cock and then the other like a gourmet doing a taste test. Sam sits on his face and gets him to eat ass, so Kyle does likewise. Both then fuck him. Its three years later and Brad gets an invitation to a summer reunion. Does he say to hell with it and stay home to avoid his rapists? Hell no, he goes. Kyle comes by his room to apologize and relay the info that Sam was killed in a car accident. Brad is cool toward him and says that as a result of the rape he hasnt had sex in five years.
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Boxcover for Quarterback Sack
Quarterback Sack 

Release date: 4/9/2004
Reviewed on: 9/17/2004 by boner-bud

Studio: Jocks

Review brief: The Plot There's really only 2 scenes in this movie. The first scene takes place in a locker room as a football team finishes practice the night before the big game. Their coach tells them that there will be no jacking off allowed that night, so if they wanna do it, they better do it now. And so they do. But the jacking off leads to other things as well, and ultimately turns into a locker room orgy. In the second scene, the star quarteback is kidnapped by the rival team, which happens to be made up of almost all Latin men. They gang "rape" him into submission. And that's the whole movie. What I liked Victor Rios! Is there a sexier man on the planet? I think not. Unfortunately, he is vastly underused in this movie. One of my current porn crushes, Andy Hunter, is also in the film, though he looks a little bit different here and I didn't even recognize him at first. And I think I may have discovered a new porn crush in Tyler Gunn.
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