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Boxcover for Kostas' Friends
Kostas' Friends 

Release date: 10/31/2002
Reviewed on: 5/25/2005 by joe-shaver

Starring: Giovanni Lucca
Studio: Ikarus

Review brief: Kostas is a dog. No, not an ugly woman. A furry tail-wagger that barks. He is the narrator of our tale. The setting is one of the Greek isles. Spectacular scenery, stunning guys, and scorching sex make this a sheer delight. The first to go at it are Anton Elsinski and Gino Ferrara. Anton is incredible! This little Russian is one of the prettiest blond twinks to inhabit the planet. He is also a skilled cocksucker, an expert rimmeroh, wow, is he everand a marvelous bottom. His pale skin against the copper of Gino makes for a outstanding coupling. Anton cums while riding Ginos cock. Then, with Antons cum still pooled on his belly, Gino shoots a fine load. A handsome gardener, Anatol Borinski, is watering the plants. Below him, a magnificent hunk, Janos Balczik, is sunbathing. Anatol inadvertently sprays Janos. For a punishment hes made to suck Janos cock and take it up the ass. (Thats punishment?) Anatol is a real beauty. He could spray me any day.
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Boxcover for Sunny Day
Sunny Day 

Release date: 12/18/2001
Reviewed on: 1/20/2003 by joe-shaver

Studio: Ikarus

Review brief: This film, which is set in Basel, Switzerland, opens with rain splashing onto the city streets. Leonardo, a young beauty is strolling through the streets carrying an umbrella with the logo Sunnyday. As he passes a street-level skylight that looks down into a health spa below, his attention is caught by something. Two hunks with very long uncut dicks are making out on a sofa. They are Balasz S. and Dominik. Balasz is young prime beef; Dominik is a hung stallion. Unfortunately we see little of the action because the voyeur leaves the window taking us with him. Fortunately he decides to enter the health spa in the hope of catching up with these two hunks. Like him we can hardly wait...or, uh, wait hardly. When Leonardo strips at the locker we are awed by his well-defined musculature and his long uncut cock. Why do I always get an inferiority complex watching these films? Detlef, a more mature and unequal specimen who is pale in contrast to Leonardos bronzed bod, is showering when Leonardo enters.
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Boxcover for Search, The (Ikarus)
Search, The (Ikarus) 

Release date: 12/17/2002
Reviewed on: 12/31/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Pavel
Studio: Ikarus

Review brief: Since Bel Ami discovered it was sitting on a potential gold mine with its audition tapes, other studios have got in on the act. THE SEARCH a.k.a. BOY SEARCH from Ikarus is one of these. If you know Ikarus you know that they have exceptional men engaging in exceptional sex. You will be glad to see the auditions of guys you love and also see guys that you hope to see more of. If you dont know Ikarus then here is your chance to sample the goodies. Unlike most audition tapes in which model after model sits in a chair answers questions and jacks off to a stationary camera, this film has a camera which moves lingeringly over their exquisite bodies, gives us a variety of settings, and often shows the models being approached for the shoots. At the conclusion we also have four hunks sucking and fucking to make certain that if you havent shot your load before you will then.
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Boxcover for Alpine Passion
Alpine Passion 

Release date: 10/23/2002
Reviewed on: 10/27/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Tony Montana, Montana, Tony
Studio: Ikarus

Review brief: Do you like beautiful scenery? Do you like gorgeous guys? Do you like looking at gorgeous guys in beautiful scenery? Do you like watching gorgeous guys having incredible sex in beautiful scenery? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then Alpine Passion is an absolute must for your collection. This is the second five-star rating Ive given in a row, but I assure you I am not getting soft. I was very, very hard during this film and Im hard now just thinking about it. After panning over the snow-covered Alps we come to a magnificent chalet. Entering through a skylight we discover three hunks making out in a Jacuzzi. They are the butler Pascal Bruno, a slender sexy guy with a pierced eyebrow; and two muscular guests at the chalet, Tony Montana and Adam Skala. Both are giving Pascals cock some serious attention. Tony is a real hunk. No, he is not an American. He is one of those awesome Czechsas is his partner in lust, Adam.
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