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Boxcover for Sex Driver
Sex Driver 

Release date: 10/16/2000
Reviewed on: 5/24/2004 by pdheartbreak

Starring: Jack Hammer, Suzi Suzuki, Giselle Yum, Kyle Phillips, Ted Hunter, Aurora, Mesha, Felony
Studio: Horizon

Review brief: Scene One: Suzi Suzuki (Hiroko Matsuda) and Giselle Yum (Maria Resurrecion) Giselle (Maria) is wearing a nurse outfit that is covered by a black and long leather coat. She is walking down the street all alone at night in the downtown Los Angeles after finished her shift at the hospital. Giselle had noticed that a white Cadillac is following her. There were three men (the Cadillac Gang) are riding in the car. She didnt pay any attention to the white car until she arrived at Suzis loft showroom. (It is still being constructed.) Meanwhile, Suzi (Hiroko), the fashion designer is working at her desk until she heard a knock at the door. Suzi is wearing a red dress and red high heels. She opened up the front door and kissed her lover, Giselle. They sweet-talk to each other for a short while. Suzi took off Giselles leather black coat and guide her to the stairway. On the stairway, Giselle rubbed her own pussy as she started to lick Suzis pussy. Suzis ass is way up in the air for Giselles fingers to be inserted in her pussy.
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Review brief: THIS LITTLE PIGGY WENT TO PORNO Production date: june 1998 Comment: since Im mainly interested in the anal sex Ill only review the scenes that have it. Jasmin St. Claire / Age: 27 / Scene 1 Anal sex: ***: spoon, doggy (the in/out nonsense is always annoying, keep the dick in the chick! Blow job: ***: with short aftersuck Vaginal sex: **: doggy, cowgirl (to watch cg is my most favorite vag.
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Boxcover for Secret Toys
Secret Toys 

Release date: 9/4/2002
Reviewed on: 9/23/2002 by baronorca

Starring: Layla Jade, Mika, Cheryl Dynasty
Studio: Horizon

Review brief: False adertising alert! Cover of disc claims that this Is Layla Jade's first bondage video. It's not, so why do they bother to lie? Secret Toys Volume One John Nystrom Productions/ Elite Multimedia Produced June 2002 Cast: Mika Tan, Cheryl Dynasty, and Layla Jade Run Time: Just over an hour (1hr 8min) Extras: Photos (20), footage from (?)upcoming volumes Secret Toys (vol 1) is a bondage video, and not a very good one at that. The cast is OK + (Mika is a fave of mine and Cheryl and Layla are OK). The bondage is actually quite good (in a stylish way) and the picture is quite clear. The problem with this disc is in the basic idea behind it. It's a bondage video, and thats all it is, the girls each in their own 20 min segment are shown already tied, they struggle a bit, whimper a bit then it's off to the next tie, more struggling, more whimpering......
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Boxcover for Colon Czech
Colon Czech 

Release date: 4/24/2001
Reviewed on: 7/28/2002 by the-poker

Starring: Angela, Dominica, Chris Charming, Layla Jade, Nasty Timmy, Jane Blue
Studio: Horizon

Directed by: Envy
Review brief: General Impression Horizon tend to make a cheaper DVD. Their releases are usually hit or miss affairs. I basically liked the look of the cover on this one and the price was right so I took a look. I was actually surprised how good it was. Its by no means quality but the erection factor is present. The premise of the DVD is that the directors Peter and Envy (whoever they are) have traveled to Cannes for the Hot Dor adult awards and have caught up with some of these beauties whilst there. Thats the only storyline I can assume because the story is very weak. It seems most of the scenes are just thrown together without anything to link them, and if your into Gonzo like me, this isnt a problem. As far as the Czech angle is concerned some of the girls could be Czech. I know the first girl to appear, Layla-Jade is British. So I dont now if the rest are or not, you cant tell by voices because barely a word is uttered throughout the whole thing.
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Boxcover for Me, Myself & Ira
Me, Myself & Ira 

Release date: 5/24/2002
Reviewed on: 6/30/2002 by joe-shaver

Starring: Peter Wilder, Dante, Leo DeSilver, Shawn Young
Studio: Horizon

Review brief: Im not a fan of solo films. When it comes to masturbation, I get enough of that already. But this one is better than most. It starts off with Nick Steel being awakened by the phone. He tells us we dont have to leave, just be quiet while he talks. To keep us amused, he starts beating his pud and continues to do so until he cums. End of phone conversation; end of scene.[3.5*] We then encounter humpy Peter Wilder by the pool. He sits in a reclining pool chair, fishes his worm from the leg of his bathing suit and begins to bait us. This is a very slow scene. It was better when I put the DVD on 2X, better still at 4X; and finally, 16X to the end. [1*] Things started coming up with Dante of the big schlong preparing a bubble bath, washing that great bod, and then retiring to the bedroom to play with the monster. I was getting into this, but the camera was in the wrong position for the money shot and by the time it was where it should have been there was nothing but a puddle on Dantes belly as proof he had cum at all.
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Review brief: This is a pretty damn good flick. I've always wanted a Jasmin St. Claire video. This is the only one I know of. It disappoints, a little, because Jasmin keeps her shoes on. What I wouldn't give for a legit Jasmin foot video! Her anal scene is great and she looks like a million bucks. Joe Lani is a sexy plump blond who has a great scene. Crystal Dawn and Elle De Vyne are both damn hot also and the foot action is top shelf. I recommend this movie all the way. It sells for like $22, but it's worth well more. Great foot tape. Only drawback is that Jasmin keeps shoes on. Do you know if there is are other Jasmin St.
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Boxcover for Homey In The Haystack
Homey In The Haystack 

Release date: 4/24/2000
Reviewed on: 8/14/2000 by darkmage

Studio: Horizon

Review brief: The Plot: Have you ever watched a mainstream movie and thought, "Wow. This would be soooo much better if that Dorothy chick would drop the dress and get it on with all those midgets?" Yeah, me too. Well, to take a step further, have you ever watched Witness and thought that there was an awful lot of potential being wasted under that black clothing and strict discipline? Well, wonder no more! Homey in the Haystack will show you what you wanted to see in the theaters! Tyce Bune plays Joey "The Hacksaw" Lagata, a big-shot drug dealer who starts our movie off by getting busy with his girlfriend (Delia). Before things get too intense, Marvin Hayes (Byron Long) wanders in and gets his marching orders from his boss. He does not get a blow job, despite Troy's offer of his girlfriend's services. He is to deliver a package of drugs to a man downstairs. Well, he gets caught by the police and in a desperate attempt to save his own skin, he rats out his boss. The police arrest them all, and Joey swears to kill Melvin before he can testify.
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