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Review brief: Prologue Let's see. Spanish porn. Eastern bloc women. Seems like a cliche by now. I like the title and I'm sure the women are beautiful. It's worth a look. Lucy Lee is jogging in a very nice neighborhood while the credits roll. She enters what looks like a house, but turns out to be a gym. Two guys are working out on a universal and, after the credits are done, Lucy is laid out on a weight bench between them. One uncovers her bottom and the other strips himself so she can be eaten and give head at the same time. The guy at her pussy decides to penetrate and finds her pussy tight. The guy at her head just seems to be toying with her. They switch positions and her pussy looks raw and very wet. Lucy turns around and they put her on the rotisserie. They move the bench and one of the guys lays down with Lucy mounting him in CG. The other guy puts his cock in her ass for the DP. Lucy sucks them both clean before re-mounting in RCA.
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