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Boxcover for Caged Men
Caged Men 

Release date: 9/29/2006
Reviewed on: 10/15/2009 by netguy

Starring: David Bathory, Rick Bauer, Adam Gervay
Studio: French Connection

Directed by: Tom Bradford
Review brief: Everyone loves a good prison fuck flick right? Well, I have to say Tom Bradford has done a remarkable job, and probably one of the best fuck flicks Ive seen in quite some time! The guys are fucking hot and the sex even hotter! The production values are top notch and the story, although not Oscar material, is fun nonetheless!
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Boxcover for Real Men 2
Real Men 2 

Release date: 7/10/2004
Reviewed on: 12/17/2005 by john-quinn

Starring: Wylie Edwards, Michael Burkk, Tye Payne
Studio: French Connection

Review brief: The sex in this video is hot all the way through, but the highlight, undoubtedly, is Steve Parker's spectacular quintuple orgasm, the most intense of its kind ever recorded on film. After each orgasm his penis becomes limp, leading the viewer to think that's the end of the action, but then, amazingly, his dick again becomes engorged with blood, stiffens, and shoots again. His partners suspend their circle jerk to look at Parker with awe as seems to surprise even himself, cumming again and again. Parker later revealed in an interview that what he experienced in those 2 minutes must have been "what heaven feels like, if it's true that heaven is an eternal orgasm." "I thought it would never end," he said, "and it's a memory I'll cherish the rest of my life. Up to that point in porn, the most any man had ever been able to acheive was a double orgasm." For two solid minutes, Parker's face is contorted into a look that could almost be described as pain, his eyes growing wider and wider as he feels his genital nerves prickling and surging, calming, and then surging again.
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Boxcover for Wake Up
Wake Up 

Release date: 5/29/2005
Reviewed on: 11/18/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: French Connection

Review brief: After all the cute chicken and grade A prime beef, its sometimes nice just to sit down with some average guys. There are only five guys in the film; they arefor the most partaverage. There is one stunner. They are Eastern Euros and rattle on incomprehensibly. All but two (and maybe even they) are straight. It begins with a scruffy guy who reminds me a bit of Colin Farrell. (I dont know why, but more and more of the guys in these films remind me of Colin Farrell. Maybe I have a thing for him?) Anyway, this scruffy guy who reminds me of Colin Farrell is driving along when he sees a skinny scruffy hitchhiker and stops to pick him up. He then takes him back to his place where the hitchhiker becomes a sex toy for himself and his four friends. He of course has first go. He and the friends (with one exception) are totally passive; the hitchhiker has to do all the work when it comes to sucking cock and let them fuck him into the bargain. The driver has a nicely haired chest and belly. The chest measurement and belly measurement look to be about the same.
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Boxcover for Schoolboys Gone Wild 2
Schoolboys Gone Wild 2 

Release date: 11/28/2003
Reviewed on: 1/21/2005 by french-disconnect

Studio: French Connection

Review brief: If you're thinking of falling into the trap of paying $54.00 plus tax for this DVD as I did, let me give you a suggestion--don't! Basically, this film is about a group of twinks (friends, schoolmates?--who knows) who are spending a day out in the countryside playing some sports. Not manly sports mind you, but badminton. What's more, some of them can't even play the wasted minutes of sports footage between the scenes will attest. Even though this is a French Connection film it seems that the boys are probably Eastern European (Slovak or Hungarian) from the names. Most of them aren't bad in looks (they all have nice toned bodies and big cocks, but the "adorable" factor so often discovered by Bel Ami with its Czech cast seems missing). The sound is pretty good and the camera work is also passable. I don't understand this obsession with filming outside however--it harms the sound, limits the sexual positions and often creates lighting issues.
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Boxcover for Gang's All Here, The
Gang's All Here, The 

Release date: 10/10/2004
Reviewed on: 11/24/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: French Connection

Review brief: I was confused when this DVD started because the cover called the film THE GANGS ALL HERE but the credits called it 18 TODAY 17: GANGBANG and the listing of performers was also different from those given on the cover. (However, the performers shown on the cover are indeed the performers in the film. Just sloppy (or indifferent) marketing, I guess, although The Gangs All Here" is a snappier title. The film is divided into two scenes. The first is the gangbang. The second is a threesome of boy scouts (boy rangers?) around a pool. The film opens in a club with a couple of Brazilian twinks dancing as a mirror ball plays over the scene. Four other twinks sit and watch. (I know they are Brazilian because by now I know the Portuguese word for suck.) A third performer joins them who was not identified in the picture credits, but as the cover stated "starring Rafael Ive decided to call him that. After all a twink by any other nameright? Rafael is a real cutie. Hes also a horny little thing.
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Boxcover for You Sexy Young Thing (French Connection)
You Sexy Young Thing (French Connection) 

Release date: 3/18/2003
Reviewed on: 5/29/2004 by joe-shaver

Starring: Jerry, Chris, Rob, Johnny, Tim, Robbie, Ulli, Fen
Studio: French Connection

Review brief: It is hard to tell which of the young beauties featured herein is the sexy young thing of the title. Any of these guys could be embody that designation. (The German title is JUNGS AUF DER FINCA, not JUNGEN; so it too is singular.) My vote would go to the sexy bronze-skinned beauty of Latin or Arab descent smiling at us from the top of the cover. Or the blond smiling up at him. Or..well, you get the picture. We start in Germany with these young studs at the airport ready to board the plane to Las Palmas. Once there, they get together in twos (or threes) to have sex amid other of natures splendors. Beautiful young men in fabulous surroundings make for quite an eyeful. There are eight guys named in the credits, but the action is mainly with the five seen rushing out of the surf in the picture at the bottom of the cover. All have taken clippers to their pubic hairthe blond at the top is totally shaven. The bronze-skinned beauty has a pierced tongue that he uses to admirable advantage on his companions cocks.
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Boxcover for Bi Sexual Sodomy
Bi Sexual Sodomy 

Release date: 6/12/2002
Reviewed on: 4/15/2003 by robhammer

Starring: Xavier, Sidonie, Jean, Tristan, Dan, Jennifer C.
Studio: French Connection

Directed by: Gerard Menoud
Review brief: Running Time: 97 min. Production Date: Nov. 4, 1995 Director: Gerard Menoud Manufacturer: Defi France, © XXII Distributor: Global DVD DVD Title: French Connection, Bi-Sexual Sodomy, Bi-Sidonie Original Title (French): Bi-Sidonie Male Cast: Xavier, Tristan, Dan, Jean Female Cast: Sidonie, Jennifer C. Note on cast credits: The opening credits list Xavier, Jennifer C., Tristan, Dan and Jean. It assumes that we know who Sidonie is. Unless you know French, you might think that Sidonie means sodomy, instead of being the name of the star performer. Sodomy in French is sodomie. Initial Expectations: I picked this up as a rental without checking any reviews. I was curious to see what the French are doing in bisexual titles. Who Should Watch It: Anyone who likes their dick limp. Who Should Avoid It: Everyone else. Audio/Video Quality: The audio is fine, but the picture freezes so much in scene 4 as to make it unwatchable.
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Boxcover for Rafael 1
Rafael 1 

Release date: 6/11/2002
Reviewed on: 9/21/2002 by joe-shaver

Studio: French Connection

Review brief: This film is about as Italian as sauerkraut. Oh, sure the scenery is Italian, but theres nary an Italian guy to be seen. So if Italian men are your fantasy you wont find them here. There are lots of Germans though. And I, for one, find Germans rather attractive with their big uncut schwanzes and their zest for sex. Gufa, the German studio, decided to take a group of young Germans to Italy, film them having sex, and then release it as three films now known in the American market as The Italian Trilogy. The first one is called Rafael (the one reviewed here), the second Leonardo, etc. There is neither a Rafael nor a Leonardo to be found, so why these stupid names? This is obviously the work of some American Klugscheißer. The real title of the series is CASA DEL CAZZI or HOUSE OF COCKS. Personally, I like that better; and its not trying to put one over on us as the American distributor is.
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