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Boxcover for Quest for Spooge
Quest for Spooge 

Release date: 7/28/2002
Reviewed on: 12/31/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Oscar Wild, Trevor Hobbs, Markie
Studio: Factory Video

Review brief: This basically mediocre film is divided into three sections: Damons Quest, Markies Quest, and Jeremy Reddicks Quest. Of them all, the first is perhaps the most interesting as it presents us with a young Damon Dogg before he joined up with Treasure Island Media to become the worlds biggest cum-guzzler. ( He is listed here only as Damon.) He meets up with a young twink (Finnegan Casey) in the woods where there start blowing one another. This (and a later outdoor scene) is poorly photographed as only natural lighting is used and the camera angles do nothing to attempt to avoid shadows covering the cocksucking.) We see better when the boys decide to head back to Damons trailer for more head. Finnegan fucks Damon and blows his load onto Damons face. Even before he joined up with Treasure Island we that Damon had a taste for cum as he does a thorough cleaning of Finnegans spent dick. Markie, a cute skinny bleached blond with a pronounced overbite, enters a hotel room with young Chas in tow and places a Do Not Disturb sign on the door.
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Boxcover for Jizz Gym
Jizz Gym 

Release date: 5/5/2003
Reviewed on: 10/9/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Antonio, Markie, Ukiah Woods, Duncan Murphy, Steve Parker, Jack Van Dean, Austin Rivers
Studio: Factory Video

Directed by: Frank Parker, Scott Morris
Review brief: JIZZ GYM consists of three scenes, one of which is very good and the other two are fair to middlin. The action does not take place in a gym but in a locker room that I suppose we are to assume is connected to a gym. The first scenethe only one I truly recommendfeatures the blond twink Markie and two black studs: Ukiah Woods and Austin Rivers. Markie sneaks glances at the admirable endowments of the others and everyone is soon grabbing dick. Markie takes things further when he begins sucking Austins stiff pole. Ukiah slurps on Markies. (Markie it should be pointed out is no slouch in the dick department either.) Its nice to see performers who all suck, and these three do. After doing a good job of eating out Markies ass, Ukiah asks Markie if he has ever been fucked by two black guys; and, receiving a negative answer, asks if he would like to be. This receives an affirmative answer. Ukiah arranges Markie on the locker room bench andwith Austin giving the kid something to suck onUkiah slowly inserts his huge cock in the little guy's hole. There is a very nice close-up of this.
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Boxcover for Bustin' Ass (Factory Video)
Bustin' Ass (Factory Video) 

Release date: 6/24/2003
Reviewed on: 7/31/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Steve Pierce, Lex Kyler, Brad Davis
Studio: Factory Video

Review brief: Only two of the three scenes are watchable and theres better stuff out there. The first scene is the one that is of most interest. It features Steve Pierce and Seth Handler. Steve is pierced and Seth is a handler. In fact both of these guys are pierced. In addition to nipples both have Prince Alberts in their pricks. Steve has a simple PA; Seth has an oversized one. (When Steve sucks Seths dick you can hear it clink against his teeth. Seth eventually takes it out so Steve can suck with ease.) Seth also has a guiche under his balls. Neither performer is looking good. Steve has grown a mustache that makes him look like Hitler on a bad day. Seth is scruffya poor mans Bruce Willis. The cocksucking goes on for twelve minutes. It is not until then that Steve begins to show off his notable elastic anus. This is illustrated first with a large dildo that Seth lubricates with spit. Anal balls follow the dildo. Seths dick is next. After fucking for a while (Steve probably doesnt even feel this) Seth inserts a dildo along with his prick.
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Boxcover for Anal Associates
Anal Associates 

Release date: 6/24/2003
Reviewed on: 7/26/2006 by joe-shaver

Studio: Factory Video

Review brief: ANAL ASSOCIATES turns out to be an average DVD with only three scenes. Only one (the second scene) is worth your time. The settings are office locales. In the first scene Alexander Diego and Nate Bruno suck each others cocks and fuck each other. Alexander has a smallish uncut cock; Nate is bald with a hairy OK physique and a good-sized dick. They didnt exactly bore me but they didnt turn me on either. I seldom get turned on when I join fucks already in progress. The second scene as stated before is the only one worth our time. Wanna make your boss happy? bald goateed Samoth asks young Trenton Lattimore. Trenton does. Out comes Samoths cock and Trentonon his kneesgoes at it. Soon both are naked. Not only is Samoths head bald, so is his entire body. Theres nary a trace of hair on his chest or at his crotch. Young Trenton, on the other hand, has a lightly haired torso. Trentons cock is rock hard as he sucks on Samoths hairless tool. (Now thats my kind of guy!) Samoth generously gives a mite of head to Trenton before Trenton returns to sucking Samoth.
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Boxcover for Billy Cums Home
Billy Cums Home 

Release date: 1/13/2004
Reviewed on: 7/7/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Billy Wild
Studio: Factory Video

Review brief: Billy Wild is a less than average hirsute blond with a face that looks like a prizefighter's. He is the only one given a full name. The others in the cast are known simply as Bathhouse Boy, tung4ass, Reighly Mayfield, Straight Stripper, orand this is the best oneDick. One is not listed at all. The reason of course is that this is vanity project. It not only stars Billy Wild but has been edited by Billy Wild and the casting was done by Billy Wild (which means he got to choose his own partners) and it was obviously based on an idea by Billy Wild. Well, its one way to get laid. Basically it is Billy picking up guys where they suck dick and eat each other's cum. Billy may possibly be fucked in one scene but we cant tell and he is definitely fucked in the final scene, but other than that its a feast of fellatio. It opens with Billy getting on a train ostensibly coming home. In his compartment on the train he takes off all his clothes and jacks off. He then licks the cum from his hand.
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Boxcover for Private Dancers
Private Dancers 

Release date: 3/20/2004
Reviewed on: 7/3/2006 by joe-shaver

Starring: Mickey Tucker
Studio: Factory Video

Review brief: A more appropriate title would be CHICKEN CUM EATERS as there is nothing that really passes for dancing and these younguns have a voracious love of boy honey. The main stars are Markiea skinny bleached blond with buck teeth who had a Freshman magazine spread a while back and appeared in the solo HORSEDICK seriesand Mikey (not Mickey) Turneranother skinny twink who has definite sex appeal. There are other assorted cum-hungry boys. It begins with a group arriving at the theatre to see Markie dance (hehhehhe). Its a small room, drably furnished with comfortable seats for the patrons and a small stage area. Markie enters and twitches a bit; then drops his trou. Some members of the audience start rearranging their dicks but two dance critics in the back row decide theres something better. They suck one another off and swallow down the cum. A twink with a bigger dick than Markie joins him onstage and two other audience members come up to suck their cocks. The suckers concentrate first on the one with the bigger dick and then both go down on Markie.
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Boxcover for Oink 2
Oink 2 

Release date: 1/17/2003
Reviewed on: 11/24/2004 by boner-bud

Studio: Factory Video

Review brief: There are some sequels that just should have never been made. Speed 2 comes to mind, as does European Vacation. You can now add Oink 2 to that list. The Plot The plot is that 4 guys meet at San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair and go home to have sex with each other. The men are Kevin Daniels, Tom Braddock, Nate Bruno, and the only returning member from the first Oink movie, cutie Parker Wells. They're all attractive enough, except for maybe Bruno, who reminds me of a cross between Moby and Carrie Bradshaw's gay pal Stanford. Did you ever want to see him naked? Neither did I. The 4 guys suck and fuck in a number of different positions, but the only thing particularly piggy about the film is a cage and a sling. Thankfully, the chapters of the DVD are set up so that instead of taking you to the beginning of a scene, they take you to the orgasms. And the cumshots are really the only interesting thing about this movie - many of them are in-the-mouth. The problem is that it takes a full 50 minutes before we get to see one of them. By that time I was just plain bored.
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Boxcover for Boy Sweat
Boy Sweat 

Release date: 5/10/2004
Reviewed on: 7/18/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Factory Video

Review brief: We too often buy DVDs because of the cover, and then are disappointed. But this DVD is much better than the cover would lead us to believe. It is one hot film! The guys may not be the handsomest in the world, but they positively drip in pheromones and are S-E-X-Y. And thats what really counts, isnt it. After a heading Stretch Open & Sweat appears on the screen, we meet our first two gym bunnies: Pete Ross and Billy Bowers. Pete Ross is a cute natural blond (his pubic hair confirms it) with a multitude of piercings. Both nipples are pierced. His belly button is pierced. His dick is pierced (not a Prince Albert, but a straight piercing through the dickhead). And there is a guiche underneath his balls. He must really set off the metal detectors at airports. (Odd that neither his ears nor tongue is pierced, but maybe hell get around to them.) Billy is a cute slim brunet whom we also have to thank for doing such a bang-up job as casting director. The action for the first three scenes takes place in a gym (simple sets, but adequate).
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Boxcover for Cum Suckers 7
Cum Suckers 7 

Release date: 2/20/2004
Reviewed on: 6/20/2004 by joeblow69

Studio: Factory Video

Review brief: Director: Frank Parker & Scott Morris Starring: The Men of San Francisco. A couple of guys I recognized who showed up in a number of scenes: Billy Wild and Steve Parker. Carlos Morales is here too, albeit very briefly. Its a shame there was no way to put names to all the other faces, as there were some really hot guys in this comp. Story: Cumsuckers 7: Overload is a compilation of cumshots from the last batch of movies from the San Francisco Fetish Factory. What makes this cumshot compilations more compelling than most is that a good 60 or so of these cumshots are landing directly in someones mouth! Extras: There are a couple of interesting extras along with Cumsuckers 7. First up is a feature called Fun Cum Facts, which splashes a bunch of interesting cum facts across the screen, like: The average load is 15 calories.
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