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Boxcover for Ass Clowns 2
Ass Clowns 2 

Release date: 11/27/2001
Reviewed on: 2/21/2002 by dumblonde

Studio: Extreme Associates

Directed by: Thomas Zupko
Review brief: Writer/Director: Thomas Zupko Videographers: GlennBaren, Derek Newblood, Francois Clousot Running length: 2 hrs D.O.P. 1/15/01 Female cast: Michelle Raven, Kiki Dare, Kitten, Krista Leigh, Vanessa Blue, Kitten, Kerri Starr Male cast: Friday, Luciano, Brian Surewood, Tyce Bune, Mickey G, Hitman, Mr. Pete, Claudio, Asshole Andy, Jake Lawless Audio/Video: It varied from scene to scene - too bright at times and some shadows, but in general was mediocre. At one point the screen just went black. That was the best part. Extras: 20 trailers, 1 bonus blowjob scene with Krysti Myst and several guys, photo gallery that looks like they were taken with a cheap Polaroid camera. No bios or cast ID, and most of the performers I wasn't familar with. Condoms: I don't think so. The Movie: Take a 12 year old boy, give him brain damage, 20 years or so, a video camera and a couple of eight-balls, and this is probably what he'd come up with. Viewing this piece of shit brought back memories of the 6th grade.
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