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Review brief: A bunch of wanna be pornstars get put through their paces like only Extreme Associates could
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Review brief: Tiffany Mynx in some of her scenes with Extreme Associates. Very nice.
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Boxcover for Goo Gallery
Goo Gallery 

Release date: 2/4/2003
Reviewed on: 5/5/2007 by the-krell

Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: if you donít have a lot of Extreme stuff in your library and/or are big fans of Ashlyn Gere, Kristy, Cherry Mirage, Tiffany Mynx, Monique; et al, go out and pick this one up. Itís certainly worth a look-see.
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Boxcover for Baller Nation Video Magazine
Baller Nation Video Magazine 

Release date: 3/17/2007
Reviewed on: 4/3/2007 by astroknight

Starring: Tia, Eve, Sledge Hammer, Brian Pumper, Nubia, Kapri, Janisan, Pimpin Ted, Space
Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Note: I do my best to identify all the performers in a movie, but here there's a few questions between the box cover, opening credits, the closing credits, and the sex scene breakdown that was sent out in a reviewer packet. Between those three sources, Kapri Styles and Nubia are the only girls who appear in all four, so I'm going by the opening credits which shows the girl in action along with a name. The Little Details Running Time: 97 min. Production Date: 9 / 11 / 2006 Director: The Black Pope Cast: Crystal, Janisan, Kapri Styles, Nubia, Tia, Brian Pumper, Sledge Hammer, Tee Reel, and Tony Eveready with host Space The Short Story Initial Expectations: Rap does nothing for me and I've seen very little all black porn to do much of anything for me either. I can't say that I'm too excited about this one. Initial Reaction: It's not bad, but it is very inconsistent.
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Boxcover for Confessions Of an Anal Heiress
Confessions Of an Anal Heiress 

Release date: 4/20/2005
Reviewed on: 4/18/2006 by morbidthoughts

Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: A cute movie that pokes fun at Paris Hilton. Heather Gables is now Paris Gables since she became a contract girl for Extreme Associates. The setup of the dvd is similar to Girly Thoughts in that Paris is writing a book journal style where she gives advice on how to be like her. Apparently she's writing chapter 6 which is divided into several lessons: Gia Paloma (a) & Paris (a) - the best kind of friend is a friend you can fuck Trent Soluri & Paris (a only) - Who not to fuck: Never fuck a jerkoff Paris (bj only) & Alias - POV style night vision mocking the One Night in Paris video. Lesson: Love the camera Gigi, Alias, and Paris (a) - Always fuck on your birthday Paris (a only) & Kris Slater - Love Yourself - "In fact fucking myself, I'm one of the best fucks I have had!" The lesbian scene with a pre-implant Gia is set in a little kiddie pool filled with what seemed to be baby oil. It got very greasy fast and anal beads were lost in Paris's ass as seen in behind the scenes.
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Review brief: This is just a quick note to warn anyone thinking of purchasing the DVD of this movie that Extreme has removed the second scene and the bonus scene so as to fit it onto a low-capacity DVD. Unfortunately, Extreme, that is to say Rob Black, did not see fit to provide a new cover announcing this fact, so there's no way to tell by looking at the cover whether or not you're getting a chopped-up version. Hence, the "unacceptable" rating.
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Boxcover for D.O.A.

Release date: 10/15/2005
Reviewed on: 11/30/2005 by eqseg

Starring: Timber, Trent Tesoro, Mark Zane, Paris Gables, Chris Justice
Studio: Extreme Associates

Directed by: Lizzy Borden
Review brief: D.O.A. MOVIE TYPE: Plot themed 2 Hours 18 minutes DIRECTOR: Lizzy Borden THEMES: Celebrities, Suicides CONDOMS: None Noted Date of Release: 10/05 Date of Production: 9/15/05 STARS: Paris Gables, Timber, Alias, Chris Justice, and Trent Tesoro REVIEW- The name D.O.A. is an appropriate name for this DVD as it fits. I was really looking forward to a disc that features 6 scenes with the very lovely Heather Gables. For some reason she now goes by the name of Paris Gables, but that is beside the point. This disc is a complete waste of time, Paris Gables not withstanding. In addition, the front cover of the disc shows Paris pretty face covered with cum. The photo is complete doctored, as there are no scenes on the disc showing Paris with that much cum on her face. Scene 1: The feature starts out with Paris driving in a warehouse complex. She stops to pick up a hitchhiker. When the hitchhiker asks what she is doing, she replies that she is driving around picking up boys, and some more really lame porn dialogue.
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Boxcover for Oral Hygiene 5
Oral Hygiene 5 

Release date: 10/5/2004
Reviewed on: 2/20/2005 by tongue-in-groove

Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Websters defines hygiene as cleanliness. Well, there is absolutely nothing clean about Oral Hygiene #5, a Rob Black production. This is strictly an all-oral flick in which two guys abuse 10 girls in about as many ways as possible. Besides cocks, the girls must suck feet and hands and fingers. They are gagged with dicks, choked, and slapped until they are nearly vomiting and mascara is running down their faces. Not a pretty sight! Each girl is interviewed before each scene, and Im assuming it is Black who does the honors. Ive never met the man, but if his speech and thought pattern are consistent with these interviews, he is probably apt to say at any time, Dude, what a gnarly fucking hummer that was. Tubular, dude! Just to warm you up for the blowjobs, the girls answer questions in a most candid way. It is revealed to us that, among the many other tragedies in their life (like sucking feet to pay the rent), they have endured drug addiction, pedophile fathers, brothers in prison for life, mothers who were porn stars, and hooking at age 14.
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Boxcover for Cockhounds (Extreme)
Cockhounds (Extreme) 

Release date: 12/21/2004
Reviewed on: 2/9/2005 by morbidthoughts

Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Well, I had been kind of freaked out about the last Extreme Associates video I saw. Knowing this, the staff at EA dumped some more movies on me. Lizzy and Anthony insisted that cockhounds is more funny than shocking. The premise is that the girls pretend they're dogs in the scene. Shades of beastiality but it's just make-believe guys. Catalina: Catalina is a rottweiler who is delivered to her new master Sasha by Malorie Marx. He feeds her tries; to teach her how to fetch a paper. The chain collar seems to inadvertently tighten on Catalina cause she can be seen tugging on it. Sasha rewards her with his sausage. Good slobbery blowjob. Heh, the barking, howling, and whimpering continues into the sex. Kinky. This dog does anal and cleans up after herself. Wait the dog can be heard talking. The dog even does reverse and regular anal pile driver. Talk about a talented bitch. Weak cumshot on the face. Very good scene though. Katie Gold: Katie's a dog that always sleeps. Lazy dog. She's also stubborn too as her master is trying to get her lazy ass off the couch.
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Boxcover for Oral Hygiene 4
Oral Hygiene 4 

Release date: 8/13/2004
Reviewed on: 1/26/2005 by linus

Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Oral Hygiene 4 - Preview Expectations: Extreme 2.0. A clever little title I guess, considering thier issues that led them to shut down and rebuild thier operation, and in doing so the image too. I was occasionaly a fan of Extreme, I liked thier hard edge approach to things, and appreciated that they were one of a very few who had the nerve to push the limits of hardcore fantasy. That said though, I don't know what to expect from them here, I hope to see some of that old style, but I don't consider it a given anymore. Initial Thoughts Basically it's 12 blowjob scenes with one girl and two guys in each scene, each scene leads off with an interview that is sometimes funny, sometimes interesting, but probably mostly bullshit, there is a reasonable length double blowjob, and then a swallow or double facial ending. It has some of the old Extreme aggression, but this one fails on a lot of levels.
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Boxcover for Extreme Teen 37
Extreme Teen 37 

Release date: 10/21/2004
Reviewed on: 12/29/2004 by morbidthoughts

Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: This is a going to be a quick and dirty review cause I got disgusted while watching this video. In fact, I didn't want to watch porn for a couple of days after seeing this much less writing about it. I haven't watched an Extreme Associates movie since the days of Tom Byron. Then again, Byron was the only director over at EA that I watched. I felt the other directors, most notably Rob Black, were too concerned about making shock porn or at least confusing it with good porn. Well, not much has changed. This video must be for the paedophile within all of us. I'm not sure if I have one because I wasn't amused. First scene went okay. Premise is that Ben Brat stops by to hang out with his buddy but since he's not there; he'll seduce sleepy eyed Channelle Chavez. Sex was pretty good with Channelle being anal-ysed but Ben was creepy instructing her all the time. He had the teaching style of a sex offender.... which fits in with the scene actually.
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Boxcover for Oral Hygiene 3
Oral Hygiene 3 

Release date: 7/17/2004
Reviewed on: 7/25/2004 by mango

Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Here is my take on Oral Hygiene 3. Well don't bother. I was looking forward to this but it is a let down. I like BJ/swallow movies and it hard for me to think I would give a bad review of one, but this deserves it. I would rate most of the girls except for Amber as C to D minus. For a BJ only movie I suppose the main thing is for the girl to have a good face at least. Be prepared to get a blister on your fast forward finger when you see these most of these chicks. The male models are just average disembodied shafts, and the production values (if you can call them production values) are just the female on her knees in front of dirty corner or such background. The lighting is bad, even the audio is bad. If you have ever had the idea that it takes talent, money or imagination to make a porn flick this movie will convince you otherwise. Rob starts each scene with a short unfocused and rambling interview by the invisible director that never gets interesting and then cuts to the double BJ.
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Boxcover for Whack Attack 12 (Extreme)
Whack Attack 12 (Extreme) 

Release date: 1/29/2002
Reviewed on: 1/2/2004 by gof

Starring: Tom Byron, Mark Davis, Gina Ryder, Jennifer Steele, Aurora Snow, Friday, Jenna Haze
Studio: Extreme Associates

Directed by: Tom Byron
Review brief: I bought this twelve instalment of Tom Byrons anal gonzo series mainly for Aurora but also because I had watched a couple of previous episodes on video and had been quite impressed with the female quality and Toms no nonsense style.. All the scenes are one on one and feature vaginal as well as anal sex. A MTV style shoot precedes each scene where the girls can be seen posing and strutting their stuff for the camera. Attractive petite, brunette, Jenna Haze stars in the opening segment with veteran gonzo stud, Mark Davis. Jenna has long, curly, brown hair, light skin, slim body and small to medium, perky breasts. She unfortunately, sports noticeable tan lines on her waist and breasts. Jenna is a bit of a screamer, which she illustrates early on as Mark brings her off with his tongue and fingers. After oral from Jenna, we cut to reverse-cowgirl, with Jenna looking particularly good, before Mark picks her up to continue the pounding. Some pussy to mouth, before Mark takes Jenna in doggie.
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Review brief: Extreme Teen 24 A Review by FacIan Title Extreme Teen 24 Translation: n/a Studio: Extreme Associates - Under the Erovisie Label Collection: Extreme Teen Price: Format: PAL Actions and Key Words Action: Straight; Anal; Facial Fetish: School girls General comment This film is all about school girls. If you are not a fan (like me: school girls are not part of my fantasies at all) then you are in trouble! Otherwise, you might have found the good collection. But you also have to be a fan of stroboscopic effects and flashing pictures. :-( When you have been through these 2 points, you will discover an average film with okay hardcore action.
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Boxcover for Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2
Luciano's Anal Asspirations 2 

Release date: 3/26/2003
Reviewed on: 4/18/2003 by kurtxyz

Starring: Taylor St. Clair, Monique, Barrett Moore, Felony, Diamond La Rocce
Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Chase me. Dont hurt me. Fuck me! Dont let the title fool you. Theres more going on here than just anal fucking. Girls are stalked and chased and then gangbanged. They are fearful yet accommodating. This highly emotional combination makes for an extremely delicious experience. Leave it to Extreme Associates to push the envelope. This is one of the edgiest films Ive seen lately, and I was almost completely engorged from start to finish! Three of the five women are physically pursued, and one is verbally abused. All put on academy award-winning performances for submission and trepidation even though the only weapon menacing them is a video camera. Another girl, Taylor St. Claire (who makes submission a gorgeous art form) has her home invaded. She isnt afraid of her assailant (Luciano), but succumbs to his every wish nonetheless. He jams a lava lamp shaped dildo up her ass and makes her suck it. He then uses his dick in the same manner and she deep throats it lovingly before amorously drinking his cum.
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Boxcover for Extremely Yours: Jasmin St. Claire
Extremely Yours: Jasmin St. Claire 

Release date: 12/12/2002
Reviewed on: 2/28/2003 by tray

Starring: Jasmin St. Claire
Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: This movie is horrible, horrible, horrible! However you feel about Jasmin St. Claire, there are two things that I think are indisputable: a) She's hot! b) She's nasty! So when I came across this dvd I snatched it up immediately imagining a hot night of jerking off to a compilation of hot and nasty Jasmin scenes. Boy was I in for a surprise. 1) In all the scenes but one the sound of the original scene was muted and replaced with some horrible music. Most fans of porn have complained about the cheesy dialogue and fake moaning that all too often is part and parcel of adult vids. However, sound is important. Imagine watching a scene where the chick is taking a huge cock up the ass but you can't here her moan. I mean, what's the purpose of doing that? It reminds me of the 8mm "stag' films that people used to watch during the 50's. 2) I don't know what some of these porn directors are thinking, but someone should tell them that "special effects" only detract from a sex scene. Slow motion, blurring effects, muted colors and weird cmaera angles are featured in all of the scenes.
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Boxcover for Extreme Teen 17
Extreme Teen 17 

Release date: 5/3/2002
Reviewed on: 1/22/2003 by phil-thee-g

Starring: Angel, Topanga, Flick Shagwell, Starla Fox, Katie Morgan
Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Extreme Teen 17 Extreme Associates Synopsis five heterosexual scenes moderate rough sex, youth themes, some rape themes Scenes This review was written back in June of 2002, I apologize for the tardiness of six months to get it published here. Scene 1 - Katie Morgan and Luciano This DVD starts with Luciano administering a driver's test to a blonde, bosomed bimbo played by Katie to almost uncanny perfection.† The only thing poor Katie can drive is someone crazy, so she fails everything and opening up all sorts of possibilities for Luc.† Lots of driving references like learning the "stick shift", etc.
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Boxcover for Extreme Teen 13
Extreme Teen 13 

Release date: 4/18/2002
Reviewed on: 1/22/2003 by phil-thee-g

Starring: Ivy, Felony, Kittie Marie, Loretta Clitoria, Haley Sweet
Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Extreme Teen 13 Extreme Associates Synopsis five heterosexual scenes one anal penetration, moderate rough sex, youth themes Scenes This review was written back in June of 2002, I apologize for the tardiness of six months to get it published here. Scene 1 - Felony, Alek Hiddell and dude Prancing through a hotel hallway, sucking a long lolli-pop, getting stalked by Hidell and some other dude, is the very youthful, tiny little brunette Felony.† They break into her room and molest her.† Felony has very pretty eyes, tongue stud, and submits to the two brutes that try to gag her with cock (she looks very cute giving head).† She is such a tiny girl, cocks look really big entering her.† After some oral and vaginal they penetrate her anal cavity, which didn't look too comfortable.† She looks to be in discomfort during the face-up DP, too.
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Boxcover for Whack Attack 15 (Extreme)
Whack Attack 15 (Extreme) 

Release date: 11/11/2002
Reviewed on: 12/7/2002 by hardware

Starring: Gina Ryder, Stacy, Malitia, Monique, Raylin, Estelle
Studio: Extreme Associates

Directed by: Tom Byron
Review brief: Director: Tom Byron Cast: Malitia, Stacey, Estelle, Raylin, Monique & Gina Ryder. Apparently the guys don't matter, as they don't get billing. Well, OK, it matters to some of us, since we know what to expect from Tom Byron and Marc Davis, both of whom appear. The other gentleman's name escapes me, but he's a fairly recent addition to porn whose characteristic features include body-builder muscles, "viagra-rash" red skin and a long penis with a kink in it (you know who you are); we'll call him Red. Extras: 1) Bonus scene, which I'm happy to report isn't the same one that Extreme's been using for over a year. Unfortunately I don't recognize it: Barret Moore (err, Veronica Caine?) and Mickey G. in a desert setting shot in "old west" sepia tones. 2) Trailers: Extreme Teens, SIDS 2: short and sweet, but not of any interest to this reviewer. 3) Gallery: Three stills per girl. No music background and you press play to go to the next still (no going backwards). Press menu to get out.
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Boxcover for House of Whores (Extreme)
House of Whores (Extreme) 

Release date: 10/31/2000
Reviewed on: 9/27/2002 by goldmember

Starring: Dave Hardman, Erica, Jay Ashley, Ashley, Johnny Thrust, Baily, Princess, Bolivia
Studio: Extreme Associates

Directed by: Lizzy Borden
Review brief: House of Whores Directed by Lizzy Borden Overall Impression I generally stay away from Extreme Associates productions, with the odd Tom Byron directed fick being the exception. I bought this disc for two reasons: #1 Ashlyn Gere, #2 it was only 13 bucks. After having watched it those are still the only two reasons to own this disc. That said Gere is fantastic in this title, one of her very first scenes after coming out of retirement. To be fair Jasmine St. Claire is also rather entertaining in this one as well, but the rest of the scenes especially the bonus scene did nothing for me and are responsible for bringing the rating so far down on this disc. Plot The basic idea is that all of these scenes are meant to take place in a whore house. However there is no attempt to develop a story or a plot out of this premise, so it is basically your garden variety gonzo flick. Scene 1 Jasmin St. Claire This first scene is certainly an interesting one.
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Boxcover for Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme)
Lord of Asses 6 (Extreme) 

Release date: 8/13/2002
Reviewed on: 8/13/2002 by p-knuckle

Starring: Sierra, Catalina, Ryan Conner, Belladonna, Aurora Snow, Brie Brooks, Alexia Riley
Studio: Extreme Associates

Directed by: Tom Byron
Review brief: Tom Byrons Lord of Asses 6 ----------------------------- Produced, Edited, and Directed by- Tom Byron The Victims- Alexa Ray, Ryan O'Conner, Aurora Snow, Belladonna, Sierra, Catalina, Bree Brooks Special Features- It plays when you put it in your dvd rom and makes for a great coaster for a 40 of Old English. *Photo Gallery *Jump to Scenes (wow, this is an impressive feature) *Moving Chapter Search (another gem of a special feature) *Movie Trailers (extremeteen13 highlights) A term you should be aware of before viewing this dvd- 'Going through the motions.'- definition- the repetition of certain actions to similiar results without any emotion or effort. *************Review************* I have watched some crappy porn lately; extreme associates usually brings the shovel when it comes to digging up talent from the compose pile of pornstars. So this title looked a little different from the slap happy, ass clown, extreme wrestling variety. The cast looks promising, Belladonna and Aurora vs.
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Boxcover for Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6
Luciano's Lucky Ladies 6 

Release date: 12/27/2001
Reviewed on: 7/30/2002 by speelie

Starring: Brian Surewood, Mona, Karma, Luciano, Sabrina Black, Sofy, Nicky Reed
Studio: Extreme Associates

Directed by: Luciano
Review brief: Lucianos Lucky Ladies 6 Directed by Luciano Extreme Associates Released Autumn 2001 Cast : Karma, Sabina/Sabrina Black, Nikki Reed, Sofi (aka Ripley), Mona, Brian Surewood, German Guy, Luciano (aka Michael Stefano) I like Luciano, he always seems like a nice guy. Even when he directed some Extreme Teen scenes, he didnt have it in him to be mean spirited. He also is decent looking, clean cut, in good shape, and able to turn on many women (especially his new wife, Jewel DNyle). Im glad hes been able to move on from Extreme to a better career with West Coast. Looch basically learned his directing style from Tom Byron,who was taught by Van Damage. All three shoot very basic, no BS sex that tends to be crudely effective. Looch made several trips to Prague to shoot Czech and Slovak girls, and I believe Lucky Ladies 6 was made on the same trip during which LuckyLadies 5 was made. I saw the latter on VHS and found it decent, so I had somewhat high hopes for the DVD of #6, in particular because it had some women I recognized.
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Review brief: There are no credits given at anytime during the DVD, but the boxcover says that is Produced, Edited, and Directed by Tom Byron. There are tease intros into the scenes, pretty weak ones, with pixelation throughout, and no performer IDs are given. SCENE ONE : Angelica Sin and Mark Davis are sitting on a couch as Tom Byron talks with them for a while. Angelica looks pretty good, she has a nice full body, and after some talk, she gives and gets oral. Then she hops on his dick for some vaginal and she fingers her ass a bit, now the moment weve been waiting for, she gets ass fucked. She gives some A2M and gapes very nicely while in doggy, going into missionary, followed by her facial, to end what could've been a pretty good scene, but the video quality isn't good. SCENE TWO : Bridgette Kerkove, looking great is with Tom Byron sitting side by side and they introduce each other before the tease intro. Tommy puts his tongue to work on her asshole and squeezes her ass while doing so.
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Review brief: Category: Anal, straight Cast: The women: Kristi Myst, Jasmin St. Claire, Tracy Love, Juliana Sterling, Barret Moore, Kelsey Heart & Venus Lamore The men: Evan Stone, Tom Byron, Herschel Savage, Luciano & Claudio Bergamin Director: Rob Black The plot: Percy Blaine (Evan Stone) is a low-life drug courier with a stripper girlfriend (Jasmin) and a taste for easy sex on the side. His boss (Tom Byron) tells him to deliver a bag of coke to another town the next day "in one piece." Instead, our protagonist cuts the coke, screws his girlfriend on the way and arrives late. Alejandro the buyer (Herschel Savage) is ticked and makes Percy and his girlfriend stay while he and his girls party on the newly delivered coke. Percy tries to hustle his girlfriend out before his deed is discovered but is stopped at gunpoint by his boss (and how the heck does the boss know it's cut already?). Back in the house they go where Alejandro, having discovered the coke has been cut, forces the stripper to screw the boss while he, Alejandro, works Percy over with a rubber hose.
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Boxcover for S.I.D.S. Sexually Intrusive Disfunctional Society
S.I.D.S. Sexually Intrusive Disfunctional Society 

Release date: 4/28/2002
Reviewed on: 4/28/2002 by hardware

Studio: Extreme Associates

Review brief: Category: Hmmm. Self-aggrandizement? Starring: Monique, Iroc, Monique DeMoan, Lizzy Borden, Alana, Donita, Luciano, Jon Dough, Earl Slate, Brian Surewood, Jake Steed, J.J. Michaels and Oliver. Director: Lizzy Borden Running time: Too long Extras: * Photo Gallery with forward and back buttons. * Bonus blow job starring Kristi Myst and a bunch of guys in a boxing ring. * "Previews" of other vids, most, if not all of them already released. Who should watch it: Beats the heck out of me. Foreword: OK, first off, I don't hate Extreme Associates, in fact I actually buy quite a bit of their stuff. I won't be buying this, even though it has Monique DeMoan, one of my favorite actresses. Review: S.I.D.S. is supposed to stand for Sexually Intrusive Disfunctional Society. Unfortunately, this DVD suggests it really stands for Silly Idea Done Stupidly. The plot is that some guy (who sure looks like Rob Black, even though he's not credited) is pregnant, gets stoned out of his skull, has these dreams/nightmares, then aborts on the bathroom floor.
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