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Boxcover for South Beach Papi
South Beach Papi 

Release date: 10/17/2003
Reviewed on: 1/7/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Ethnic Man Video

Review brief: Expecting to see some big uncut dicks? Expecting to see those dicks put to good use? Well not with this turkey. Only two of the cocks could possible be termed big and none get really hard enough to be put to much use. It appears that these Latinos are all straight guys who have been cajoled in to performing gay sex for the camera. In other words, paid. They do it, but their hards are not in it. Repetitious Latin music plays in the background. Shooting the first scene with a lighted lamp and a glaringly white Venetian blind in the background was not a good idea. Even a novice should have figured that was a no-no. One of the guys in this scene does have a big one but watching his limp-dicked buddy sucking on it for ten futile minutes is a tad wearisome. I was just about to hit the fast-forward button when the dick finally achieved enough firmness to enter another orifice. But this was all too brief and disinterested on the part of the participants. (As it was to be throughout this tepid exercise in tedium.) Both manage to produce small spotty loads.
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