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Boxcover for Dudes With Attitude
Dudes With Attitude 

Release date: 8/10/2006
Reviewed on: 1/13/2010 by theelixerx

Starring: Brad Slater, Frankie Jay, Chris Perez, Jason Seward
Studio: Eagle Video

Review brief: Smooth young guys really enjoying themselves. with the Anomaly of a hairy Daddie type at the end "disciplining" his Boy.
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Boxcover for Bareback Beginners 15
Bareback Beginners 15 

Release date: 1/2/2007
Reviewed on: 11/23/2007 by joe-shaver

Starring: Michal, Honza, Tomas, Lukas, Lukas T
Studio: Eagle Video

Review brief: Five bareback scenes of uneven quality surrounded by an erotic frame. Not as good as some of the earlier films in the series, but the young performers are attractive. The photography and editing lets them down.
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Boxcover for Bareback Beginners 14
Bareback Beginners 14 

Release date: 10/9/2006
Reviewed on: 1/28/2007 by joe-shaver

Studio: Eagle Video

Review brief: The twinks in this film are so very very young that by the time I got to the third scene I began to think that 14 referred to the age of the performers rather than to the number of the series. Of course in more enlighten countries (such as Europe and Australia) the age of consent is 16 but still the films have to conform to our Puritanical laws so Im sure the actors are all 18 (one old guy in the final scene is probably in his mid or even late twenties) nevertheless they look much youngertoo young for me, in fact. They say that when one gets older teenagers look younger and younger, so maybe Im just fearful of being a dirty old man. The action all takes place in various garages attached to apartment buildings that contain no automobiles just shelves for junk along with a number of footlockers. These latter come in handy for the sex. The little cuties have learned a couple of English phrases that they speak with heavy accents to start the scenes. This consists of such inspired pieces of dialogue as: This coffees too hot.
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Boxcover for Straight To Bareback 3
Straight To Bareback 3 

Release date: 5/6/2006
Reviewed on: 6/19/2006 by wizzerbud

Starring: David, Daniel, Kamil, Marek, Tomas, Zdenek, Jan Orszagh, Marek K, Jan O, Jan T
Studio: Eagle Video

Review brief: Looking at the box cover of Straight to Bareback volume 3, you see two hot young guys and maybe gets you to thinking a very hot video inside, but like the saying goes about judging a book by its cover, also applies here. It is almost 3 hours with 5 scenes that seem to last forever. The first scene opens with a topless chick having trouble operating a washing machine. She asked the guys to come in and help her and in walk two twinks to help. One of the guys, Zdenek, grabs at her boobs. She gets mad and walks away. Zdenek and his friend, Honza move to another room and start kissing. They stop and get to the computer to look at pictures of straight porn. They say this makes them horny and so they resume kissing. Honza pulls out Zdeneks dick and starts sucking it. More clothes come off and they move to the couch with Honza still sucking. The guys finally strip naked and Honza gives Zdenek a girlie magazine to look at while he sucks him. The blowjob goes on for almost 10 minutes before Honza lays back while Zdenek licks his ass.
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Review brief: Two hunky Italians set off for Berlin to have a hard time. They do and we do too. In spite of the fact that all the performers are Italian they are every bit as degenerate and decadent as anything youd find in Germany. Its a film that is guaranteed to bring out any latent Sado-Masochistic tendencies youve denied up to now. It isin shortone hot film! We cut from our strolling tourists to a guy strung up in chains. Although he has a light beard, his head, chest and pubic area have been shaved. He releases himself to go hook up a leather sling. He lies back in the sling and strokes his uncut cock spilling his seed onto his belly. We once more see our Italian visitors who have arrived in the gay district of Berlin and are consulting a map. We go inside to join a bearded stud, who strips down to a jock and heads to the sling. As he lies back the camera lovingly pans the body of this green-eyed stud. He fishes his cock from the jock and starts manipulating it. Tonythe handsome one of our Italian visitorsappears similarly clad (or unclad as the case may be).
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Boxcover for Bareback Beginners 5
Bareback Beginners 5 

Release date: 11/10/2005
Reviewed on: 1/5/2006 by joe-shaver

Studio: Eagle Video

Review brief: BAREBACK BEGINNERS 5 is directed by Roman Czernik who also does the SOLDIERS OF EASTERN EUROPE series. Ive liked all of those that Ive seen, and although Ive only seen two of the bareback series Ive like both of them. This one is indeed a sizzler! It begins with Mila, a young soldier, on patrol. Hes a dark-haired beauty with a bleached stripe running though the center of his hair. (The soldiers here seem to get away with things that an American soldier could not.) A car with three guys pulls up. They get out with a map and ask Mila for directions. Daniel, one of the guys, keeps giving Mila the eye and when the others prepare to leave Daniel instructs them to wait for him at the nearest gas station. They move back from the road where they will not be seen and Daniel proceeds to give the young soldier great head. Mila returns the favor and they follow this with a nice 69. They kiss. Daniel gets a fabulous rimming right before getting fucked. Afterward he gets a face full of cum and licks Milas skuzzy cock clean.
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Boxcover for Seven on One: Gang Bang Experiences 2
Seven on One: Gang Bang Experiences 2 

Release date: 4/28/2005
Reviewed on: 6/26/2005 by joe-shaver

Studio: Eagle Video

Review brief: Seven on One: Gangbang Experiences, Part Two lists the cast as Lukas Lucky, Dominick Nicholson, Jim Shaw, Paul Bird, Paul Samworth, John Lawrence, Mark Workin, and Louis Murrayalthough the cover lists them as Lukas Lucky, Dmitri, Rocky Summers, Libor, Marian, Jan, Jiri, and Pavel (all of which are probably closer to the truth) I mention this inconsistency because it is indicative of the indifference and carelessness exemplified in this product. The film begins with Lukas on his cell phone inviting friends over for a party. Hes supplying champagne, snacks, and his ass. Lucas is well-built with a round baby face and closely cropped curly hair. He reminds me of the stereotypical captain of a high school football team. The set, guys, direction, and situation of this film seems very much like that of the bisexual film Birthday Orgy which I reviewed earlier except this time there are no girls. (Incidentally, Birthday Orgy is really a gay film masquerading as a bisexual one.) When the guys arrive in a clump, Lukas gives all some champagne.
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Boxcover for Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 5
Soldiers From Eastern Europe Part 5 

Release date: 7/24/2004
Reviewed on: 12/12/2004 by joe-shaver

Starring: Peter, Thomas, Michal, Marek
Studio: Eagle Video

Review brief: An officer is putting three soldiers through their paces. They are told to crawl, run, crawl, run, and kneel. Now although the last command seems to be an unusual one, it is not in this army. After giving this order he walks over to a cute strawberry blond named Fredo and gives yet another order: suck. The young soldier obeys and as he chows down on his officers baton the other two soldiers (blond Peter and dark-haired Michael) begin swapping tongues. Its not long of course before they too are into the cocksucking maneuver. As all strip off we see that Fredo has a very lickable body. The officer settles for his dick. When we return to this duo after watching the other soldiers suck dick, Fredo is on his back and the officers cock is in his ass. Although Fredo would be enough for me, the officer orders the soldiers to bend over and has a go at their asses, too. Now being ignored, young Fredo pleads with the officer: Please fuck me. It is a request that no one could deny as Fredo is young enough and pretty enough to be in Bel Ami films.
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Boxcover for Seven On One: Gang Bang Experiences
Seven On One: Gang Bang Experiences 

Release date: 6/8/2004
Reviewed on: 9/23/2004 by joe-shaver

Studio: Eagle Video

Review brief: The film opens with a handsome blond hunk on the phone calling performers to an afternoon shoot. When the seven guys arrive (I know its seven on one, but the hunky caller who is also one of the cameraman takes parthooray!) The youngest (wouldnt you know it) is chosen to be the bottom for the others. This lucky one is called Frank. He begins by going down the line and sucking everyones uncut cock. There is one of these great-looking studs that I find to be the epitome of male beauty. Hes the first to open up the action by blowing the cameraman. Everyone takes a turn licking Franks ass and then they all sit on his face. A large black dildo is inserted in Franks ass to get him ready for the real things. All fuck him.
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