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Review brief: When a vulgar, crude-talking ladies' man, John Leslie, chances upon a married-but-unfulfilled Jesie St. James upon a beach, he gives himself three days to get into her pants. Such is the case in "Talk Dirty To Me 1", an exceptional, 1980 release from Dreamland Entertainment and Anthony Spinelli. Featuring raw and gritty sexual episodes set up to perfection with exquisitely acted sequences and an extraordinarily well-written storyline, this is the type of film that--when it's over--one's left wishing that it weren't...much like Leslie's character's love-'em-and-leave-'em approach to the ladies.
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Review brief: Running Time: 1:51 minutesProduction Date: August, 2001Director: Cash MarkmanCompany: DreamlandCast: Jewel De'Nyle, Keri Windsor, Stevie, Tommy Rose, Gina Ryder, Allysin Embers, Randy Spears, Herschel Savage, Mickey G, Lee Stone, George Kaplan (non-sex) & Frank Bukkwyd (non-sex)First Impressions: I first viewed this film strictly on the strength of the cast. I'll watch anything that has volcanic women like Jewel and Keri in it. I'd only seen Tommy Rose once before, but was immediately impressed by her beauty and sexual heat, plus she has a flirtiness to her that I really like. I've always liked the looks and body of dark-haired Stevie, but hadn't really been impressed in anything she's done yet. Hot Gina Ryder is another brunette that I wanted to see more of.The scenario: Randy Spears plays a porn writer now down on his luck. He's on the run from IRS agents, who want him to pay the money he owes. After dogging them, he escapes into the residence of a former porn actress played by Jewel De'Nyle. Her creepy butler mistakes him for an escort that she's hired for the day.
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Boxcover for Time Traveler
Time Traveler 

Release date: 8/1/2001
Reviewed on: 2/10/2004 by md-james

Starring: Chennin Blanc, Teri Weigel, Dru Berrymore
Studio: Dreamland

Directed by: Billy Moon
Review brief: Title: Time Traveler Released by: Dreamland Video You know, sometimes an idea sounds much better on paper than it does when it is actually put to video. So heres the idea as described on box: "In the year 2120, a clairvoyant scientist [Teri Weigel], with a curiosity for the history of sex, experiments with time travel. By caressing objects from the past she is transported throughout the eons to experience first-hand the carnal pleasures of eras long gone." Sounds good but now lets see how it was put to video. First of all, we have "clairvoyant" Teri Weigel (yes, they actually used her name as the main character) in the year 2014, working out of what appears to be some basement room. (So what happened to that bit about it being 2120?) She zips herself into a latex bodysuit, puts on some rose-colored goggles, sits down on a modified dentists chair, and plays with certain artifacts until she "vibes" into that period of time.
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Review brief: Please enter your review here. Talk Dirty To Me # 10 Dreamland Date of Production- 2/23/96 My friend and I actually stole the VHS version of Talk Dirty 10 from his Uncle back in 1997 and it turned out to be one of the best porno's I've seen. I finally got a chance to get it back on DVD. The plot is about Steve Drake who come's back into town after being in some serious trouble for fucking girls who's father's wanted no part of. Steve comes back into town and his mission seems to be to fuck as much girls as possible. Scene 1- Missy, who's happily married is called by Steve Drake to come pick him up at the Train Station. Missy arrives and takes Steve back home to her place. After Steve takes a shower he tries to seduce Missy but Missy refuses by saying she doesn't want Steve back in her life. Steve says all he could think about on the train ride was her and she finally gives in.
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Review brief: Cast: Jesie St. James, Shirley Woods (aka Sharon Kane), Juliet Anderson, Cris Cassidy, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco and Aaron Stuart in sex roles; Dorothy LeMay, Holly McCall, Anthony Spinelli and Carl Regal in non-sex roles. Director: Anthony Spinelli Production date: 1979 in end credits; original release date of 1980 according to IAFD; DVD production date of 6/5/01 on box cover. Length: 80 min. Extras: Diesel's review at reports that the DVD includes a gallery of random freeze-framed stills. I am unable to view it on my copy, however. The only other "extras" are ads. Audio/visual quality: Print quality is very rough for first few minutes. Fortunately, the worst flickering subsides before the sex begins. The presence of blemishes, artifacts and video noise is probably acceptable given the age of the movie. The camerawork and editing are quite nicemuch less choppy than a few of the other classics I've seen. The emphasis falls on medium-length shots, with pleasing pans between faces and genitals.
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Boxcover for Traces of Love
Traces of Love 

Release date: 5/19/2000
Reviewed on: 11/3/2001 by astroknight

Starring: Temptress, Chris Cannon, T.J. Hart, Elle Devyne, Tabitha Stevens, Taylor Moore, Autumn Hayes
Studio: Dreamland

Directed by: Thomas Paine
Review brief: Running Time: 86 min. Production Date: 10 / 21 / 1999 Director: Thomas Paine Cast: Tabitha Stevens, T. J. Hart, Temptress, Taylor Moore, Elle Devyne, Autumn Haze, and Chris Cannon Initial Expectations: I havent heard anything about this one but a lot of the cast are normally worth watching. Initial Reaction: Its extremely hard to watch unless its being fast forwarded or the sound is muted. Who Should Watch It : Anybody who doesnt have volume on their TV Who Should Avoid It: Anybody who thinks the sounds should match the pictures and anybody who doesnt like Chris Cannon Audio /Video Quality: Although the picture and audio are clear, I think Helen Keller could synch the audio and video better. You can take this one of two ways, either by her being deaf or dead. It doesnt really matter since the audio is off by about ten seconds. Even Godzilla would be pissed at this! Music: The music is very typical and ranges from being a little too loud to very nicely balanced. Menus: The menus are very poor.
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Review brief: Running Time: 89 min. Production Date: March 23 - 24, 1999 Director: Cash Markman Cast: Angelica Sin, Dee, Raquel Devine, Kiki DAire, Venus Milan, Mike Horner, Cash Markman, Rod Fontana, Steve Austin, Rich Handsome, and Capt. Bob Initial Expectations: Done right this could be a lot of fun. I hope it is. Initial Reaction: Its mostly done right and ends up being quite fun and hot. Who Should Watch It : Fans of porn and Mission: Impossible and Angelica Sin Who Should Avoid It: Fans of group and extreme hardcore sex Audio /Video Quality: The audio is okay at best. Its a little soft and occasionally hard to hear some of the dialogue. Theres also some very noticeable dubbing. The video is normally pretty average but has a few problems. The main one, thats extremely noticeable, is the flashing black bar across the top of the screen. It starts with the Dreamland company opening, but sadly continues through the first few minutes of the feature. Theres also a few lighting problems throughout the feature, but theyre not too bad.
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Review brief: Running Time: 109 min. Production Date: 9 / 16 / 1999 Director: Big Bubs Cast: Stephanie Swift, Alexandra Nice, Raquel DeVinne, Regan Starr, Nancy Lee, Blair Segal, Chris Cannon, Herschel Savage, Dave Hardman, Pat Myne, Tyce Bune, and John Strong Initial Expectations: Although the cover should have made me expect nothing, with a title like The Bare Bitch Project, I couldn't help but have some hope. Initial Reaction: It's about what I should have expected or a little better. Who Should Watch It : Major fans of the stars Who Should Avoid It: Anybody wanting a better than average movie Audio /Video Quality: The audio was very good and very well synched with the video. Surprisingly, the video quality was excellent. Music: Typical. It was quietly in the background and never intruded on the sex. The Feature: I started to get a bad feeling about The Bare Bitch Project before either the movie or the initial menu came up.
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