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Review brief: When a vulgar, crude-talking ladies' man, John Leslie, chances upon a married-but-unfulfilled Jesie St. James upon a beach, he gives himself three days to get into her pants. Such is the case in "Talk Dirty To Me 1", an exceptional, 1980 release from Dreamland Entertainment and Anthony Spinelli. Featuring raw and gritty sexual episodes set up to perfection with exquisitely acted sequences and an extraordinarily well-written storyline, this is the type of film that--when it's over--one's left wishing that it weren't...much like Leslie's character's love-'em-and-leave-'em approach to the ladies.
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Review brief: Cast: Jesie St. James, Shirley Woods (aka Sharon Kane), Juliet Anderson, Cris Cassidy, John Leslie, Richard Pacheco and Aaron Stuart in sex roles; Dorothy LeMay, Holly McCall, Anthony Spinelli and Carl Regal in non-sex roles. Director: Anthony Spinelli Production date: 1979 in end credits; original release date of 1980 according to IAFD; DVD production date of 6/5/01 on box cover. Length: 80 min. Extras: Diesel's review at reports that the DVD includes a gallery of random freeze-framed stills. I am unable to view it on my copy, however. The only other "extras" are ads. Audio/visual quality: Print quality is very rough for first few minutes. Fortunately, the worst flickering subsides before the sex begins. The presence of blemishes, artifacts and video noise is probably acceptable given the age of the movie. The camerawork and editing are quite nicemuch less choppy than a few of the other classics I've seen. The emphasis falls on medium-length shots, with pleasing pans between faces and genitals.
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