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Review brief: This is part 2 of Digital Sin's parody of the old X-Files TV series. Casting was surprisingly decent including a guy that looks like Mulder's (played by Anthony Rosanno) long haired computer geek friend and Skinner. The highlight for X-Files adult fans is probably seeing Sculley's equivalent (Kimberly Kane as a redhead) get ass fucked by Mulder.
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Review brief: We get a second chapter in this XXX Parody series but the story here actually takes us back a year. You see some new folks that I gather were pretty important in the tv series chief among them the Smoking Man but I think he had a slightly different title in the mainstream version? Anyway Eric John plays him well. Fans of the first parody will absolutely want to check this one out. It's another interesting story and we get a second encounter of Scully and Mulder though this one is a fantasy fuck. It's well worth the time to check out. Good acting and some hot sex!
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Review brief: X-Files finally gets the full porn parody treatment. Six years after the television series ended, has this parody arrived too late?
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Review brief: We have a new parody out and this time we're going the serious route with the movie here based on the popular Fox show The X Files. Now the name was changed slightly for the actual title but they keep the same main characters in Scully and Mulder and damn Kimberly is scary in her resemblance to the tv version. Lots of good acting here too, chiefly Mulder played by Anthony had some hard lines and he just knocks it out of the park. Kimberly is more receptive but also delivers some great lines and just the look she's got here keeps reminding you of the tv show. Ashlynn Brooke has a notable role in this too and I'll leave it to you to find out but trust me it's worth it and she more than keeps up the fine acting this film was blessed with. Highly recommended.
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