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Review brief: Unfortunately, this is the weakest X-Play release I've seen so far. The sex is above average, and with the exception of Eva Angelina and Lee Stone's excellent scene never comes close to making it past that. The story feels dated and never comes together that well, and holds back the entire release. That said, there's very nice effort put into the technical aspects, and the extras shine due to an exceptional behind the scenes featurette. Rent this one before you shell out the big bucks.
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Review brief: Not surprisingly, this is a great porn parody. As usual Will Ryder has gathered a great cast that does a fantastic job with a well done script. There's also plenty of attention to the little details in the art direction as well as lots of hot sex. The technical aspects are nothing short of fantastic, and as usual with Will Ryder, there's plenty of attention put towards the extras. This is a great movie on a DVD that shows lots of care.
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Review brief: We get a new parody here from the Will Ryder group and this time we hitting the time machine back to the 1970's for Charlie's Angels! Yeah three hot policewoman who left the force to go and work for Charlie Townsend where the work and pay is more lucrative and in this case also including a little extra something something!! The three main girls were each strong in their own ways which you can discover. I thought the story was fairly easy to follow. You can actually watch the movie without the sex by putting in the second disc which also contains the extras for this. All told there is over 7 hours of footage for this project. It's another winner and fans of Will Ryder's work should certainly check this one out.
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Review brief: This is part 2 of Digital Sin's parody of the old X-Files TV series. Casting was surprisingly decent including a guy that looks like Mulder's (played by Anthony Rosanno) long haired computer geek friend and Skinner. The highlight for X-Files adult fans is probably seeing Sculley's equivalent (Kimberly Kane as a redhead) get ass fucked by Mulder.
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Review brief: We get a second chapter in this XXX Parody series but the story here actually takes us back a year. You see some new folks that I gather were pretty important in the tv series chief among them the Smoking Man but I think he had a slightly different title in the mainstream version? Anyway Eric John plays him well. Fans of the first parody will absolutely want to check this one out. It's another interesting story and we get a second encounter of Scully and Mulder though this one is a fantasy fuck. It's well worth the time to check out. Good acting and some hot sex!
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Review brief: Running Time: 118 min. Production Date: 2 / 19 / 2001 Director: Jace Rocker (who also wrote the feature) Cast: Anthony Crane, April, Dominica Leoni, Inari Vachs, Ava Vincent, John Decker, Rod Fontana, Randy Spears, and Tony Tedeschi in sex roles, Milford Thompson III, Carey Radcliff, James S. Mitchell, Frank Fortuna, Andy Poncherello, Bobby Neuwave, and Jason Silver in non-sex roles Initial Expectations: Anthony Crane is one of the few guys I look for in porn. Putting him in a leading role makes me anticipate this one all the more. Initial Reaction: Its a lot of fun, as well as hot. Who Should Watch It : Anybody looking for a fun porno, fans of real tits and stockings and garter belts Who Should Avoid It: Raincoaters and people looking for extremely hardcore porn Audio /Video Quality: The audio is very clear and well balanced. The video is very clear and has almost no grain or pixelation. There are a couple spots where shadows start to interfere, but thats as close is it came to a problem.
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